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3 Tips to Fix Slow Boot Time in Windows 10

3 Tips to Fix Slow Boot Time in Windows 10

Most of us are Windows PC users and Windows is a great operating system, but something that is not okay with windows is getting slow over time.

This post will show you 3 actual tips that work and can fix slow boot times on your Windows 10 PC.

A major complaint most of the users complain is slower boot times in their PCs over time. This is sometimes due to broken updates from Microsoft. Which are gradually fixed when users complain.

But, what the hell could be the cause.

Over the years, software wears out in performance, even when manufactures are pushing out constant updates and patches.

And with windows, the problem is the majority of the users using the pirated version.

While this may not be the only problem, Microsoft windows are the ideal choice for many PC manufacturers. Unlike Mac OS exclusive to Apple PCs.

This leads to mismatched integration of hardware and software.

And there is a hell lot of other problems that could be the cause.

Now that we have a fair idea of why windows get slow over time, we need to know how to speed it up.

These tips not only speed up slow boot times on your Windows 10 PC but can drastically improve its performance.

Let’s get started.

1. Fast Startup Option

As the name suggest fast startup option speeds up your system on initial startup. It should be enabled on your PC. To turn it on just follow these steps.

Go to start menu and select settings icon.

Now go to system and on the left select power and sleep option.

Inside power and sleep settings on the rightmost, you see related settings, go to additional power settings.

This open power option in control panel, on the left, choose what the power does.

To make necessary changes, click on change setting the are currently unavailable.

Now in shutdown settings, click on turn fast startup.

When you do this, to make this come into effect, click on save changes.

Fast Startup Option
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Fast Startup Option

And if you do not get the turn-on fast startup option, you need to enable hibernation.

To enable hibernation, right-click on start menu and select Windows PowerShell (admin).

Now type in the command-


and hit the enter key, hibernation is now enabled.

2. Disabling Startup Programs

Many of our programs loading at startup could be another major reason for slow booting speeds on your Windows 10 PC.

Here’s how you can disable those programs that you don’t need on your system startup.

Move your cursor to the taskbar and make a right-click.

A menu bar opens and click on task manager.

Disabling Startup Programs

Clicking on the task manager opens the task manager tab. Now open the startup tab and you get a list of programs and status about them whether these programs are enabled or disabled at startup.

To disable a program at startup.

Make a left click to select the program and click on disable on the right bottom.

Disabling Startup Programs

Repeat this for programs that you don’t need at startup.

3. Turning Off Linux Terminal

If you know about Linux bash terminal in windows 10, then you may have the windows 10 subsystem for Linux feature turned on and this is another reason for slow windows 10 PC.

To turn this feature off, type windows feature in the search box.

Turning Off Linux Terminal

Select the turn windows features on or off.

Now windows feature box opens.

Search for windows subsystem for Linux and if it ticked, then untick it and click on save changes.

Turning Off Linux Terminal

When it is done, restart your system.

Last Verdicts

These tips not only speed up your windows 10 boot speed but also significantly improve its overall performance. Make these changes and see the faster performance on your PC. We hope you like the article do share if you like this and comments below if you have any questions.

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