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Acresso Software Manager

What is Acresso Software Manager & How to Uninstall It?

You might be casually browsing through your windows PC or Laptop, then suddenly you get an error saying “The following applications are using files that need to be updated by this setup” you can close these applications then click retry to continue.

After getting an error of this sort, you must be wondering what Acresso software manager is? Is it safe to keep it on my computer? Or how am I going to uninstall it?

what is acresso software manager

Don’t worry this article will answer all of your questions. Continue reading this article and you will have all the answers that you need.

We will share what the Acresso software manager is and how you can uninstall it, is it safe to uninstall this application software?

What is Acresso Software Manager or isuspm.exe?

If you own a Windows PC or Laptop, then probably at some point in time you must have downloaded the Nuance PDF reader. The Acresso Software Manager comes with the nuance pdf reader that does not raise any flags or notify the user that this particular software is getting installed on your computer.

The Acresso software manager automatically looks for software updates and install them on your computer whenever they are available. This particular piece of software can be found on your computer by the name “isuspm.exe”. It is created by Acresso Software Inc. you won’t even get an option whether you want to install this on your computer or not, this software just gets installed on your PC automatically without even acknowledging the user.

There is absolutely zero harm in keeping this software on your computer as it only checks for updates and installs them whenever they are available. However, this can be very annoying sometimes because of the notifications that it sends frequently. This software is continuously running in the background and consuming a lot of RAM, because of this your PC might become very laggy. You will notice sudden frame drops or freeze in your PC.

Is It Safe to Remove Acresso Software Manager From Your PC?

No, there is no harm in removing this application from your PC. This is very simple application software that only checks for updates for the nuance pdf reader and there will be no harm if you simply want to get rid of it. It is completely safe and you won’t notice any problem after uninstalling this application from your PC.

Common Problems That Acresso Software Manager Creates:

  • It will send you some annoying notifications whenever you are trying to focus on your work.
  • It will display an error message when your PC doesn’t have an internet connection.
  • It will slow down your PC cause it continuously runs in the background and consumes a lot of memory hence making your PC slow or laggy.

How To Remove Acresso Software Manager From Your PC?

Method 1:

  • Using this method, you can fully uninstall the nuance pdf reader with the Acresso software manager.
  • You can open the task manager by clicking CTRL+ALT+DEL all at once. After opening the task manager you will have to find the Acresso manager, select that particular process, and after selecting it click on the end task option to kill the app temporarily.
  • Or you can go to settings and find the option to uninstall the programs. Once you find that option, look for the Acresso software manager or isuspm.exe file. Once you find it, right-click on that option and press uninstall.
  • This will uninstall the nuance pdf reader along with the Acresso software manager. This is a very safe method. you will find many other pdf readers online that are lightweight and don’t consume a lot of memory also doesn’t come with some other random software that will run in the background.

NOTE: Process ID may be very useful in identifying the right process. To enable this option, click on view at the top of the menu bar, then select columns, then enable process identifier.

Method 2:

  • This second method is only effective if you want to keep the nuance pdf reader on your PC but want to delete the Acresso software manager temporarily.
  • Open nuance pdf reader on your Windows PC or laptop. Go to the help section at the top of the menu bar. After that, click on the option called “Nuance on the Web”. then just simply uncheck the “Automatic Web Update” option.
  • This method will temporarily disable the Acresso software manager from your PC and won’t check for updates automatically. If the Acresso software manager starts to send notifications after some time then you should repeat this step once again. Keep in mind that this method temporarily disables the Acresso manager doesn’t permanently delete it.


I would highly suggest uninstalling both the nuance reader and the Acresso software manager because there are many other pdf readers that are lightweight, won’t occupy a lot of space in your memory. If you want to keep nuance reader, then I would recommend you to at least disable the Acresso Software manager because it consumes a lot of memory which will result in a laggy PC or laptop.

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