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Best Games like 7 Days to Die

Best Games like 7 Days to Die

As you all know, 7 Days to Die is a survival video game developed by The Fun Pimps. The game is open for all, and everyone can play. This game is accessible in Microsoft Windows, macOS X, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, etc.

This game’s main motto is to survive for a long time and many dangerous objects available which will not allow you to survive. Staying player need to keep looking for new tools, which can help to stay. This game is fully featured with wildlife where you need to hunt for food, day and night. The most crucial thing player will be safe during day time.

You start feeling bored only playing 7 Days to Die, so here we have made a list of other games similar to this game. So, let’s begin!

Top 7 Games like 7 Days to Die

1. Rust

rust game
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This game is also one type of survival game developed by Facepunch Studios. This game was available in 2013 but officially released in 2018. Currently, the game can play in Microsoft Windows and macOS. Since it is a survival game, the object’s main motto must survive in the wastelands. You also need to gather all resource which can help you for survival.

The player also needs to keep an eye on his team’s hunger, temperature, health, thirst, etc. He also needs to keep a guard so that it can save him from other wildlife threats. Your competitors are also treated for you. The player can invite a friend and increase the team members. By using various weapons, players can tackle the menace. There is a chance that your weapon gets steel by other players, so you also need to protect your base.

2. The Forest

The Forest
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Endnight Games publish the forest, and this is also a survival video game officially released in 2018. You can only play in two stations like Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4. It got huge success and sold more than 5 million copies. This game is a forest setting where Eric Leblanc and his son Timmy are both the survivors of this plane crash. This game has non-linear gameplay that offers a first-person view in this open-world environment.

There is no perfect objective in this game, so the player has complete independence to get the freedom and whatever he wants to do and sometimes will come where he may not survive. Here the player acts as an Eric Leblanc who has to find his son and survive. They have to gather different kinds of resources (including weapons) to fight for survival. There are few creatures in the game (mutated zombies, cannibals) who try to kill the player.

3. DayZ

(Image Corsetry: Steam)

This is again a survival video game, which Bohemia Interactive developed. Before, it only had one access for Microsoft Windows, and after five years, it started on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. In this game, the player finds himself in the post-Soviet Republic of Chernarus.

This is the unknown place where most of the people are infected. They do not leave the chance to kill the player who is violent and aggressive. To ignore this situation, players have to scavenge for food, medicine, weapons, water, etc.; you will have one option, either to kill or run away from the infected people. Players can take help from each other to outbreak this.

4. Ark: Survival Evolved

Ark Survival Evolved
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It is an action-adventure video game developed by Studio Wildcard. Initially released in 2017 and the game can play on all the stations. The Player has to play in first and third-person perspectives. The Player has to stand on the island filled with dinosaurs, natural hazards, and other animals in this game.

The Player has to use firearms and weapons so that they can defend themselves against these creatures. You will have an option for single-player and multiplayer in the game; since PvE mode available, players have to be careful so that they do not get killed.

5. State of Decay 2

State of Decay 2
(Image Corsetry: Firstpost)

This is a zombie survival video game, and anyone can play this game. Microsoft Studios publish this horror game. This game was announced recently and can be played in Xbox and Microsoft Windows.

Here the player has to manage resources and build the community so that he can survive. There are many hordes of zombies from which the player has to save himself. In this complete game, you only need to search scavenging items, and he has to play by third-person perspective. You can play single and multiplayer mode. The player has mixed feelings about the game, including solid combat, soundtrack, difficulty, etc.


(Image Corsetry: Google Play)

This is one type of challenging game where you need to step inside the role of Evelyn and complete the various missions. Another task is also the player need to do that is killing zombies. Weapons are the main thing in this game that you need to collect.

In this game, players will get few weapons available for purchase that is very much effective and will hit the most fastidious person’s taste. This game has high-quality 3D graphics, which is easy to control and makes the gaming unique. When you start playing, you will become a fan of this game.

7. Occupation 2.5

Occupation 2.5
(Image Corsetry: ReXdl)

The game is one type of hard survival, never-ending game. This game includes many zombies, monsters, mutants, etc. Everything goes on inside the village, and there is very much difficult to survive. As a player, you need to cope up with this and survive.

This game you can play like a third-person game, and it looks very much realistic. You can also create a unique gaming mode with complete freedom of action. You can also play with 3D virtual space where you will get the game update, and it is very much incredible every time.

You can look for this where you will get top seven games like 7 Days to Die. We did not rank these games; you can pick anyone from this list and play if you want, you can read the description and choose. All the games are perfect and will give you a great experience. So to get more gaming-related posts, stay connected with us.

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