fun things to do on MacBook

What Fun Things Can You Do On a MacBook? [7 Cool Things]

As a MacBook user, you have access to a device that offers a lot in terms of value. Sure, it is no secret that many people are not too bothered about Apple products because of the premium price tag, but spending money on a Mac is usually worth it.

You might be in a bind thinking about what you can do on your new computer. The idea that MacBooks are completely different from other brands is far-fetched. 

No, just because it has macOS instead of MS Windows, it does not mean that you are not able to make the most out of your device. Sure, there might be some limitations, but Macs are still great if you want to do various activities.

Before You Start

Before you start discovering available options, it is worth noting that some things you do on a MacBook require a decent amount of resources.

In other words, you need to optimize the computer’s performance. If your MacBook is brand-new, then this should not really be an issue. However, those with a used Mac need to focus on the following:

  • Making sure the system is malware-free
  • Checking Activity Monitor to quite redundant background processes
  • Cleaning the dust inside the MacBook
  • Clearing redundant system data storage to free up drive space
  • Decluttering the desktop

A decent maintenance routine ensures that the MacBook is running optimally, which leads to fewer potential issues preventing you from using the device.

Now, once the computer is set up and you are confident using it, consider what you want to do. The suggestions below should give you some ideas.

Here’re 7 Fun Things You Can Try with Your MacBook

Here I’ve listed seven cool things you can do as passtime on your MacBook. I hope most of the things you’ll like and if you’ve more suggestions please mention us.

#Listen to Music

Sometimes, sitting back and relaxing is exactly what you want. And the experience can be enhanced with music. 

Thanks to the available music platforms, listening to tunes online has never been easier. Some people prefer YouTube, though it does not have a dedicated application for macOS, meaning that you will need to use an internet browser.

Spotify is arguably the best streaming service for music. It has virtually all the tracks you want, and creating custom playlists or listening to ones that are already there is pretty straightforward.

If you are planning to listen to music on a MacBook, however, keep in mind that you will likely need headphones. Integrated speakers can produce relatively scuffed audio quality, which is not necessarily enjoyable.

#Consume Media on Streaming Platforms

As already mentioned, Spotify is the go-to pick for music streaming. However, other types of media are also available for MacBook owners. Some services have dedicated applications, whereas others require you to use a browser.

Whether it is movies, TV shows, documentaries, or sports, there should be a service where you live that provides the content.

Note: Often consuming media on various platform can be addicted, so you must take care of it.

Sure, you need to pay a monthly fee, but the media is on the go, meaning that you can watch it after a few clicks. There is no need to worry about cluttering the MacBook’s drive with large files.

#Play Video Games

It would not be a proper fun pastime list on a computer without mentioning video games. Even though MacBooks are inferior to custom-built PCs, gaming consoles, and gaming laptops, it does not mean that you should discard the idea.

Of course, do not expect to run AAA games in ultra settings, but so long as you have reasonable expectations, then you should be fine.

Note: Video Games are great way to refresh your mind but at the same time it can be addicted. So you must think about it.

At the moment, many gamers prefer to play online games, but if you are more interested in single-player titles, go for them. Hades, Cuphead, Bioshock, Civilization, Age of Empires, Disco Elysium, and Tomb Raider are just a few examples of great single-player games that should run relatively well on a MacBook.

#Watch YouTube and Twitch TV

Videos on YouTube and livestream channels on Twitch TV are one of the most popular forms of entertainment these days. The former has been around for a while, and the number of active YouTube users and regularly uploaded videos is a testament to that.

Twitch TV, on the other hand, has exploded in the last few years or so. Early on, it was a platform for gamers, but the shift in demographics and changes in certain policies attracted different content creators. 

Podcasts, music, cooking, and other channels have their place on the platform, which is great for a consumer who wishes to explore available options and find entertainment.

#Learn New Things

Right now, it makes sense to use Skillshare, Udemy, and other online course platforms if you wish to learn new things. Even tutorials on YouTube can be valuable so long as you can find quality ones.

Since you have a MacBook, you also have the benefit of utilizing some of the available applications that go well with your intent to educate yourself.

For example, Notability is great for taking notes, whereas Grammarly helps with writing as it underlines errors you make. 

As a side note, speaking of applications, you can always check out the official App Store and browse through different categories. You might find great trivia or interactive game apps that are both fun and educational.

#Socialize With Others

Macs have built-in webcams and speakers, meaning that you can video chat with others. Whether you are looking to get in touch with friends and family or make new acquaintances, doing so should not be an issue.

You should already have the contacts of people you know, so connecting with them should be relatively straightforward.

When it comes to meeting new people and making friends, things are a bit trickier. Most people are unlikely to jump at an opportunity for a video chat with a stranger. You will need to earn their trust first.

Now, as for where you can potentially meet new people while on your MacBook. The opportunities are not endless, but you have a plethora of different choices. Social media is one of the first things that come to mind. 

Platforms like Discord are also worth a shout, especially if you can find a server with a community that shares your interests. Striking up a conversation is easier when you have things in common.