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Best Motherboard For i5 6500

7 Best Motherboard For i5 6500 in 2022

Buying one of the best motherboards might be challenging because it is just one of the best PC investments you can make.

If you’re upgrading or building a PC, choosing a high-quality, reliable board is a must.

After all, an excellent motherboard is the best way to ensure that your PC and its components are running at their best with good performance.

If you plan to build a PC with Intel’s Core i5 6500 and wonder which is the Best Motherboard for i5 6500, then you are at the right place.

In this post, I’m going to share some excellent motherboards that support i5 6500, so without wasting any time, let’s get started.

Suppose you are in a Hurry! Then you can choose from these 3, and all are our best choices.

The List of Top 7 Best Motherboard For i5 6500

  2. ASUS Micro ATX DDR4 LGA 1151
  3. Asus Z170-A ATX DDR4
  4. MSI Enthuastic Gaming Intel Z170A
  5. ASRock FATAL1TY H270M Performance

Now learn more or get a depth idea about these 7 Motherboards from below as I have researched a lot and reviewed them below. So let’s check and decide which one to buy.



Starting with GIGABYTE B365M DS3H, which is an excellent option if you’re looking to pair a proper motherboard with your Intel’s i5 6500 (6th-generation processor).

Since you all might have heard about Gigabyte, it offers a comprehensive product line-up that aims to “Upgrade Your Life.” The company has award-winning products, including motherboards, etc.

This B365M DS3H is Amazon’s choice product with over 2,500 ratings with an average of 4.4. Let’s dig more down in it.

It features an LGA1151 socket which is also compatible with 8th & 9th-gen Intel processors.

If you decide to upgrade your rig or processor down the line in the future, you won’t have to buy a new motherboard unless and until the new processor is above 9th-gen.

The motherboard offers 4x DIMM slots compatible with DDR4 memory type and can take up to 64GB.

The mother features a micro-ATX form factor with an attractive jet-black color scheme with the impressive build quality.

The dimensions are 10.43 inches in length, 10.43 inches in width, and 2.12 inches in height. The VRMs in the motherboard comes from a reputed brand.

However, the motherboard is still not optimized for overclocking because it does not offer the desired performance after overclocking.

The Gigabyte B365M comes with a standard rear I/O panel which consists of HDMI, VGA, and DVI ports for display connectivity. Every other graphic card that comes in the market requires a display port, and it’s good to have all the display options available on the motherboard.

And even if the motherboard may not have features like compatibility for USB Type-C or Thunderbolt ports, it is a fair motherboard to pair your processor.

And when it comes to the pricing of the motherboard, the Gigabyte B365M is cheaper compared with the other 8th and 9th-gen motherboards.

The B365M has 6 SAT ports next to a 24-pin connector and USB 3.0 connector; the mid-ATX size does not allow the user to manage the cable inside the hood properly.

  • Reputable PCB.
  • Supports processors upto 8th and 9th-gen.
  • Compatible with M.2 Drive.
  • No overclocking.
  • No Wi-Fi adapter.

2. ASUS Micro ATX DDR4 LGA 1151 Motherboards

ASUS Micro ATX DDR4 LGA 1151 Motherboards

The following product in this list is the Asus H110M-K; it is a genuine and high-end motherboard that offers outstanding features and performance.

The motherboard features an LGA1151 socket, and the ASUS H110M-K can be paired with Intel’s 6th-gen processors, in our case, Intel’s i5 6500.

As you all might know, Asus is one of the most reputed companies for PC parts and products, and the H110M-K is one of the finest works.

The motherboard supports two exhaust fan headers and offers the user flexibility to change the fan’s speed as per your requirements.

The Asus H110M-K might seem small, but it is backed with decent specs, and you’ll experience flawless performance compared with other motherboards in the market; the H110M-K has a better build quality.

The product dimensions are 9.8 inches in length, 2 inches in width, and 9 inches in height. It weighs around 1.54 pounds.

It is featured with a dual memory slot that is compatible with the DDR4 memory type.

However, this motherboard can support up to 32GB of RAM, which is a setback because other motherboards that support the 8th-gen have 64GB of RAM.

If you’re the one who is ok with 32 Gigs of RAM, then you don’t have to worry about it. Nevertheless, the Asus H110M-K will perform up to your expectation whenever you require it.

The motherboard is easy to upgrade for future updates, and the boys won’t be a headache for you either.

But this motherboard has some limitations, which include any wireless connectivity.

It might not come in some fancy features, but when paired with Intel i5 6500, your purchase will make you extremely happy.

Lastly, it features PCIe 3.0×16 slots, USB 3.0, and audio boosters that add value to the product, and after checking all the motherboard specifications, it’s safe to say that the Asus H110M-K is worth giving it a try.

  • Supports two fan headers.
  • Fits best inside campus.
  • No adapter (Wi-Fi and Bluetooth).

3. Asus Z170-A ATX DDR4 Motherboards

Asus Z170-A ATX DDR4 Motherboards

Another Asus product in this listas we all know, Asus is one of the leading brands in the world.

If you’re the one who is looking for an expensive piece of technology, then you must go with Asus Z170-A, which you can compare with Intel’s 6th-gen processor.

This motherboard delivers everything you want. It’s convenient and the best motherboard for your dream build.

Firstly, talking about the main layout, you’ll get an LGA1151 socket based on the Intel Z170 chipset, which means it will support your processor right out of the box.

The motherboard offers 4x DIMM slots which support up to 64GB of DDR4 memory. The dimensions are 10.4 inches in length, 2.7 inches in width, and 12.9 inches in height.

When a lot of RAM is required for 3D rendering and designing tasks, video editing and having countless gigs of memory is priceless.

The motherboard has a modern Turbo Processing Unit (TPU) and reliable VRMs; it’s very safe to overclock your CPU with this motherboard with the ability to adjust the power consumption.

Most motherboards tend to get hot and generate power outages, but you won’t have any issues with these motherboards. Asus has assured us that you can overclock the motherboard without any problems.

You can find only a couple of PCIe slots that support two-way Nvidia SLI.

If you’re not getting enough frames rates in your favorite games, buying a dedicated graphics card and installing it into your computer through technology is a great way to boost your game.

Moving ahead, the Z170-A comes with a handful of SATA interfaces along with compatibility for the M.2 drivers.

On the rear, it has an I/O panel; you’ll find all the display ports that we see in today’s motherboards, USB Type-C, USB 3.1 Turbo, and LAN ports located on the rear panel.

Lastly, the Asus Z170-A is an excellent motherboard, and I’ll recommend you all readers to go with it if the price is not an issue for you.

  • Safe overclocking option.
  • Two way SLI.
  • Integrated USB 3.1 with one Type A and one Type C port.
  • Expensive for some users.

4. MSI Enthuastic Gaming Intel Z170A

MSI Enthuastic Gaming Intel Z170A

This motherboard is for those who are looking for a gaming motherboard to complete their rig. MSI Z170A Gaming M5 is truly an enthusiast’s dream.

The price is high, but it is worth every penny if you can spend some extra bucks. MSI is an excellent brand and gives tough competition to other brands like Gigabyte.

The MSI Z170 features quadruple DIMM slots that support 64GB which is overclockable memory, and the Z170A Gaming M5 is lightning fast and offers the best value for money.

The 3x PCIe slots of 3.0 come in a steel coating to re-enforce the slot to avoid the sagging of the graphic card.

With 3 PCIe slots, users could set more than two graphics cards with the help of SLI.

Apart from this, it also has 6x SATA 3 connectors; it also comes with M.2 slots if you want those extra-fast SSD for storage.

The motherboard’s red and black color scheme is very pleasing to the eye with additional beauty, which is added by the heat sinks around the CPU sockets and at the bottom.

As far as the build quality is concerned, the MSI Z170 features a solid PCB backed with VRMs that will hold up their end.

The dimensions are ‎13.8 inches in length, 10.7 inches in width, and 3.6 inches in height.

The major drawback is it does not feature DP or VGA ports. If you’re still using the old graphic monitor, you will need an adapter to plug into your motherboard.

The I/O panel also consists of 5x USB 2.0 ports and a Type-C port to make your PC future-proof. It also offers standard headphone jacks and keyboard/mouse slots.

To wrap up, MSI Z170 Gaming M5 is a flawless motherboard, and if you’re looking for a powerful motherboard, then you should consider it.

  • Excellent look.
  • Steel Coating.
  • Audio Booster.
  • Does not feature VGA and DP ports.

5. ASRock FATAL1TY H270M Performance

ASRock FATAL1TY H270M Performance

The following product in this bucket is the ASRock FATAL1TY H270M which can be your right companion.

If you’re looking for a motherboard at a reasonable price with all features of a high-end motherboard, then the H270M is for you. The product has 4.7 ratings on Amazon.

The ASRock is a decent option to pair up with i5-6500 based on its Intel H270 chipset with the LGA1151 socket. The dimensions of H270 are ‎11 inches in length, 8 inches in width, and 2 inches in height.

The motherboard comes with 4X DIMMs with a separate color scheme that supports 64GB of DDR4 memory and 2133 MHz. A new mysterious matte black and copper.

The ASRock has a black and copper color scheme to match the prestigious components on the motherboard.

And moving down a bit, you’ll find an RGB heatsink that is one of the highlights of the ASRock H270M motherboard. Right next to it is the PCIe 3.0 slot located where you can attach your high-end graphic card easily.

It also offers the CrossFireX technology, which means installing up to 2 AMD graphics cards with this motherboard.

This motherboard can also be an ideal choice to pair up with i5-6500 if you’re using ASRock already because it is powerful enough to handle if you push its limits.

If you decide to overclock your internals, the CPU-mobo combination will give the best performance out of it.

Considering the quality of capacitors, it is safe to say that you could easily overclock without any damage under the hood.

It also offers a POOL (Planes On Outer Layers) technology that allows 4-layer boards to utilize a stripline instead of a micro-strip routing, making the motherboard have better performance and electric properties.

Coming to the connectivity, you’ll get HDM, VGA, and DVI ports along with a USB Gen 2 with a Type-C port. With all these outputs, you can set up up to 3 monitors at once.

Finally, the I/O shield is one of the most important aspects of this motherboard, and after looking at it, you will find it really attractive.

  • High Density Glass Fabric PCB.
  • Intel 4-Layer Memory POOL Technology.
  • Dual Ultra M.2 for SSD.
  • RGB lighting is less.



The next on this collection is another product from Gigabyte, which is the Z390 UD. The product is Amazon’s Choice product and has over 1000+ ratings with an average of 4.6.

AORUS Z390 motherboards are designed with speed in mind and thermals, ensuring users can take the best out of Intel’s processors.

This AORUS series is loaded with a set of premium features, and each of them provides spot-on performance and value. Assemble your next PC with AROUS, which gives a strong foundation as each motherboard is built with an ultra-durable motherboard.

You might wonder what AORUS is? AORUS is a premium gaming brand powered by Gigabyte and delivers a wide range of gaming products right from gaming laptops, motherboards, graphics cards, many gaming hardware, and gears, and offers the best gaming experiences worldwide!

Talking about compatibility, the GIGABYTE Z390 UD can support Intel’s 8th & 9th-gen core i9/i7/i5/i3, Celeron, and Pentium Processors.

It is highly reliable and future-proof since you won’t require to replace a new motherboard for a new processor upgrade.

The motherboard design comes with unique looks, and the dimensions are as follows ‎12.79 inches in length, 10.23 inches in width, and 2.75 inches in height.

The UD series motherboard uses a 10+2 phase PWM + Lower RDS(on) MOSFETs design which supports the latest 8-Core Intel CPU.

Gigabyte Z390 went above and beyond to offer 8+4 pin headers to help any PC configuration.

The motherboard provides intelligent fan five users, ensuring that their gaming PC can maintain its performance while keeping the CPU and graphics card cool.

It also allows users to interchange their fan headers to reflect different thermal sensors at various locations on the motherboard.

The mother has three PCIe slots that focus on delivering M.2 technology to maximize performance.

GIGABYTE’s one-piece stainless steel shielding design reinforces PCIe connectors, giving them the extra strength needed to accommodate large graphics cards.

The motherboard features a solid plated ATX 24 pins & ATX 12V 8pin + 4pin power connectors for a stable power supply.

  • Easy to install
  • 10+2 Phase Digital VRM
  • Ultra-Fast NVMe PCIe Gen3 x4 M.2
  • Supports almost every range of processors.
  • Single RGB color on the motherboard.



The following product is the Asus Prime B250M-A is also a tough competitor to other brands out there. It is a perfect motherboard for Core i5 6500, which has a lot of advantages. The product has over 400+ ratings on Amazon.

The design has a sturdy look, and the Asus Prime offers a 5x protection technology that ensures better circuit design and makes it durable for the motherboard.

The circuit design has built-in voltage regulators to protect your chipset, ports, and audio codecs from damage caused by unexpected high-level voltage or unstable power supply.

It also has 4x DIMM slots that support up to 64GB of DDR4 RAM with a max speed of 2133MHz with a dual channel.

ASUS B250M has a fortified PCIe slot to hold the graphic cards and added steel to prevent GPU sagging, an essential perk nowadays.

Balanced power distribution is obtained with PCB. Asus Prime B250M-A is all you need if you’re looking for a motherboard for the long term.

The motherboard features an LGA1151 socket based on Intel’s B250 chipset.

It also supports all 6th gen processors right out of the box and promotes 7th gen processors, which is fantastic. 

Moving ahead, the motherboard ensures a reliable connection between surface capacitors using LANGuard Technology to protect the internal electrical surges.

The VRMs and build quality are also highly reliable; B250M-A also offers 6x SATA 3.0 ports and dual M.2 drive slots that boot your computer in no time.

Our extensive list of support devices, which evidence the Prime 200 series compatibility, includes multiple components.

Asus also offers a suite of proprietary features –sound cards, graphics cards, optical devices that perfectly complement the prime 200 series; you can complete your custom build with this PC!

  • 5X Protection.
  • Overvoltage Protection.
  • Highly reliable.
  • Intel Optane Memory compatibility.
  • No on-board Wi-Fi / Bluetooth chip.

Buying Guide: Best Motherboard for i5 6500

As the name suggests, a motherboard is the backbone of the whole unit, “Mother,” which means mother of the entire PC, and you don’t want to mess it up.

So, you should be wise while investing in the best motherboard, especially if you’re buying a brand new processor and graphics card.

You can save your PC components from failing and save yourself from rebuilding a new PC from scratch from the best motherboard.

Today we will not talk about all the motherboards, but we will list the Best Motherboard For i5 6500; whether you’re building a new PC or simply upgrading the existing one, we have found out a quality board for i5 6500 processors.

Intel’s i5 6500 might not be the latest or a great processor in the market, but this is the processor for you if you want an ideal processor for moderate use.

It can run most of the programs smoothly without any fuss.

  • Compatibility: Before even thinking about the design, RGB, size of a motherboard, you should check if it is compatible with your processor. In our case, Intel’s i5 6500 processor is easily compatible with all the motherboards mentioned in the article, and you can go with anyone.
  • Connectivity: I have covered different ways to connect components to the motherboard, including PCIe, DIMM slots, and storage connections. Some motherboards support all types of connections, but you’ll have to consider your needs while selecting a motherboard carefully. Also, some connections are directly located on the motherboard and internal to the case, and some ports are meant to connect to ports on top, side, rear, and rear of a case.
  • RAM: Your CPU needs to store the information when your PC is turned on and working. That’s where “random access memory,” or RAM, comes in today’s PCs are commonly equipped with at least 4GB of RAM. So you should look for the slots a motherboard offers. The more slots, the better for future upgrades.

Intel’s i5 6500 is a decent processor but selecting the correct motherboard for proper processor use.

After reading this detailed guide on the Best quality Motherboard for i5 6500, you must have got an idea of which motherboard to go with.

And if you are still confused, you can quickly get anyone mentioned above as all of them are best.

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