Can You Put an Xbox in a Backpack? [Here’s How To Travel]

This question often comes to mind: how do you carry an Xbox while traveling safely to avoid damage? The only solution for this is to carry the Xbox in a backpack whether you travel by airplane or other transportation.

So here I’ve discussed my experience; let’s check.

Can You Put an Xbox in a Backpack?

Yes, an Xbox can be put in a backpack like a laptop kept in the bag. It should be like a carry-on bag that is easy to carry while traveling, especially when flying.

It should not be larger than the size of the Xbox; otherwise, it will get mishandled and not be convenient to carry while traveling.

Xbox is an electronic gadget, so it should be kept very carefully. Wrap your Xbox in a small towel to be secured, and then keep it.

The controller and other accessories should be kept separately in different bag sections.

Risk of Carrying an Xbox in a Normal Backpack

Your Xbox would certainly be mishandled in the normal backpack while traveling; it will be kept with regular luggage while boarding, which is handled in a rough and challenging way.

As a fragile item that can be damaged in the normal backpack, a regular backpack doesn’t have specific compartments for the chords and the controller, which gets entangled or damaged easily.

Tips To Travel with Your Xbox

It is important to consider various aspects while traveling with the Xbox:

  • As it’s an electronic and delicate item, it should always be kept in a carry-on bag, especially when flying. Make sure that it gets well fitted in the plane’s overhead bin or can be kept under the seat carefully.
  • Your Xbox bag should not be more significant than 22 / 14/9 inches as it might not fit in the plane’s bin.
  • Permanently remove the Xbox from the backpack when scanning at the airport. You can keep it in a separate basket.

What are the Best Backpacks for Carrying Your Xbox?

As regular backpacks are not safe enough for your Xbox, I have mentioned some unique backpacks for carrying Xbox and other gaming consoles.

1. Retear Game Elite Travelling Backpack from Vori

Retear is a modern backpack that provides unlimited storage and transportation for your Nintendo Switch system, Specially Designed Joy-Cons Packs, a dock, cables, games, headphones, a professional controller, and personal services.

This backpack is made of water-repellent, tear-resistant, and scratch-resistant with double-sided slippery slippers and reinforced fabric to last longer and hold and protect your Nintendo Switch and all other shock absorbers and accessories.

The back design of the air-cooled soft foam, the multi-layered breathable panel, provides high back support.

The unique design of shoulder strap decompression helps relieve stress on your shoulders. The upper foam handle allows you to carry it to hold it safely when picking up or moving a backpack.

Main Highlights

  • Travel bag for Nintendo Switch
  • Durable backpack and protect your Switch console and accessories, including full-sized headphones and the Switch Pro Controller
  • Room For All Your Switch Accessories & More
  • The Elite Player Backpack has a ton of storage options.
  • Designed With Comfort in Mind
  • Padded straps and a carry handle make it easy to use and transport.
  • High-quality Zipper


MaterialHigh-Quality Polyester
Size48 x 33 x 17 cm
Weight 830g

2. ENHANCE Gaming Console Backpack with Storage Case

It is designed for the Xbox console. It has a padded divider that protects and organizes your console and headsets with sufficient storage capacity to accommodate Xbox and its accessories.

It Includes dedicated Xbox, One X, portable computers, and VR headsets of all sizes with an integrated organizer separator and open front storage with multi-sized rooms and styles for keeping controls, cables and adapters, game disks, chargers, and more.

The whole bag is excellent, with a tessellated moisture-protective fabric on the back of the oven and a weatherproof baseline to protect it from moisture.

You will also get all game development products backed by a 3-year Manufacturer’s Warranty.

Main Highlights

  • Gaming backpack for consoles & laptops
  • Arsenal-style accessory cache
  • Padded armor protective design
  • Moisture wicking & weather resistant
  • 3-year warranty


ColourGreen One X
Dimension23 x 13 x 7 Inches
Weight2.5 Pounds

3. Taessv Backpacks

It is ideal for all Xbox models. It’s a perfect game with an anti-scratch and anti-fall; also, it is water-resistant. A Velcro-designed product that is easily adjustable as required.

This backpack is designed specifically for XBOX game consoles. With a sizeable adjustable capacity, whether a wireless controller, 4K HDMI cable, power cord, somatosensory bracket, or any other accessories you need, this case with the Xbox One can hold itself well. It is the same for all Xbox console models.

The Taessv backpack is surrounded by shock-absorbing cotton with a soft package inside for extra attention to your favorite game console, gadgets, controls, cables, and other accessories.

The perfect travel solution for the Xbox One Case. We strongly recommend you go with this backpack as this is best in terms of everything.

Main Highlights

  • Large Capacity
  • Hard Workmanship
  • Full Protection
  • Upgrading of Design
  • Strong Compatibility


Dimension15.5 x 13x 6 Inches

4. GAEMS Hex Pac Backpack

GAEMS is a top-quality product of ballistic grade nylon which protects it from getting rugged.

It has eight storage sections for keeping the accessories organized, which fits the GAEMS M-155 with the same size monitors, consoles, laptops, and controls. It is equivalent to a console and up to 17 ”gaming laptops (or both console and laptop).

If you are looking for a backpack that secures all of your wallet/passport/phone and essential devices and documents, this is worth buying for you.

Main Highlights

  • Quality ballistic grade nylon for rugged protection against the elements
  • Two zippered pockets for controllers
  • It fits any single console and up to 17” gaming laptops (or both a console and a laptop)
  • Separate internal sleeves to protect individual hardware stored inside
  • Dual mesh water bottle pockets
  • Discreet and secure rear access side pockets for valuables, wallet/passport/phone


Screen Size17 Inches
Dimension18 x 15 x 10 Inches
Weight3.5 Pounds

So I hope you like this post, and that it clears up all of your questions. If you have any issues, then don’t forget to let us know.

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