Best Discord Funny Text to Speech Songs & Messages

Best Discord Funny Text to Speech Songs & Messages

First, you must know what Discord is! If you are not aware of what it is, you must know that Discord is nothing but a free VoIP (voice over internet protocol) service that is created for gamers. It is very similar to Skype. It is a platform for designated gamers who get a room for communication and coordination purposes using the help of a private server. 

The Discord application can be downloaded both on your PC as well as your smartphones. Here you can get features like a messaging board, chatbox, chat lobbies, and VoIP chatting system. Now when it comes to dealing with the Funny Discord text sounds, you can go through this article which will give all the details about the Discord texts that are exciting, weird, awkward, and annoying and you use them to speech songs and deliver messages.

Activate Your TTS Command

To interact with your friends, family, and colleagues in a funny manner, you need to type “tts” + “Your Words”. This command will allow the bots to read the messages loudly, and others who are connected to the chat can view them. Hence, stay connected to your near and dear ones by sending the following Discord funny texts.


This particular sound has an impressive clarity of sound quality with high accuracy. You can surely try out this sound and listen to it and share it with others.

“LURL” Sound

This Sound is one of the most addictive sound texts as it can blur your vision similar to a drug or medicine.

“Bois. Bois. Bois. Bois” Sound

Among the list of all the Discord funny texts, it is one of the best sounds. This type of text is used for speaking songs and messages to others. The pronunciation of the word “Bois” is very awkward when you pronounce it.

Lawnmower & Rice Burner Noises

Here, the Lawnmower creates an incredible noise like “VVavavoom”, and on the other hand, the Rice Burner results in a sound like “wowowo”.

If you find this particular Discord funny text funny, it can also be annoying at times. You must try it out.

Sprinkler Makes Pispisps!

The sound of the sprinkler is similar to the sound of a helicopter. If you do not believe it, you can check out this funny Discord text. You will surely find it interesting.

Funny Sound auanunaunaunaunauna

This is surely going to be funny if you try it once. It is one of the funniest Discord texts letting you speak songs and messages. You will fall into laughter while using it, and share it with your friends and families

ROFLCopter Sound

This sound is an irritating one when you hear it. This is because it creates a sound of the chopper that emits an awkward sound. You will get a headache if you hear it over and over again. But you can make fun with your friends by using this funny Discord text and irritate them.

“Ooluu Lulu lulu” (Playing with kids)

While playing with your kids you have surely tried this sound. Hence this text is funny and it is generally used while impressing a kid when he or she is crying. This sound text is one of the funniest and craziest Discord texts and you are free to send it to others.

Googly Oogly!

Similar to the “Ooluu Lulu lulu” sound text, it is also used to play with small kids in your day-to-day life. When this sound is emitted by a bot, it sounds awkward so you must surely try and hear it once.

Banana Sound

This is a typical TTS song and is generally used for bots in Discord. You can try it once and check how the sound is emitted.

Skrraah sound

Once the sound is repeated on and on, it produces an annoying sound. Try this to annoy and make fun of your friends.

“Burrah-Burrah” noise!

This is a sound similar to Punjabi-style songs and celebrations. Hence it is very funny to try and use it with your friends.

Sound of @.

The sound of “@” is an exciting one to listen to over and over again. You must check it out and enjoy the feel of the sound.

After reading this article you must surely list out the best Discord text that is funny and you can use them to speak songs and messages. These funny text messages are generally annoying and weird but you can try them on your close ones as I have also tried. You can avoid delivering these funny Discord texts and messages to unknown people as they may feel annoyed.