Can You Unlink Xbox Account From Epic Games? [Here’s How]

Epic Games has powerful software, i.e., Unreal Engine, from which video games can be developed independently according to their choice. It is accessible on Epic Game Store.

It is a user-friendly gaming platform where gamers can register themselves with their display name and play with other people online. So people used to do the same with their Xbox account.

But, Can You Unlink Xbox Account From Epic Games?

Yes! You can unlink your Xbox account from Epic games. It is straightforward to unlink your account and add or create a new one. So if you want to add a new account or remove it permanently, you can do it. Read this post to know how to unlink your Xbox account from Epic Games.

So here I’ve explained this topic in detail; let’s read below to know more about this.

How To Unlink Your Xbox Account from Epic Games?

So here are some simple steps to follow to unlink your Xbox id from Epic Games:

  1. Firstly open the site Epic in your browser.
  2. Then you have to sign in to the Epic game website.
  3. You can go to the sign-in option on top of the site and login into your Epic Games account.
  4. Then the options will come as from which account you want to log in
  5. After filling in the required information like username, email id, and password, you can log in.
  6. Go to the Epic Game Account page select Connections on the left menu bar.
  7. Here you can select the disconnect option, which will unlink your Xbox account from the epic game.
  8. You have to confirm on the Unlink button as soon as it pops up on your screen.

Hope this will work fine with your Xbox.

Can You Link Epic Games Account To Another Xbox Account?

It is not possible to connect the same console type again to the Epic account. It will always show an error if you try to connect the new controller of the same epic account once the previous one is disconnected.

So it is highly recommended not to disconnect the console from the epic game account because the stored data in the controller of Xbox gets erased.

Moreover, if you reconnect the same controller again in the Epic game, it will open a new account in the Epic Games. In such cases, all the records and game scores will be dissolved.

Why Is My Xbox Linked To Another Epic Games Account?

There might be two reasons for that;

  1. Firstly, it can be possible that your epic game account is linked to another controller.
  2. Secondly, you once have disconnected your Xbox controller from the epic game account, so relinking the controller again will direct you towards another epic game account.

You must have an Epic Games account to log in. It provides you with many free and paid games every week once you get registered there. Epic game store is also accessible after that.

It is very easy to unlink any controller from this account with the help of a few steps. Still, once you unlinked the controller, you will lose all necessary data and game progression stored in it, and it cannot get linked again once disconnected.

So think over twice before ensuring this step to unlink the Xbox controller.

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