Best iOS Emulators for Android

Best iOS Emulators for Android [2022]

Many people have the desire to play iPhone games. But they cannot afford the iPhone devices because the iPhone models are not budget-friendly. iOS also offers some applications which are only available for iPhone devices. There are certain emulators available in the market which offer the facility to play iPhone games for everyone. Most of these emulators are for Android phones.

These emulators allow you to play iOS games on your phone without any obstruction. They run on your phone flawlessly serving you super performance. We are providing you with a list of the best emulators that can be used for your Android phones. You have to download them and install them on your Android phone to run them.

But before knowing about those emulators, first, let’s learn a few facts about the emulators. What is an iOS emulator? For what purpose an iOS emulator is used? Let’s learn about these emulators.

In short, the Cider and Appetize are the most popular iOS emulators for Android, and it has been suggested by most of the geeks or web experts. So anyone can go with these two or check below for other options.

What is an iOS Emulator for your Android phone?

Certain applications are only available for iOS devices. Android-iOS emulators help you clone these applications and run them on your Android phone. They can run most iOS applications on your phone. Moreover, you don’t have to pay any amount to have these iOS emulators. They allow you to use iOS applications without showing any root access.

iPhone emulators have many uses for Android phones. You will not have any trouble running them. Simply download and install these emulators to run any applications on your phone.

Top iOS emulators in the market for your Android phones

If you are searching for the best emulators with high functionality, then you have come to the right site. In this article, we’ll be providing you with the names of all the best iOS emulators available in the market. Yes, you can run any iPhone app on your computer using any of these iOS emulators given below. You just have to download them and install them for your Android phones.

All the emulators mentioned in the list are easily available. You don’t have to face any struggle in finding them.

1. Cider

Cider is the best iOS emulator for Android mobile phones. You can run any application on your Android phone by using this emulator for free. All Apple apps and games will be available for your phone by using these emulators. There is no limit to using the applications. Using this emulator, you can run as many applications as you can.

Cider provides you with a very simple and easy-to-use user interface. App developers also prefer Cider to test iOS applications on Android phones. It supports almost all iOS applications on your phone. You don’t have to pay anything to use Cider for your smartphone. It provides free iPhone apps for your Android phones. There is no in-app purchase for Cider.


IEMU is also an outstanding emulator out in the market. This emulator is also called a Padiod. This is the second name of the Emulator. It also allows you to run almost any app on your Android phone. Rooted, Unrooted android devices are easily compatible with the emulator IEMU or Padiod.

IEMU requires a huge Smartphone RAM. But the interface of the emulator is simple and easy to use. This emulator may sometimes have lagging issues if you have too many applications running in your background. You have to remove them to use this emulator. IEMU supports .ips and. zip files.

Unfortunately, IEMU is not available for the PC till now. Computers have separate emulators allocated for them only. You can use these emulators as per requirement.


You can access any game or application using this iOS emulator. IOSEMUS is one of the top emulators available in the market. They are easy to use emulators. You can search for the emulator and download it and then install it to run on your Android phone. The applications are categorized in this emulator. Thus, they provide you with a straightforward way to use the emulator.

Their themes are also mesmerizing. There is a huge variety of themes in the emulator. You can customize those themes according to your needs. You can also use any theme from all the themes available in the emulator. The apps are also run flawlessly by using this emulator. IOSEMUS is one of the best emulators which offer lag-free performance.

The User Interface of the emulator IOSEMUS is extremely easy to use. You can also give your child an Android phone. Even a child can easily handle the interface. You can download any paid games of different apk files to run on your Android smartphone. All paid games can be downloaded freely without any payment. This feature portrays the emulator in the market among its competitors.

4. All In One iOS Emulator

All in one iOS emulator was developed by a member of XDA Developers. This emulator gives the experience of iOS 6. They are smooth and lag-free ways to run the emulator. All the expensive iPhone models offer the facility of Siri. This feature will be available for your phone by using all-in-one iOS emulators.

Download the paid applications for free! Yes, it’s true that even by using this emulator, you can download the in-app purchases applications also for free.

User Interface is not that easy like those earlier. But it is pretty good. It is not the best in the market but you can adjust yourself with the user interface. The iOS music app is also provided by the emulator. You can even have an iOS camera with this emulator. You can have all these features for free on your Android smartphone. They will provide you with a categorized format where you can easily search your required application. You just have to download the application and then you can run it on Android smartphones.

5. Appetize.IO


Appetize. IO is a web-based iOS simulator for your Android Smartphone. You can also download any application using this simulator. Desired iOS apps will be available for your Android smartphone. One important thing about this simulator is that you don’t have to root your smartphone for this simulator. You can use it in an unrooted state.

This simulator is also available for your Mac and Windows. But their formats are different from that of the smartphone. It is a cloud-based emulator especially bound to serve Androids. You can use your web browser to run the iOS emulator.

The is also a similar version of this emulator. You can find both of them easily. Both of them are quite similar in their functions.

Last Verdict

We have provided you with the best iOS emulators for Android phones that are easily available. With the help of these iOS emulators, anyone can run any iOS application on their respective Android smartphones. There may be some problems like slow rate or lagging issues but they are not a bother for smartphones.

Among all the emulators given above, Cider and IEMU are the popular ones. But among all, all in one iOS emulator and IOSEMUS emulators provide all the extra features which are not available in the other emulators.

You can easily download any application on your smartphone and run it. Now enjoy iOS applications on your phone! I hope this article will help you in finding the ideal iOS emulator for your Android phone.