How to Download or Create Corsair RGB Profile

How to Download or Create Corsair RGB Profile?

RGB PC components are very popular nowadays and there are a variety of RGB profile or color options to choose from. Corsair is famous for its PC components like RGB keyboard, mouse, Ram, Power supply, etc. Corsair introduced many RGB profiles for their pc components, which you can easily download and apply to your keyboard, ram, or RGB fans.

How to Download or Create Corsair RGB Profile

Unfortunately, after a few years, RGB color profiles don’t remain that popular so Corsair’s decided to take them out. So today it is really hard to download and install RGB color profiles to your pc components. Today we are going to discuss, how you can download RGB profiles or make them by yourself.

How to Download RGB Color Profiles or Make Them by Yourself?

The RGB profile I am going to talk about is mainly for Corsair’s keyboard and many other different PC components. They gave a very unique and cool look to your PC parts and honestly they look very nice in a dark environment. So if you are a customization freak then this article is surely for you, just keep reading.

As I have mentioned earlier that Corsair doesn’t provide that RGB profile anymore, so if you are a verified corsair component buyer then you can’t download RGB color profiles or you can share yours with the rest of the world.

You don’t need to be upset cause corsair didn’t take all the customization options from you. Because they provide software on their official website called “Corsair ICUE”. This software provides you with two default RGB profile that is a rainbow effect and a splash effect.

Making your own RGB profile is also very easy using this software. Stay with us to learn how to create your own RGB profile, but first, let’s see how you can download this ICUE software on your PC.

How to Download Corsair ICUE Software?

Go to their official website and then go to downloads there you will see the software Corsair ICUE v3.24.52 which is the latest. Download the software, after downloading it, just open it and it will start installing by itself. 

You will just have to open it and you will be ready to create your own RGB profile. I encourage you to create your own profile because if you never know, the downloaded profiles may have some loopholes that may cause a huge security issue for your PC and the information stored in it.

One more thing, as a reminder, you will see an option called “device setting” I will recommend you to not go in there until you have a complete understanding of this thing.

How To Create Your Own RGB Profile Using Corsair’s ICUE Software?

Now, after successfully installing the software when you open it, it will automatically detect all the corsair components that are connected to your PC.  You can select each and every individual component and change or create a new RGB effect and apply it to the components. You will also get the option to control the brightness and intensity of the effect.

 The process is fairly easy and all it takes to make a wonderful RGB profile is a few clicks. Here I’m going to discuss the steps that you need to follow to make your own RGB profile –

How to Create an RGB profile in ICUE Software?

  • Open the ICUE software.
  • A list will open where all the devices will be from Corsair and select the device for which you want to make the profile.
  • You will see an option at the top left corner called “profile” select this option and from there you can select the two pre-installed color profiles.
  • To create your own profile, click on the plus sign in the top right corner of the profile window and you can add your custom-made profile to your profile section.
  • After doing this you will have to choose an effect, in order to do this click the plus icon and you will see many options like a wave, fade, rain, and many others.
  • After selecting the effect, choose a color of your choice and adjust the brightness.
  • One more pro-tip for you, if you want to customize your keyboard by choosing a color for a single key, then press CTRL+mouse and you will get that color for the key that you have selected.
  • Finally, click on OK and your own profile will be ready to be used, and this way you can create hundreds of profiles and share them with your friends.
  • Your RGB profiles are getting saved in the drive where the ICUE software is installed.


In this article, I have mentioned everything about how you can make your own RGB profile and share it with your friends, you can try this on your own. I highly suggest one thing that tries to stay away from the downloaded profiles cause they may have some security loopholes in them. You can create unlimited RGB profiles with the help of corsair’s ICUE software. Hope this article answers all your questions.