CCleaner alternatives for 2019 – the best 5

CCleaner alternatives for 2019 – the best 5

CCleaner has been considered as one of the best PC cleanup tools for a long time by windows users. but back in time, it suffered a malware attack making users worry and the question rises. are there any alternative’s to CCleaner that is worthy enough.

this article will tell you the best alternatives for CCleaner in 2019 to use.

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let’s get started.

1. wise disk cleaner

wise disk cleaner is one of the best CCleaner alternatives. it is best for both beginners and advanced users . with plenty of features to explore. it helps you clean junk files, temporary files and all other files that your system does not need.

it can also clean your internet history, cache and cookies from major browsers such as google chrome, firefox, opera, and safari browser.

there is also a disk defragging tool built in to optimize your drives.

the user interface is friendly. the common cleaner tab gives you the choice to clean your internet browser cache, junk files.

wise disk cleaner

with the built-in scheduler, you can schedule cleanup scans on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

the advance cleaner tab finds additional files to clean up more space.

the slimming system function feature gives you a choice to clean windows downloaded installation files and left behind files and installations that are no longer required.

wise disk cleaner is a free to download program and supports windows XP,7,8 and 10 for both 32 & 64 bit systems.

2. iobit advanced SystemCare

iobit advanced SystemCare is the second-best CCleaner alternative to use.

it has the most number of utility features that any of the other programs has on the list.

the cleaner performs a great job for removing junk files and can boost startup time resulting in faster load times.

it can also remove malicious files and install system holes so that your system is stable and secure.

with privacy being a major issue, iobit advanced SystemCare can clean cookies and browsing data of social sites like facebook.

advanced systemcare

advanced SystemCare has the coolest interface. the tabs are clean and are well optimized.

clean & optimize tabs lets you choose files which need to removed on cleanup.

other tabs like speed up, protect, toolbox and action center provide more features and functions.

iobit advanced SystemCare is free to download and also has a pro version with additional features for $20 a year.


privatizer is another CCleaner alternative and is focused on deeper scans and helps protect personnel data.

the main highlight with privatizer is that the smart overwriting feature.

smart overwriting feature recognizes system storage type and adapts to it.

the interface is simple enough for basic users.


scan-in-depth is default clean up option.

privazer is available free to download on windows XP to 10.

there is also a donors edition with a couple of extra features.

4.glary utility 5

glary utility 5 is the 4th best CCleaner alternative.glary utility 5 has more than 20 tools to improve your system performance.

the interface for glary utilities 5 is well laid out.

CCleaner alternatives for 2019 - the best 5 1

the overview tab provides settings like turn on automatic maintenance, check for updates, turn on deep scan.

the 1-click Maintainance tab lets you tick/untick options that you want to scan and advanced tools gets you other tools and categories like cleanup & repair, optimize and improve, privacy and security and system tools.

unlike others, glary utilities 5 is available for windows. it also has a pro edition but free is enough for use.


bleachbit is the 5th best ccleaner alternative .it is free and the only free source program on the list.

the interface is cleanest of all, but before you run a scan, just select categories & subcategories that you want to include in the system.


bleachbit is available for both Windows and Linux systems.

that’s it, these are the 5 best ccleaner alternatives to use in 2019.below are the links to download these programs.

wise disk cleaner-

iobit advanced systemcare-


glary utilities 5-


please comment down if we have missed any of the other good CCleaner alternatives.

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