A New Station Alert Has Arrived [Here’s How To Fix]

The annoying random voice noise notification that says, ‘A new station alert has arrived,‘ is not a problem with your smartphone but a pervasive issue that happens to a smartphone.

Stooping those random voice message triggers is easy, but the problem is it appears at the wrong time. In some cases, every 30 minutes, a voice alert is issued. Also, it clears it up. The voice alert is not from google.

It’s a random male voice that pops up several times a day. Imagine you’re in a meeting, and an unexpected male voice message reads out loud, “A new station has arrived.”

Leaving the imagination behind, what’s easy is stopping it, but you still have to find out what is causing those random voice popups at any interval of time. This article covers everything you need to know about ‘A New Station Alert Has Arrived.’

Why Do We Get a Voice Notification Saying, “A new station alert has arrived”?

Many people believe that the voice alert may be the reason for viruses or malware. First, let me just clarify by saying that no virus or malware has entered your device. After some research on the internet, this is what we found out:

“A New Station Alert Has Arrived” notification alert commonly received on Android phones is caused by built-in apps like podcasts, radio, weather apps, or any third-party application. However, no concrete evidence says that the “voice alert is caused due to viruses, malware, or third-party app bugs.”

The above statement clears up the confusion that your device is not infected by the virus or malware. It’s the app that’s causing the persistent problem of voice alerts.

But we didn’t find out what caused the voice notification to occur. There may be some problems with the application, but you don’t have to worry about your phone’s security as millions across the globe download new and podcast apps.

One thing we’re sure of is your phone is not at any risk. But the alert is annoying, and there are ways you can turn it off. Keep reading the article to find it out.

Which Apps Activate the “new station has arrived” Notification?

Here’s a list of apps that will activate the “new station has arrived” notification reported by people. The applications are as follows:

  • Weather apps: KSL, CBS7, Wham, WCAX, 1weather, Accuweather, NOAA weather
  • Google Feed
  • TuneIn
  • Overdrop
  • Podcast Addict
  • Downcast
  • iHeartRadioApp
  • Pandora
  • TuneIn
  • Storm Shield

Mainly the voice alert is either triggered by built-in apps or third-party apps. One of the easiest ways to not receive the voice notification is to block the notification from the particular app. You can simply uninstall the application causing the trigger message.

How To Stop the “A new station alert has arrived” Voice Alert?

To stop the voice alert permanently, you must first identify which app is causing the problem.

You can use the list mentioned above and see whether the app is installed on your phone or not. Or keep reading till the end as we’ve finished ways to find out applications causing the noise alerts.

How to find out if the voice alert is caused by a Pre-installed App or a Third-party App?

You can quickly determine which application is causing the voice trigger alert by putting your mobile phone in safe mode. As in safe mode, only the pre-installed apps can be accessed, including Messages, Contacts, settings, phones, dialers, and many more. Here’s how you can boot your device in safe mode.

Booting Android device in safe mode

The steps to boot your android device in safe modes is very easy. They are as follows:

  1. Turn off your device
  2. Hold the power button and wait for your screen to light up
  3. As soon as you see the screen, release the power button and immediately hold the volume down button until you see the device’s company logo.

Your phone is in Safe Mode when you can see the “Safe mode” on the bottom right-hand corner of your screen.

Booting iPhone device in safe mode

The steps are particularly similar to that of an android device. They are as follows:

  1. Hold power and home button together till you see an Apple logo.
  2. Feel the vibration, release the buttons and hold the volume up button until your device boots up in Safe mode.

Once you know the app is causing the notification, follow the mentioned steps below to turn off the application notification or either uninstall the application manually.

Turn Off App Notifications on Android

Let’s take the example of an app. Say Overdrop is an app that causes annoying voice alerts.

  1. Go to the settings and tap on Apps.
  2. The app here is ‘Overdrop,’ so tap on it and then tap on notifications.
  3. The “Turn off all notifications” option will appear. Tap on it
  4. You’ll get some popup messages about missing alerts and updates. Just tap on ok and exit the setting.

In short, follows these steps:

Settings > Apps > Overdrop > Notifications > a popup message> Click ok.

In some cases, if you still keep receiving the notification, you can turn it off from the application itself. The steps to which are:

Opening the iHeartRadioApp app > Going to Settings > Notifications > Tap to turn off Notifications by sliding the green button.

If the annoying male voice notification is still there, and the apps are not among the built-in ones, then the alerts are caused by a third-party app. In such case, you follow either of the points mentioned below:

1. Uninstalling The Application

Once you’ve found out which application is causing the issue, you should uninstall it to stop receiving notifications from the same.

Uninstalling on an Android device

Let’s take the example of the TuneIn app. Suppose that’s what is causing the voice alert. Here are steps to uninstall an app on an Android device:

  1. Navigate to settings and tap on TuneIn
  2. Tap the uninstall button 
  3. You get a confirmation message. Click OK  to confirm the uninstallation.
Uninstalling on iPhone device

Following the same example as above, let us see the steps to uninstall the same application on iPhone.

  1. Locate the application ‘TuneIn’ and hold the app until a cross button appears on the left of the app icon (x).
  2. A pop-up will appear, and tap on the delete button to uninstall the application.

If uninstalling the app doesn’t solve your issue and you still keep receiving the voice alerts, then follow the factory reset steps according to your device.

Factory Reset the Devices

The factory resetting of the device deletes almost all the data on your mobile phone, including all downloaded apps, videos, and photos.

Songs, pdf documents, games, the password stored, contacts, DRM license, etc. So, before you reset the device, make sure to back up your data. Only then should you reset the device.

Factory Reset Android device

Here are the steps to factory reset your android device:

  1. Go to settings > General management.
  2. In the General management, click on the “Reset” option.
  3. Then click on the “Factory data reset” option.
  4. Lastly, click on the “Reset button.”

The reset button will factory reset your device and may ask for the password. Make sure to back up your data before factory resetting your Android device.

Factory Reset iPhone device

Here are the steps to factory reset your iPhone device:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Click on “General.”
  2. Keep scrolling till you see the “Reset” option.
  3. Click on the “Erase All Content and Settings” option.
  4. You’ll receive a pop-up that says, “Documents and Data are being uploaded to iCloud.” 
  5. Click on “Finish Uploading, then erase.”

After your data has been uploaded to iCloud, your iPhone will erase all that’s not required, and your voice alert problem may be solved.

“A New Station Alert Has Arrived” voice alert notification can be solved by any of these solutions provided. Make sure you follow the steps correctly.

And, the issue doesn’t mean your phone is infected with a virus or malware as ‘A New Station Alert Has Arrived’ is caused by inbuilt apps or third-party apps.

You don’t have to worry about it, as it can be solved by either turning off the app notification or uninstalling the app that is causing the notification.

The exact reason why people receive this noise alert is not apparent yet. But it can be solved permanently using any of the solutions mentioned in the article.

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