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AMD Radeon 530

AMD Radeon 530: Everything Explained Here

If you are a gamer or video editor, then you cannot avoid graphics cards. Because the graphics card is essential for gaming, video editing, and rendering an image, several types of graphics cards are available in the market. Still, the AMD Radeon 530 is such a great one.

Many people don’t know about this graphics card, so I have done a ton of research about this topic, and here in this article, I will share all the essential information about AMD Radeon 530. So, keep reading this article to the end for detailed information about AMD Radeon 530.

What is AMD Radeon 530?

It is a device software and utility software package for advanced micro devices graphics cards and APUs. It mainly runs on two operating systems Microsoft Windows and Linux. While on the other hand, the AMD Radeon 530 is a dedicated entry-level graphics card specially used for laptops.

AMD Radeon 530: Everything Explained Here

This graphics card was initially released in 2017, and besides that, AMD also claims that the clock speed of this software is genuinely higher than the other graphics cards. And its speed can be reached up to 1024 MHz.

And it has numerous other advanced features, such as its core speed is almost 1024 MHz and its memory speed is around 2250 MHz. It has a memory bus width of 64 bit.

Furthermore, it also consists of lots of other essential features such as Direct X 12, Mantle, OpenGL, OpenCL 1.2, Vulkan, etc. I have got 20.2.2 Driver on this GPU.

AMD Radeon 530 Specifications

Specs as mentioned on Techpowerup are:

Release DateAug 1st, 2015
GenerationCore i7 (Skylake)
SocketIntel Socket 1151
Process Size14 nm
Die Sizeunknown
Frequency4 GHz
Turbo Clockup to 4.2 GHz
Base Clock100 MHz
Integrated GraphicsHD Graphics 530
# of Cores4
# of Threads8
Memory SupportDDR4-2133 MHz
PCI-ExpressGen 3, 16 Lanes
(CPU only)
Cache L164K (per core)
Cache L2256K (per core)
Cache L38MB (shared)

AMD Radeon 530 price

When the official AMD Radeon 530 graphics card launched in 2017 at that time, it was very expensive for the users, and people were mostly moving to Radeon instead of 530.

But later, due to its awesome features lots of people started to interact with the Radeon 530, and now if you want to use this graphics card then you can purchase it for very decent cost, you can check its price from here.

How powerful is AMD Radeon 530?

AMD is always good and consistently better in graphics cards, but the latest AMD Radeon graphics cards performance is always better than the former AMD graphics cards.

For example, the AMD 550 performance is better than AMD Radeon 530, that doesn’t mean that the AMD 530 is not good. Yes, it is a mighty graphics card for playing games and video editing.

But as I mentioned, some other graphics cards provide much more features. The AMD Radeon RX 6800 delivers an excellent 4k 60 experience, and its ray-tracing at 1400p is impressive and impressive and far better than the AMD Radeon 530. Therefore these powerful graphics are killing the lower graphics cards based on the power and performance.

How much VRAM does Radeon 530 have?

VRAM usually refers to a type of memory, and it is mainly used to store images. The VRAM also helps to display the smooth execution of graphics display. And most people used this VRAM because of video games and 3d graphics display.

And within this Radeon 530, you will get 2GB of VRAM. I know it is deficient, but you can increase the VRAM within your AMD Radeon 530. There is also a 4GB version as well as another version of DDR3 or GDDR5 video memory.

Now, all types of VRAM are particular arrangements of Dynamic RAM. VRAM is also known as the frame buffer because it acts between the computer processor and the display.

Several kinds of VRAM are available, such as MDRAM (Multibank DRAM), Rumbas DRAM, Window RAM, SGRAM, etc.

If you want to increase the VRAM, you can very comfortably do that, and the easiest way to do so is to increase the graphics card. And after upgrading the graphics card will improve the performance of the graphics card and the VRAM. 

If upgrading is not an option for you, you can increase your VRAM by increasing your PC’s bios system within your pc. And to improve that, go to the settings option, check the plans, and increase the bios.

Is AMD Radeon 530 good for gaming?

The AMD Radeon 530 has outstanding graphics for gaming, and it provides numerous advanced features for games. Though this GPU is considered as an average type of GPU for gamers, because you might have some issues while handling high end games.

Still it’s not a bad choice, and the context good for gaming is quite wide because every person wants several gaming features, but the AMD Radeon 530 is considered suitable for gaming. It performs pretty well as per your expectations.

Its resolution is higher than the other graphics cards, and it is equivalent to the Nvidia gt940.

This AMD 530 graphics card can run most modern games, but some games do not run on these graphics because of their frame rates.

However, considering all the facts, the game performance of the Radeon 530 is excellent, and it should fall between Radeon R7 M440 and Radeon R7 M460. Usually, intensive games like Dishonored 2, Call of Duty: Infinite Warframe will not run very smoothly on this GPU. But the other games like Overwatch, Fifa 17 will run very smoothly on this GPU.

I have the Graphics in my Laptop with 2GB VRAM and it can handle most of the modern games on 720p low to high settings softly 40-60 FPS.

So, based on all the facts and all the gaming performance, we can say that the AMD Radeon 530 graphics card is an excellent graphics card for your gaming experience.

This GPU can run modern games but you have to low down your settings, and at sub optimal resolutions if anyone need playable frame rates.

Best Games for AMD Radeon 530

Some of the best games that AMD Radeon 530 can run are listed below:

  1. Overwatch
  2. Fifa 17
  3. Farming Simulator 17
  4. Fortnite
  5. GTA 5
  6. Sekiro Shadows Die Twice

You might have a different experience because it has two different versions, 2GB and 4Gb (another version of DDR3 or GDDR5 video memory). However, both are pretty the same, but you will see differences on FPS.

Is AMD Radeon 530 good for AutoCAD?

Yes, the AMD Radeon 530 is a good choice for running the Autocad. There is no need for a graphics card to run the AutoCAD. AutoCAD is basically CPU intensive, not GPU intensive, and therefore there is no need for the graphics card.

And the recommended VRAM for AutoCAD is around 120 MB which exists in all the computers.

If you are using some old computer system, you might not be able to run the AutoCAD, but if you are using any AMD Radeon graphics, especially Radeon 530, there are no issues with it.

You can run the Autocad within your computer system very comfortably and very smoothly.

AMD Radeon 530 Equivalent NVidia

When it comes to features and functions, Nvidia and AMD have much more separate approaches. AMD’s strategy is on consumer-friendliness, and as it continually releases new features and technologies, it can also be used on the Nvidia graphics cards. But if you are looking for some AMD Radeon 530 alternatives in NVidia, then check the list below.

Here I have mentioned a list of NVidia graphics cards which is equivalent to AMD Radeon 530:

  • Nvidia GeForce MX130
  • Nvidia GeForce MX150
  • Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050
  • Nvidia GeForce 940MX

AMD Radeon 530 Equivalent Intel

The AMD Radeon 530 produced numerous advanced features, and it was launched in 2017, and if I genuinely say, then there are no such Intel processors that provide the same features as the AMD Radeon 530

But based on the benchmarks, features, and quality, some intel graphics processors are there, which almost provide the same features like AMD Radeon 530, and here I explained those intel graphics cards, they are:

  • Intel UHD Graphics 620
  • Intel GMA X4500
  • Intel Core i5-8250u

Is AMD Radeon 530 Good for Video Editing?

Honestly, AMD Radeon 530 is not good graphics for video editing because a proper video editing graphics card always needs a massive amount of VRAM and a fast clock speed rate that exists within this graphics card.

The AMD Radeon 530 graphics card is usually based on the Polaris architecture, which was launched in 2017, and it is set into 1030 MHz and 2GB VRAM.

In short, we can say that it is an entry-level graphics card that can handle light video editing. And if you are using this graphics card, I should always suggest you don’t expect lots of things from this graphics card. If you eagerly want to learn the video editing process, this graphics card is perfect.

Is AMD Radeon 530 Efficient for Playing Fortnite?

Yes, the AMD Radeon 530 can run Fortnite very smoothly, so if you want to run Fortnite, you can run it almost on every pc; because it is a CPU-dependent game, its graphics card is hardly required.

In the last few years, almost all the GPUs are enough to run Fortnite, so we can say that if you have at least a decent CPU, you can run Fortnite very easily and comfortably.

And based on the PassMark scores, the AMD Radeon graphics card will be able to run Fortnite but not in such an efficient manner because Fortnite does not run on the 720p 30fps, AMD Radeon 530 almost performs around this.

Is AMD Radeon 530 4GB enough for Unreal Engine?

Yes, it is definitely enough to run the Unreal Engine in your pc system. Everyone is now familiar with the Unreal game engine; it is one of the most popular game engines after the unity game engine for making games.

But some latest versions of unreal engines, such as the unreal game engine 5, require the RTX 2070 super GPU at minimum for smooth gameplay.

So, if you want to run the unreal game engine five, then the AMD Radeon 530, 4GB, might not be enough for you.

Can an AMD Radeon Run Subnautica?

To run the Subnautica game within your AMD Radeon graphics card, you will need a high processor because Subnautica has one of the higher pass rates for the minimum system requirements.

To run the Subnautica, you need the Intel Haswell 2 core CPU, which means you need the core i3- 4100, equivalent to the FX- 6300.

So, you can run the Subnautica game within AMD Radeon, but you need a higher AMD graphics card or processor to run that.

Can an AMD Radeon GTA 5?

Yes, you can very smoothly run the GTA 5 within the AMD Radeon 530 processor. Furthermore, if you use some other AMD Radeon graphics, you can run the GTA 5 because most AMD Ryzen CPUs will be enough to run the GTA 5.

Can AMD Radeon 530 Run Warzone?

Well, I have tried this on my AMD Radeon 530, and it provides me such an awful experience because the AMD Radeon 530 doesn’t run the warzone very smoothly.

But if you are using an Intel HD integrated graphics card, it will provide you a much better experience than the AMD Radeon 530.

Can AMD Radeon 530 Run Gensin Impact?

The AMD Radeon 530 graphics card will be unable to run the Genshin impact because the Genshin impact needs a graphics card that is at least as powerful as GeForce GT 1030 Radeon R7 260. Besides that, you have to make sure that your GPU can run DirectX 11 because, without this, Genshin Impact will not run in your system.

So we hope you don’t have any questions now. If you have any better suggestion feel free to share with us, we will upload your valuable suggestion here in this post for our readers. To get more posts stay connected with us.

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