How to enable dark mode in Microsoft launcher.

enable dark mode in Microsoft launcher

Do you love dark mode or are looking for apps that support dark mode. recently dark mode has been an obsession for android users and everybody was waiting for it and Android got the native dark mode for it. As android has been a very popular smartphone operating system, there are many users who are using an old version of android and have not got the dark mode for their smartphones.

buying a smartphone just for dark mode doesn’t make sense, but what if you could do that with a launcher on your android device. yes, you heard it right.

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Microsoft launcher has recently got a dark mode update, which lets the user activate dark mode from the launcher itself. also, this seems cool as you may have got bored with your old home screen. but before we get in how to enable dark mode in Microsoft launcher, let’s see what the launcher has it in itself that makes it worthy.

Microsoft has been quite active in developing android apps and Microsoft launcher is no exception. the launcher was formerly known as Arrow launcher and has been quite popular amongst Android users.

the launcher has 10 million-plus downloads and is amazingly fast with some great features that make it stand out. but before we learn how we enable the dark mode in Microsoft launcher, let’s see the features it has with the recent update.

Microsoft launcher gets you a fresh new homescreen and makes your device productive with personalised feed, letting you organise everything, view your calender, sticky notes on the go and much can even customise your icons.

here’s list of features in Microsoft launcher.

  • Personalised news feed
  • Customisable icons
  • Dark theme
  • Landscape mode
  • improved battery efficiency
  • dock mode
  • high performance mode

How to enable dark mode in Microsoft launcher.

you can enable dark mode in the below given simple steps.

if you have downloaded microsoft launcher on your phone, you are ready to go, if not download it from the Google playstore.

Download Microsoft launcher.

step 1. open Microsoft launcher and set it as default launcher.

step 2. Open your microsoft launcher settings.

step 3. Now in the launcher settings, search for themes and open it.

step 4. you can see theme option, select it and choose your theme. as the launcher has 4 theme modes as light,dark , Transparent and system Theme.

Microsoft launcher themes option

step 5. Select dark mode and you are done. after you are done with selecting dark theme , your interface would look like this.

Microsoft launher Dark theme

And you are done with enabling dark mode in microsoft launcher.

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