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Do Case Fans Come With Screws

Do Case Fans Come With Screws? [What Screws It Use]

Are you wondering what screw you need for your case fans? If yes, then you’re probably reading the best article out there.

Because here I’ve explained everything on what screws you should use, advantages, brands, and many more things.

So, Do Case Fans Come with Screws?

YES! Most Case fans out there do come with screws. You will get 4 screws per fan, so if you’re buying 3x Case fans, you should get 12x mounting screws in your box of case fans. Although if you lose or don’t receive them by chance, you can always buy them separately.

Now you might be wondering do all the brands provide screws with their case fans? The data I listed here includes these brands,

  • Corsair
  • upHere
  • Noctua

Note: These brands I researched in detail but in some models you might not have screws, in most of the boxes of your case fans of any brands you’ll have the screws as per as I saw and heard from many peoples.

Also, it depends on the model you’re buying, because I saw some big brands aren’t offering screws on some of their models. So be careful whenever you’re buying.

What Screws Do Case Fans Use?

Most PC case fans use self-tapping screws to perfectly fit your fans in the case. But, there are some other types of screws nowadays people are using like, rubber screws, and others to decrease the vibration. Here I’ve explained more about all these screws.

There are a couple of mounting screws most the PC builders are using nowadays to install their case fans in the PC case, they are:

Screws for Case Fans
  1. Self-Tapping Screws: Most of the case fans come with self-tapping screws. This screw can tap its own hole meaning it can create its threads. Screws with nut is difficult for case fans. So self tapping screws is mostly used a case fan screws.
  2. Rubber Screws: Rubber screws are now on-trend because of various advantages. You can easily install Rubber screws with your case. No matter the size of your screw hole, this screw can easily fit in almost every screw hole. The most significant advantage of this screw is that it will reduce the fan vibration, no matter how much speed your fan is spinning.
  3. Zip Tie: This is only for rear cases only. If you are in a situation where you don’t have any screws then you can obviously use Zip Tie.

Currently, I really like the rubber screws because of it’s easy to install and my PC don’t vibrate at all. Here you can check a video of how to install the rubber screws.

You can watch this video to install the rubber screws with your PC case.

What Size of Screws Does Case Fans Use?

There are various sizes of Case fans, and they have different screw sizes. If you’ve case fans of 80mm, 92mm, 120mm, and 140mm, then you may need a screw size of 7/32″ or 5mm to 5.5mm. And if your case fan size is smaller than 80mm, you’ll need smaller screws as your case fan will have small holes.

What Size of Screws Does Case Fans Use

With proper measurement you might have trouble of choosing a perfect screws, but don’t worry here is a good news for you. I have found a pack of screws for case fans with different sizes, which can be found here on amazon.

This pack contain 50 screws that can perfectly attract your case fan with your case. The screws can be use for case fans of 70mm to 140mm. The price of this pack is $4.99.

Are All Case Fan Screws the Same?

No! All case fan’s screws aren’t the same because there are different sizes of case fans, so all the different case fans have different screw sizes. 80mm to 140mm case fans can have screws of 7/32″ or 5mm to 5.5mm. But if you have a smaller case fan, you need smaller screws.

Although, if you’re using a rubber screw to mount your case fan then it can work fine for almost any fans and case.

But, for normal screws you have to choose properly and carefully. Because when you’re building your PC, there are various type of screws.

Note: The screws’ size can vary with different brands and their model, so I recommend you check your case fan box to know the exact screw size you need.

Where You Can Get Screws for the Case fan?

So if you have lost your case fan’s screws or haven’t got any screws within your case fan’s box, you have to purchase them separately. Now, you may be thinking, where to get them?

You can get screws for your case fan in local PC stores and online stores like Amazon, eBay, and other stores. But, I would recommend you buy from Amazon; they have good stock and have pretty fast delivery.

Another great thing is, after purchasing the screws, if you’re unhappy or those screws are not perfect fitter, then you can quickly return them on amazon.

Here are some best screws I’ve found on amazon, which you should check bu clicking the link here.

Are Case Fan Screws M4?

No! Case fan screws are not M4. Case fan screws are M5 because of the size. M5 means the size of the screw is 5mm. So M5 flat head screws can easily fit with your case fans.

M5 Screws for Case fans

So do remember whenever you are buying screws for your case fans.

Remember that you might feel tight when inserting this flat head M5 screw, but don’t worry; this is normal with self-tapping screws. You’re inserting the correct screw, and you’ll have this issue for the first time.

You can try a particular PC building screwdriver for easy use, which can also be used for PC repairing in future.

What thread are case fan screws?

In most cases, it is 7/32″ or 5mm to 5.5mm. However, the thread can vary if you an old fan or a small fan. But most of the time, 5mm is the screw thread size.

Although, the thread feel really tight when you run screwdriver for first time but don’t worry it is normal for every cases.


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