Batteries in Xbox One Controller: 10 Questions [Answered]

There is a lot of confusion about Xbox One Controller Batteries. People have tons of questions on their minds about that matter.

But don’t worry, I’ve 4 years of experience with this Controller. So I know pretty much about everything.

So I’ll answer all of your questions about the Xbox One Controller here in this post. So let’s read. 

Do You Need Batteries for the Xbox One Controller?

The Xbox controller does not require batteries, which does not mean it won’t support batteries. The Xbox controllers work completely fine if you plug them in battery-less.

Imagine you are in a heated match of Warzone with your friends, and suddenly you cannot move your character, so you rummage through the drawers for batteries, but by the time you get back online, you’re dead.

This can be frustrating, right? So as a backup, these batteries can save the day.

The primary purpose of having the batteries are:

  • Batteries are the best decision if you want to be comfortable and play games from any corner without much care for the wire that can sometimes get tangled.
  • It can help you relax on your couch without adjusting the wire every time.
Do You Need Batteries for the Xbox One Controller

Can You Use the Xbox One Controller without Batteries?

The simple answer is YES! As the previous question partially answers whether you need Batteries for the Xbox One Controller or not, this controller can be converted into a wired controller simply by connecting it to your console with a Micro USB cable.

The wired controller does not demand batteries to run and will not drain any batteries of your controller. If you play and Charge Kit at the same time, the battery will get charged.

And if you take away the battery, the Xbox One Controller will be powered by simply using a USB connection.

This will make it a wired controller as long as you have plugged it into your Xbox. Once you unplug the USB, the controller gets powered off.

Why Do Xbox One Controllers Need Batteries?

This can be a personal choice of using a wired or wireless controller working on batteries. But the majority of people who use Xbox One Controllers prefer to play wireless.

Batteries can be handy when running out of power and you’re in the middle of a game.

The batteries also make your work easy, as some people don’t like having batteries across the rooms and choose to use wireless (Battery Connected Xbox).

Wrapping up wires every time after use can be tedious, whereas the batteries need to be put on only once, and you are ready to go!

In the end, it’s a matter of individual preference when everything else functions the same.

Do All Xbox Controllers Need Batteries?

Unlike any other Switch Pro Controller, PlayStation 4’s, and DualShock 4, the Xbox One Controller does not come with an internal battery. By default, it requires a pair of “AA” batteries.

And as far as the brand is concerned, you can go with any of the brands, including higher-capacity alkaline batteries. Still, I would suggest going with an environmentally friendly rechargeable nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) battery.

These batteries are less toxic, unlike other nickel-cadmium batteries, which develop a battery memory.

So, Yes! An Xbox One Controller requires batteries.

Do Rechargeable Batteries Work in Xbox One Controllers?

Yes, rechargeable batteries are made explicitly for Xbox controllers. It offers two options: either the controller via USB or the rechargeable battery.

These batteries work very fine and are best for the long term. Some batteries are Eneloops, Duracells, and some AmazonBasics, and they all work fine.

Note: I would not suggest you use a “Fast Charger” because they will charge in 15-20 minutes, but that will wear out your batteries and kill the battery’s life in the long term.

Rechargeable Batteries in Xbox One Controllers

Do Rechargeable Batteries Charge in Xbox One Controllers?

Yes! As the name suggests, Rechargeable batteries are a kit that comes with a battery pack that easily snaps into the battery slot of your Xbox One Controller. Then you can charge the controller by using a micro USB cable connected to the controller to a powered machine with USB ports.

Suppose you’d prefer to use regular rechargeable batteries instead of a battery pack, even though they require a cumbersome wall plug charger instead of a simple USB one.

In that case, These batteries may be worthwhile for certain people because they can be used in devices other than the Xbox One controller.

Are Rechargeable Batteries Worth It for Xbox One Controllers?

The answer is YES! Rechargeable batteries are the best solution and will also help you save an incredible amount. In the long run, opting for a pair of rechargeable batteries for the controller will save a ton of money. Pack of regular can cost anywhere between $10-25; buying them regularly cannot be considered cost-effective.

You can get the best pair of Xbox One Controller Batteries from here.

When batteries are more convenient when compared with a wired connection, you’re forced to sit close enough to your console while using a USB cable. 

Another reason to invest in rechargeable batteries is that they occupy significantly less space; large battery packs can be significant and take up a lot of space.

If you’ve an Xbox Controller Batteries problem, then you should check this post.

Can You Charge an Xbox One Controller without Batteries?

The Xbox comes with a battery pack with a charge kit that can be recharged using virtually any Micro-USB. Now coming to the question, can you charge the Xbox without batteries?

If you remove the rechargeable battery, the controller will be powered simply using a USB connection to your Xbox. If the battery is unavailable, it won’t charge anything, and the Xbox will be ideal.

The Charge has to be stored somewhere, and without batteries, you can’t do that! And there is nothing to charge if you remove the rechargeable battery pack.

So the answer is No! You Can’t Charge Xbox One Controller without Batteries.

Does an Xbox One Controller Need Batteries If Plugged In?

There happens a time when you have drained the batteries, and you still don’t want to stop playing with your Xbox One Controller.

At this point, the Xbox One Controller can be converted into a wired one by connecting it to your console via a Micro USB cable. Connecting the cable to your allows the data to transmit over the wired connection.

So, as long as you are connected to a wired connection, the Xbox One Controller does not require batteries to run, and if you have the battery installed in the controller, it will get charged impulsively.

Does the Xbox One Controller Have a Built-in Battery?

The Xbox One Controller comes with a pair of “AA” batteries, but they are not in-built; they are detachable and can be easily replaced.

The company ships a pack of AA Duracell batteries; unlike PlayStation and other controllers, Xbox users need to buy a rechargeable kit separately.

According to Xbox’s partner director of program management, Jason Ronald, This is an intentional decision because “it boils down to be when talking to gamers, it’s controversial, and there is a strong group that wants AAs.”

So simply providing flexibility is the best approach to suit both parties.

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