Best Blogging groups on Facebook

Best Blogging Groups on Facebook (2022)

Best blogging groups on Facebook. Yes, you heard it right.

Blogging groups on Facebook, hell yeah there are tons of them out there, but this post will help you find the best ones that provide awesome resources and can add provide value to you to any form.

If you are a newbie blogger or just getting started in your digital marketing journey, then joining a Facebook group will not only help you with getting awesome resources and value, but also get you a mindset on how digital marketers work and will boost your productivity and networking with other bloggers and digital marketers.

Making money online is not an easy task. But most of the groups we will be talking about are the groups from Pro – Bloggers who are making thousands of dollars online.

But how these groups will help you?

These groups share tips and tricks around blogging, SEO and also update on deals on digital marketing tools and are ready to help you with your doubts and case studies and even share awesome resources for free like plugins and themes.

Let’s get started.

Best Blogging Groups on Facebook

1. Learn Digital Marketing

Learn Digital Marketing group from Digital Deepak. The group has over 163k members making it the biggest digital marketing group on Facebook. The group provides some awesome value and each of the members is ready to help you the best possible way plus you get awesome resources like webinars, interviews, and updates to digital marketing.

Deepak Kanakraju and Sanjay Shenoy are the group admins and the groups are really helpful for newbie digital marketers.

2. Bloggers passion VIP group

Bloggers passion VIP group from Pro-blogger Anil Agarwal sir with 6k members. Anil Agarwal sir has been an inspiration to many bloggers, how he never gave up and scaled bloggers passion from 0 to $10K. the group is where he shares his online money making secrets, affiliate marketing strategies, and blogging tips that work like charm.

3. Master Blogging – Blogging Tips and Strategies for Massive Profits

Master blogging group from Ankit Singla sir who is a Pro blogger. He has learned to blog the hard way and the group has over 11k members, who can help your blog thrive.

Master blogging group will help you with blogging, affiliate marketing that will help you grow a profitable blog.

4. Bloggingcage VIP – Learn Blogging and Digital Marketing

Bloggingcage VIP group by Kulwant Nagi sir a is Pro affiliate marketer who has made over $5,00,000 from Affiliate marketing only. The group has over 26k members and helps you enhance you to make money with online skills.

5. The SEO Cartel by Rankz

The SEO cartel by Rankz group focuses on SEO strategies, SEO tools, and SEO growth hacks. The group has over 2867 members and is not allowed to ask shit like “How to Build Backlinks”. Suumit Shah and Subhash Choudhary sir are the admins and also the founder of, which is an advanced content marketing platform. The group has some awesome resources for SEOs and comes up with SEO case studies that are of the next level.

6. BloggingX -Redefine Your Blogging Excellence

BloggingX group by Akshay Hallur, for those who don’t know him, he is a pro-blogger from India and believes in authority blogging. The group has over 2887 members and they discuss blogging strategies to growth-back your blog’s success and help you grow your blogging career.

7. Premium Tricks by iftiSEO

Premium tricks by iftiSEO is a secret group for bloggers managed by Iftekhar Ahmed sir, who is a well-known SEO in the Indian blogging community.

This group is a private group and everyone does not have access to it. The group focuses on blogging, affiliate marketing, and SEO.

This group is best for case studies, SEO hacks, PPC guides, backlink guides, monetization tips, Adsense tips, amazon niche blog tips, traffic generation guides, affiliate guides, and so on.

I am part of this awesome group that has helped with SEO and more. The case studies in this group are just awesome. The group is private and the stuff they share is really very much premium.

The fact is that joining this community not only will help your clear doubts, but will also help you build connections with other bloggers and improve your networking. Other groups that I would mention are Superstar SEO group, SEO signals lab, SEO secrets by

All of the above groups are very much active and provide some awesome values and resource the groups provide value-packed interviews, exclusive live training, Q&As, and problem-solving.

Last Verdicts

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