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Games Like Evony

Top 7 Games Like Evony in 2022 [Almost Similar]

Evony is a multiplayer online game, based on the browser version. The mobile version of this game is also available. It was set in the European medieval era. Ebony was developed and published by Evony LLC. It got launched on 6th May 2000.

Evony is a real-time planned game where the players play the role of a lady or a lord of the territory.

The new players in the game get a batch of “beginner’s protection” for 7 days. The “beginner’s protection” is given to the newbies to prevent other old players from attacking them.

This helps the newbies to collect weapons, resources, and troops to save their city.

But, if you’re bored with this game then let’s discover some games which are like Evony.

1. Battle Realms

Battle Realms is a fantasy game that puts you directly in the world of battles and fortresses. It is an actual-time strategy game, influenced by kung fu films. Advance the peasants groups into highly trained military units.

The primary work of the peasants is to gather the resources for constructing the territory. Peasants help in reforming the territory into a deadly efficient military unit.

The peasants help in assembling three things in the game: horses, rice, and water. The horses are for military purposes.

The Metacritic aggregator gave a score of 82 out of 100. Battle Realms holds a game ranking of 82.04%.

Platforms: This game is available on Android, Microsoft Windows

2. Khan Wars

Khan Wars is a browser-based game, set in the medieval period, at the time of historic Asian and European civilization. Create an account in the game Khan Wars and then build an empire from scratch.

Khan Wars has given attention to all minute details. It has provided the nationality option, where you choose any nation of your choice.

Each nation provides you with unique characteristics and special properties. You can play using all nations, which brings lots of incentives to play many times.

You will find five resources to use for building an empire in the game Khan Wars. The five resources are Population, wood, food, iron, and gold.

The gamer has to plan strategically to spend the resources. Using the 5 resources, the blacksmith creates weapons for the protection of the empire. The game Khan Wars is the same as Evony.

Two things a gamer can do in this game are:

  • Conquer other players’ empires.
  • Build an economically strong territory.

XS software developed and published the game Khan Wars. It can only be played on android. The game has also won several awards for its classical features.

Platform: This game is available only for Android

3. Throne: Kingdom at War

In this game, you act like a Lord as you own the whole kingdom. You have to focus on spreading your kingdom.

Throne: Kingdom at War is a browser-based game, which is also available on windows, mac, android, and ios. In this game, you can make your kingdom vast by conquering your friend’s territories.

Your decisions will determine your destiny of dying or living in this game. The game is easy to handle as it is designed for mobile users.

 You can add skills, shields, helmets, and armor to the lord of the kingdom. The game has multi features which allow a user to employ spearmen, cavalry, knights, etc. The design and experience of this game are like evony. 

Platforms: This game is available on Android, Web browser, iOS

4. Elvenar

Elvenar is a browser-based game in which the gamer has to strategically plan and build the city. There are different-different themes in the game, and each of the themes offers a different experience for adventure.

Inside the game Elvenar, there is a magical world, where you either play the role of any elves or humans. You are responsible for making your colony thrive and prosper.

Games Like Elvenar

The task includes building houses for your colony’s people; creating wells, and roads, and making sure the design of every house is not the same. You can expand your kingdom and add more buildings with high-tech designs.

The soldiers were involved in 3D for the advancement of civilization. A massive map of the whole area is available which helps you in discovering new places while scouting. Elvenar was developed and published by Inno games.

Platforms: This game is available on Web browser, Android, iOS

5. Game of Thrones Winter is Coming

Game of Thrones Winter is Coming is an official licensed browser-based online video game. It got launched in 2019, inspired by the television series Games of Thrones. The game was originally developed and published by Yoozoo games.

Games of Thrones Winter is Coming is a free-to-play, multiplayer online video game. You build your empire, control the economy of the city, develop your troops, make armors, and weapons, etc.

There are five main locations where the whole game is based- the location of Winterfell, the eyrie, casterly rock, king’s landing, and storm’s end.

You with your troop can go scouting in different locations. The troops walk accordingly, following the commands of the troop’s commander.

Victory in battles will help you raid the resources and lands which will help you grow your kingdom.

Platforms: This game is available on Web browser, Android, Microsoft Windows, iOS

6. Grepolis

Grepolis stands out in the sea of other video games. It is a browser-based MMO strategy game. The game got designed in 2009. With the advent of new technology and the developing mobile market, Grepolis thrived and made its way to both android and ios.

Grepolis has proved to maintain a gamer for a longer period and it has got the largest community of gamers. The high-tech user interface and regular updates on its design have made the game well in engagement and barriers free.

Grepolis is set in ancient Greek society. The players build their empires, construct roads, and other buildings and expand their army.

You expand your army to fight other players to conquer their territories and raid their resources. The main resources are timber, silver, and stone. 

Gamers can also launch many improved technologies into their civilization. Those technologies will help in improving the economy of the city. The design of Grepolis is the same as Evony.

Platforms: This game is available on Web browser, Android

7. Star Trek: Alien Domain

Star Trek: Alien Domain is a game based on sci-fi, where the gamers could explore the universe. In this game, the gamers will get engaged in ship-to-ship battles in space.

It is a free-to-play MMO strategy game. There are two groups in this game:

  • The united federation of plants
  • The Dominion: a military superpower

You need to join any one of the groups which stand against the other. Star Trek: Alien Domain is set in fluidic space, where they fight against opponents, species 8472.

The Star Trek Universe is set in space, where the gamers build their starship to fight with other opponents. They find their base and expand it by conquering other players’ bases.

The two units in the Star Trek universe have two starships which is the backbone of the early stage in the game:

  • Defiant Starships
  • The bird of prey

With premium, you unlock more distinguished and customized dynamic weapons built on starships. Gamers can use both PvE and PvP opportunities accordingly in the battles. Your ships after any damage get healed by using the combat shields.

You create your colonies in space. From building different designed houses to constructing roads are other works you do apart from getting engaged in the battles.

You also create strong troops with advanced weapons. The troops prevent your empire from getting raided by other opponents. GameSamba created this multiplayer game named Star Trek: Alien Domain in 2015.

Platform: This game is only available on Web browser


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