Amazon is back with another quiz and you can win bost Aavante soundbar by simply answering the 5 questions . to play the Amazon Boat ProGear quiz, you just need to sign in to your Amazon app and search for funzone and there you will see the quiz.

The Question and Answers to the Amazon Boat Progear Quiz are as below

Q1. ProGear smartband is a product of which of thses brands ?

Ans – Boat

Q2. boat proGear smartband has a heart rate sensor ?

Ans – TRUE

Q3. How many sports modes does boAt progear smartband support ?

Ans – 14

Q4. the screen size of boAt Progear smartband is ______ inches .

Ans – 0.96

Q5. Which grade of water resistenace does boAt ProGear smartband have ?

Ans – IP68

So thses are the answers of the boAt ProGear sQuiz and the winners of the quiz will be announced by 15th july 2020. As the contest is Amazon App exclusive open your app and win the amazing prize.