Cisco Leap Module

What is Cisco Leap Module and Should You Remove It?

Windows is a very popular OS that is used around the world. Sometimes we scroll through the installed app list and we see an app called “Cisco Leap module” or “Cisco PEAP Module”. Many users get confused that this might be some kind of virus or malware that will harm their computer. So today in this article, I will be discussing all the things that you need to know about Cisco Leap Module.

What is Cisco Leap Module and Should you remove it

What is the Cisco Leap module?

Sometimes you are probably scrolling through your installed app list and you suddenly notice this app. There are three different variations in this module which are CISCO EAP FAST MODULE, CISCO LEAP MODULE, and CISCO PEAP MODULE.

Cisco Leap module is a wifi protection extension used in LAN or WAN’S. This is based on 802.1x type authentication. It is used to ensure a secure connection between the client and the server. This module basically provides encryption.

This software runs on different Windows versions like Windows XP, 7, 8, and 10. Unfortunately, this software is not available for Linux or Mac OS.

CIsco Leap provides an extensible authentication protocol for wireless LAN, by using this you will get a very powerful authentication management system that will help you establish a secure connection between your PC or laptop and the local servers.

Areas where the Cisco Leap Module is used

  • This is used in some colleges or offices where multiple computers are connected to a server.
  • CIsco Leap is used when there are multiple networks in a public place and this software ensures that they don’t mix with each other and create interference.
  • They made our public internet access very secure, cause when we access the public WIFI there are many risks associated with it, anybody can steal your personal information very easily and you could be the victim of a cyber attack. If software uses the LEAP module, then stealing your information is almost next to impossible.
  • It can be used for a temporary network such as a network needed for a military operation to provide very high end-to-end encryption that ensures secrecy.

Different Types of Cisco Module

EAP-FAST – Extensible Authentication Protocol – Flexible Authentication via Secure Tunneling.

PEAP – Protected Extensible Authentication Protocol.

LEAP – Lightweight Extensible Authentication Protocol.

This software is a network protection software that is provided by cisco and they provide great protection from outside threats.

Now after learning all these things about the Cisco Leap module, the main question that comes to our mind is –

Do we really need to delete this software from our computer?

The answer to this question depends on three more questions that you have to answer to yourself before uninstalling it.

Did you ever connect to a Domain Network?

If the answer is no and you also haven’t used any apps with cisco, then you can go ahead and uninstall the app. If you ever accessed a domain or used an app through cisco then deleting the app might cause some problem, but don’t worry if the problem turns out to be critical then you can re-install the Leap module easily.

Have you ever used any cisco products?

Cisco is known for its products like routers, modems, and switches and they deliver their products around the world. If you ever purchased any product from cisco, then this software comes with these products to make your internet access experience more secure.

Have you noticed any recent changes in your PC prior to the issue that you are facing right now?

The issue that you are facing right now may not be directly caused by any Cisco product or software. This problem may be caused by something else but if you are facing any kind of trouble after deleting this software then you should download it from the internet and reinstall it on your computer. This is only used as a WIFI security extension and I don’t think that this will cause any problem in your PC after uninstalling.


Cisco Leap Module is a very outdated WIFI security extension that is not used nowadays by some organizations like schools or colleges. They don’t actually cause any harm to your computer if they have it installed on your pc. However, if you want to delete them you can and if you face any issues after uninstalling them then you can always reinstall them. So now it is totally up to you whether you want to keep this on your PC or not.