Best Easter Games for Church

15 Best Easter Games for Church [2022]

Are you planning for an Easter party or church event this Easter get-together! Looking for something to bring an energetic environment? Here are the Top 15 Easter Games for Church, and you can try to enjoy your Easter party and make it more memorable.

Gospel Treasure Hunt

The Gospel Treasure Hunt is an easter game where the students in a class are divided into 2 teams. The instruction of the game is to inform the students about the pictures which are hidden all around a room and search for the pictures. The team that finds the maximum number of pictures wins the game.

The pictured items may consist of any item like a bowl, a cup, coins, nails, a cross, a leather whip, a rooster, a gavel, a sword, and a stone.

Popsicle Stick Cross

Popsicle Stick cross is an interesting game that mainly consists of popsicle sticks, glue, yarn, markers, sketch pens, and other crafty items.

The rule of the game is to supply the children with two popsicle sticks and make them stick together in the shape of a cross. They are required to make the cross decorative and can use any crafty items they want.

Easter Mix-Up

This type of Easter game requires chairs, where the chairs are arranged in a circle facing inward. The number of chairs is one less than the number of students.

One child needs to say “ On Easter, I am thankful for ___.” The child can express his or her thanks for anything they want. After the child finishes speaking for what he or she is thankful for, the rest of the children need to jump up and find a different chair. There is a small rule that either of any child can sit right next to a chair they previously sat in. In this order, the game continues and each one of the students gets a chance to express what they are thankful for.

Easter Egg Relay

Easter Egg Relay is a game where two groups of students have divided into teams and arrange the team in a line. The students require a large spoon, plastic eggs, and four baskets. There will be a spoon and a fully contained basket full of plastic eggs on one end and one empty basket.

The one who is starting from one line has to pick up an egg from the basket with the help of the empty spoon and pass the spoon to the next child standing at another line. In this way, each child has to pass his or her spoon with the plastic egg till the end. The game goes on until all the eggs are moved to the final basket.

In case a child drops an egg into the ground, he or she needs to hold the spoon in the air and start a countdown up to ten. After the countdown is over the child can pick up the egg and continue passing it to the end of the line. The team who finishes the task first wins the game.

Flames of Fire

This type of Easter game requires strips of paper that are cut according to the length, staples of different colors like red and yellow, orange construction paper, scissors, glue, and crayons.

The game starts by providing long strips of paper to each of the children and also measuring their heads. Whenever one child understands the amount of paper they require to go around their heads, they have to cut the excess part off and staple the ends together.

This will certainly take the shape of a headband. Finally, with the help of the construction papers, they need to cut out flame shapes and stick them with their headbands. They also need to write a memory verse(any passage from the Bible) on their headband.

Guess the Language

Guess the Language is an interesting Easter game, it requires around 10 to 15 greetings with each one having different foreign languages.

The game is a team game where a greeting is whispered to a child and he or she needs to repeat the greeting in front of the class. The greetings in English letters are mostly known by the older students, others need to guess the language. There are different varieties of languages and you can choose from anyone from the list.

In the Tomb, Out of the Tomb

This game is very easy to play and requires tape. The function of the tape is to divide the floor into two parts. The right side of the tape is designated as “in the tomb” and the other side represents “out of the tomb”. One needs to stand on the “out of the tomb” side and on the parallel side a child faces him or her while standing “in the tomb”.

Either you call “in the tomb” or “out of the tomb”, the children need to jump to the side you called. If someone fails to jump or jumps to the wrong side, that particular child is out of the game. The game goes on at a rapid speed and a teacher can make the game tricky by pointing to different sides and calling out another child. The last child who survives wins the game.

Roll the Stone Relay

Roll the Stone Relay is an outdoor Easter game where several slightly heavy stones are required. To play this game, the class is required to be divided into teams. Teams are instructed to stand in line.

The first child in the line begins the game by rolling the stone to the point specified and rolling the stone back. Similarly, the next child performs the same task and the game goes on. The team completing the task first wins the game.

“He is Alive!” Letters

This type of Easter game requires large letter spelling cutouts. The children are divided into groups and are provided with a large letter. Materials like glue, glitter, cutouts, ribbons, sketch pens, markers, etc are given to each group.

The task of the game is to decorate the letters and hang them anywhere on the church campus.

Cross Bookmark

Cross Bookmark is the Easter game that requires items like card cutouts, glue, glitter pens, yarn of different colors, and a hole punch.

Firstly, each child gets a cardstock cutout of a cross, the size of the cross should be small and can easily fit in a bible. The children also need to stick or tie the colorful yarn to the top of the cross. A hole punch will help the yarn tie through the cross. In the end, each child must decorate the cross and write a memory verse from the lesson they learned today from their teacher.

Spreading the Good News

This Easter game is none other than a variation of “hide and seek” games. Here the teacher needs to tell the student to gather in a group. After the group is formed, everyone needs to close their eyes and wait till the countdown of thirty seconds until one student hides.

The hunt begins after the countdown is over, the group is divided and spread to search for the hiding player. When any student finds the hiding student, he or she has to join in the same hiding place and whisper “He has risen” until the other students find them.

The Wind Blows Easter Game

The game requires a set of chairs with all the seats facing away from the center. One has to choose a child and make him or her say “The wind blows for”, and add something to the line that is applicable for the particular child. Example- “The wind blows for everyone who is wearing red”.

If the statement said by the teacher applies to any child, he or she has to replace their seats with another child. The game continues in this manner and the last child to take his or her seat is allowed to call out something next.

The Empty Egg

The Empty Egg is a fun Easter game where the students require candies of small prizes, plastic Easter eggs, a printout of pictures of bugs, snakes, etc.

The pictures should be small in size as when they are cut out, they can easily fit inside the plastic egg. The plastic eggs will contain the pictures inside them, while some of the eggs must be left empty. The eggs after being hidden all around the room are to be searched by the students. Anyone who finds an empty egg receives a piece of candy.

Windblown Balloons

The game requires balloons of colors blue and red. The number of inflated blue balloons should be higher compared to red balloons. The class needs to be divided into groups. The game begins with the fam turning on and pointing towards the direction of the balloons so that all the balloons move around the room.

A student from each group has to go and catch a red color balloon and after one completes his or her task, another student has to perform the same task until all the red balloons are caught by the group. Finally, the group with the maximum number of red balloons wins this game.

Who Am I?

This is an interesting Easter game where we require several old clothes and large paper bags. The game begins with cutting out holes in the paper bag. Some students are chosen from the class to leave the room and put the old clothes into the paper bags.

The students have to return to the class and ask the class who it is. The students will get hints like yes or no questions but cannot get the name of the disguised student. The game will certainly go on for a longer time.

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