Can You Download Games While Xbox Off [Here’s How]

We all think we can download games on Xbox if it is off. But can we do it? So here I’ve explained everything on that topic.

We also wonder if it would be awesome if we could leave the Xbox while downloading the games. Because it is pretty painful to wait to download games, so let’s check this post now.

Can You Download Games While the Xbox Is Off?

Yes! You can download games while your Xbox is turned offyou might not have realized this, but it is one of the best features of Xbox. It is very frustrating to wait for the game to get downloaded, especially if you are impatient like me.

But you can download these games when you’re not playing or when your Xbox is off. This will let you get on with the rest of your day.

Let’s look at the steps on how to install Games while the Xbox is Off.

  • Visit the home screen, which is the main menu of the Xbox, and press the center ‘X’ button on your controller and select “Go Home.” 
  • Now press the Menu button on the controller, located at the center-right.
  • Locate settings on your Xbox and go to “General Settings” to find the “Power & Startup” menu. Now click on “Settings” “→ “Power and Startup”; there, you can find “Power Mode” and change it to Instant ON.
  • Install Games while the Xbox is Off
  • Install Games while the Xbox is Off
  • Install Games while the Xbox is Off

Note: Uncheck the box of “When Xbox is off, turn off the storage” this won’t let you download the game in the background.

What the “instant-on” feature does precisely is it allows enough power to the Xbox to stay connected to the internet and let you do your work.

What is Standby Mode on Xbox?

It is a kind of shorthand for putting on standby mode to your Xbox, rather than turning it off completely. The Xbox offers more than one mode for standby.

The instant-on mode is used to download games while your Xbox is off; this mode can start the Xbox in less than 6 seconds.

In the Energy-saving power mode, which saves your energy, it takes longer to boot the console, going up to 45 seconds.

How To Download Games on Xbox while Off?

Before starting the process, you need to follow the above steps “Can You Install Games while the Xbox is off?”

After following the above steps, you need to “System,” then locate “updates and downloads,” and you need to make sure that the two boxes are checked “Keep my console up to date” & “Keep my games and apps up to date.”

  • Go to “System,” then go to “Updates & Downloads.”
  • Download Games on Xbox while Off
  • Keep the two boxes checked of “Keep my console up to date” & “Keep my games and apps up to date”.
  • Download Games on Xbox while Off
  • Now go to your console and sign in to “Xbox Live.”
  • Visit the Games section and select “Browse Games or Search Games.”
  • Browse and search the game you’re looking for, add-on, or demos of the game and then select the item you will download.
  • Select Confirm Download.

After applying all these settings, Boom! You’re ready to go now; visit the Xbox store, add it to the queue to download, and leave it in standby mode.

Drawback of Downloading Games in Standby Mode on Xbox

The Natural Resources Defense Council has recently stated that the Xbox one causes consumer waste of energy.

The primary culprit is the “instant on” mode, which consumes much energy. You will agree that you sometimes leave the Xbox One ON all night, right?

This will not break the console, but there is always a risk of the console overheating, damaging the system. You can turn off the Xbox whenever you don’t use it.

Can I Leave Xbox All Night To Download Games?

Yes, you can leave your Xbox all night to download games. The primary purpose of instant mode is to download games or updates when not in use.

It will be off, but still, it will stay connected to the internet and switched on at the mains.

Note: The “Instant-on” feature is excellent if you don’t want to wait around to download the game, but I would not recommend it being used for an extended period as it can damage the console internally.

Is there any Impact on Downloading Speed on Xbox While Off?

Yes! You could find a significant impact on downloading speed; it will download things faster. Since the console is doing nothing besides downloading, the speed will increase.

If you’re playing or doing something else while the console is downloading, it will slow down your downloading process, but the speed will eventually increase if you only download and leave it.

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