Can You Use Xbox One Controller on Oculus Go? [Here’s How]

Oculus Go is a versatile, portable, and cable-free kind of headset which gives its users a heart-throbbing experience in virtual reality. It originated from Facebook technologies, Qualcomm and Xiaomi. It Is pretty popular these days as it runs with Gear VR apps.

It comes in vibrant colors with sophisticated lenses. The crystal clear optics and best 3d graphics give unique visual experiences.

No smartphone and PC is needed, making it very comfortable to use. One can have a mind-boggling experience in virtual gaming reality. In Oculus Go, for better experiences, one can download apps, movies, and games on it.

Can You Use the Xbox One Controller on Oculus Go?

It is not a great idea to use the Xbox One controller with Oculus Go as it is not compatible with that, but the Xbox One S controller and Xbox One X Can be well-coordinated with the Oculus Quest 2.

Although they cannot be linked directly, they need secondary means to connect. It gets well connected with Air Server and Sideloading. Only with these two methods can one avail of the Xbox One games in Oculus.

An airbox is a casting software of an Xbox One gaming console. Initially, it was functional only on Xbox One, but now the updated version can cast off its games in Oculus. All you need is to download the Airbox app from the Xbox store. Although it’s chargeable, they offer a 1-week free trial.

After opening the app, disable Miracast and Airplay options, enable the Google Cast option, and connect Oculus and Xbox One with Wi-Fi. After that, go to sharing opportunity in Oculus Quest and select Xbox One.

Sideloading is also the option to connect both, but installing through unapproved sites is not recommended.

But using the go motions controller only is advisable because The headset doesn’t work correctly. Sometimes, it shows the wrong menu, so using the issued controller rather than Xbox One is advisable.

The other problem is that the controller becomes inefficient with Oculus to go as few buttons get unregistered while playing, sadly affecting the rhythm and playing fun. It can slow down the speed of the gamer.

But the Xbox One controller can be used with Oculus Rift S.

You only need to download the Oculus app, click Pair the device, select pair gamepad, follow the other instructions on the screen, and launch the XBOX controller.

Interestingly, we can use two controllers in Oculus Go by connecting two phones to the device by pairing one phone with the existing motion controller.

The controller on the right is the functional remote, and the other one on the left is the first-generation Google pixel. Here Is how we can use it with the go.

One can find the round button at the top of the device, which is precisely next to the charging port. If someone holds that, and the controller will eventually be visible on your phone, you can select any game and get into it.

How To Connect Xbox One Controller with Oculus Go?

In order to connect your Xbox Controller with Oculus Go, you need to follow a procedure step by step:

  1. You need to follow a procedure step by step:
  2. Open the settings in the Oculus headset
  3. Click on the experimental feature option
  4. Turn on Bluetooth device pairing
  5. The pairing option would be visible; pair the device
  6. Then press the sync button in the controller

Can You Use Oculus Go without a Controller?

Yes! Oculus Go can be accessed without a controller. That’s why it has become the sustainable choice of the users. This headset does not require any phone or computer to dive into the virtual world. You can use Oculus God’s motion control to play games.

This wireless feature makes you to get rid of tangles free from wires to enjoy the virtual games in the best possible way.

In the new version of Oculus, USB-C PC tethering is added to make it easy to work without controllers; the external headset camera can track hand and finger gestures.

What Controllers can be used with Oculus Go?

Controllers compatible with Bluetooth can be operational with Oculus go e.g.:XBOX S controller, Playstation DualShock 4 controller, and the Nintendo Joy-Con controller.

It also supports wired USB and Wireless USB dongle gamepads. But Micro USB OTG adapters are required to function. Moreover, they need to be plugged in rather than paired.


Oculus Go is the new talking point in the virtual gaming world. Its spatial audio drivers are customized in headsets, providing a cinematic sound experience without headphones.

Moreover, it is accessible without the controller and cable, making it handier and user-friendly. Furthermore, it is not a significant investment in gaming as it’s pretty pocket-friendly.

To enhance the virtual experience in the gaming world and add variety to games, one can use the Xbox One controller and other controllers, which are functional with Bluetooth.

The updated version of Oculus supports the Xbox One controller, which can be easily installed through specific procedures in the Oculus headsets. The two controllers can be used simultaneously.

It is recommended to use the controller of the same headset as it might affect the controller’s efficiency, which can slow down and affect the speed of the gamer.

Oculus Go is an excellent choice if you are looking for a fun and fantastic video gaming experience!

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