building links using infographics in 2019.

building links using infographics in 2019. 1

link building, the most crucial and toughest part of off-page SEO(search engine optimization) is quite hard to do in 2019, unlike other off-page SEO techniques like guest posting,directory submission, etc. building links with infographics is easy.

since backlinks are still the #1 factor that determines rankings on Google SERP (search engine result page) infographics that bring in a ton of backlinks for you if you provide value through them.

How to use infographics for link building?

first of all, we should know about infographics. infographics are graphical images that carry informational text.

infographics provide facts on a topic which make them visually appealing and also make them more readable than articles.

as we do keyword research for a blog post, we also need to do keyword research for infographics.

you can use google keyword planner or any other keyword research tool and also use google trends to get ideas about trending topics on which you can create an infographic that can go viral.

to get an idea about viral infographics use tool like buzz sumo and also Pinterest.

building links using infographics in 2019. 2

when you use buzz sumo, only go with those infographics that have good engagement and have generated a good amount of backlinks.

while designing an infographic remember that your infographic needs to be better in every aspect like design and statistics,

also use only those colors that are visually appealing and easy to read with.

tools to use for designing infographics.

you can use the given tools to create beautiful infographics.

1.Canva – Canva is the most popular online image designing has a lot of infographics design to choose. Canva is free.

2.infogram – infogram is another tool that is entirely focused on designing infographics. infogram also has a basic plan which is free forever. the basic plan has the object animation, 37+ chart types and has 5 pages per project.

3.piktochart – piktochart has easy-to-use infographic maker. although piktochart is paid tool always start with the free plan to get familiarity with the tool.

4.adobe spark – adobe spark is also a free tool to create images. with adobe spark, you can create infographics also.

if you are not good at designing then you can also outsource the design of your infographic on fiver starting from 5$.

where to submit the infographic?

if your infographic is visually appealing and has great statistics or facts, then it has the potential to generate loads of backlinks.

here are some free infographic submission sites.

also you can promote your infographic on Reddit and other platforms.


this post has covered everything about infographic link building.

if your infographic is visually appealing and informative then your infographic can generate tons of backlinks for you.

generating backlinks with infographics is totally worth.

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