Difference Between Flash Drive vs Pen Drive

Difference Between Flash Drive vs Pen Drive

This is one of the most confusing things that people misunderstand all the time. They tend to think that as both are USB drives hence they have the same function. Though their primary function is the same which is storing data, still there are a lot of differences between these two.

Pen Drive:

pen drive

A Universal Serial Bus (USB) pen drive is a form of Flash Drive. Yes, you read it right, but it has limited capabilities than a Flash drive. It was launched by Phision in the year 2001.

It is made up of a USB connecter, and memory chip for the storage of data. It is the most widely used medium for transferring and storing data externally since 2001.

Flash Drive:

flash drive

A USB flash drive was introduced by M Systems in 1999 and was later modified by IBM in the same year. These drives have a higher storage capacity with a faster speed for transferring data and can be used both externally and internally.

Now let’s find some similarities and dissimilarities between Flash Drive and Pen Drive:


  • Both are USB drives
  • Both are used for storing data
  • Both have the same components except for storage capacity
  • Pen drive is a type of Flash drive


  • Pen Drive can be used only for storage and transferring data externally whereas a flash drive can be used for both external and internal storage.
  • The capacity of a Pen Drive is limited to 64 Gigabytes(GB) whereas a flash drive has a maximum storage of 2 Tetrabyte(Tb) till now.
  • Pen Drive is a mobile storage device but a flash drive can have various storage forms
  • Pen drives are more pocket friendly than flash drives 
  • Connectivity of Pen Drive is easier, we just need to plug it in a USB port whereas flash drives may be plugged in directly or need a USB cable to connect.
  • Memory chips are used for storing data in Pen drives whereas data in the flash drive are stored as flash memory
  • Data transferring speed in Flash drive is much more than that in the pen drive.

Last Verdict

We can conclude that both the Pen drive and Flash drive are USB storage devices the pen drive is used for transferring limited data and the flash drive is used for transferring and storing bulk data. The pen drive being mobile is the most used USB storage device since its launch. Both the drives are compatible with all types of systems.

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