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Games Like FarmVille

Top 10 Games Like FarmVille [Most Similar Games To Try 2022]

FarmVille is one of the most successful agricultural simulation games of all time. Developed by Zynga, it quickly acquired traction as a Facebook game, resulting in Farmville sequels. Here are some of the games like FarmVille.

The gameplay in these FarmVille games is very social, encouraging players to create effective farms, decorate them, and often visit the farms of others to gather resources.

This fundamental gameplay loop has stayed similar throughout the franchise, with players spending their time planting crops, breeding animals, and other aspects of farm management to level up and access new content in a combination of social involvement and casual rivalry.

The games like FarmVille on this page are accessible on various platforms, including PC, browser, and mobile (iOS and Android), ensuring that no farmer is left out.

In these games, you’ll experience comparable farm management difficulties to the FarmVille formula as you manage your crops and cattle while adorning your farm for people to visit.

Top 10 Best Games Like FarmVille [Alternatives]

1. Zoo 2: Animal Park

Zoo 2: Animal Park allows you to create a beautiful and visually impressive zoo with the assistance of your grandfather.

Upjers has relaunched its zoo tycoon-inspired brand with a sequel that dramatically increases the game’s aesthetic design while also delivering a more extensive choice of animals, building on the model employed in My Free Zoo.

Zoo 2: Animal park

As with any good tycoon franchise, you’ll be starting from nothing as you work with your grandfather to rebuild the basic zoo infrastructure that already exists.

While your starting animals include elemental creatures such as a horse and rabbits (more comparable to a petting zoo), Zoo 2: Animal Park features a plethora of fantastic zoo beasts to purchase and care for as you grow, attracting tourists to their enclosures.

These enclosures begin as simple grassland (with animals to match). Still, they gradually extend to 6 more broad categories such as plains and savanna, which allow for more diversified and exotic animal selections.

This includes moose, flamingos, kangaroos, zebra, pandas, peacocks, bears, and many others.

The average user rating for Zoo 2: Animal Park is 8.5, which means people had a wonderful experience with the game.

2. Klondike: The Lost Expedition

Klondike transports you to Alaska during the gold rush era to find your father’s missing expedition. You can start a thriving farm, construct profitable industries, and arrange a successful food trade.

When you’re ready, go off on a long and adventurous quest to discover something everyone else believes is lost forever.

Choosing to combine farming simulation, town administration, and adventure Klondike: The Lost Expedition combines these elements in your browser and mobile devices (under Klondike: Adventures).

Klondike begins with the players reading the last letter they received from their father, warning them that the expedition plans to travel further east but will return in the spring.

Unfortunately, with spring approaching and no trace of your father, you decide to journey inland to find him for yourself.

Klondike: The Lost Expedition has a good user rating of 7.5, which means users like the game and have a good experience.

3. Family Farm Seaside

Family Farm Seaside delivers the experience of running your family farm to your mobile touch device (iOS and Android), joining a long line of similar titles on both platforms but with a somewhat different spin on the genre.

While the core gameplay of harvesting your crops, selling your product for a handsome profit, and caring for a wide variety of animals remains.

Family Farm Seaside

There are little touches of handcrafted design that make it feel like your own homestead rather than a generic farm, mainly through the wealth of crops that allow you to grow what you would in real life.

Based on the famous Facebook game of the same name (Family Farm), the gameplay is similar to that of most other agricultural simulation games you’ve played, with the objective of efficiency and, ultimately, profitability.

Starting with a relatively empty stretch of land, the farm is your oyster as you plant, harvest, and decorate it to create your mobile farm.

Family Farm Seaside produces a lovely game ambiance that soothes players as they care about their crops and the agricultural finances, thanks to its excellent graphics, sound effects, and music. Family Farm Seaside has an 8-star users ranking.

4. Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley, based on the Harvest Moon franchise, places you at the centre of your agricultural journey.

Using the well-known base, Stardew Valley expands on the experience with its unique features and excellent game design, developed over the game’s lengthy initial development.

Stardew Valley

Beginning their trip in the countryside, players inherit a large property plot from their grandpa in the Stardew Valley area.

Character creation is also finished at this level, with hundreds of aesthetic options for haircuts, clothes, and accessories and a preference for cats or dogs, which influences which animal appears on the farm later in the game.

Stardew Valley is one of the most popular games having a 9.5-star users rating.

5. My Sunny Resort

In My Sunny Resort, a browser-based management game from the Upjers team, you may build your resort replete with sun, sand, and palm trees.

The Upjers team is widely recognized for its browser-based experiences with various games across genres and settings. My Sunny Resort is also available for Windows, Linux, and Steam via Upjers Home (Windows only).

Taking the popular and successful model from their earlier management games such as My Fantastic Park and My Free Zoo, Upjers has changed the scenery while introducing several new elements that any lover of the management genre should explore.

However, this time, you won’t be building your dream theme park or zoo, instead, opting for the sunny shores of a beach hotel where you’ll serve guests, earn money, and eventually upgrade to the number one holiday destination.

My Sunny Resort is a good users rating game with 8-stars, which means users had a good experience.

6. My Free Zoo

My Free Zoo, Upjer’s second popular tycoon management game, has a similar vibe to My Free Zoo. The game is entirely free to play and runs on your browser, making it highly accessible.

In My Free Zoo, director Wilmington approaches you and asks you to help save the zoo from financial ruin.

My Free Zoo

In recent years, the zoo has not made enough money (and no wonder since he only had a pair of sheep in it). This is when players come in to save the day by establishing a zoo full of rare and unusual species.

To develop the perfect zoo, you’ll need to construct the proper enclosures, choose your animals, construct supporting stalls, recruit workers, and plant decorations.

My Free Zoo isn’t as simple as putting every animal you can find in an enclosure since each species has a unique set of metrics that must be carefully evaluated.

Some animals are more appealing to youngsters, while others are more appealing to seniors, adults, or women.

Each animal also has a rarity rating and a breeding probability, allowing players to breed animals at the breeding station together (babies are always a popular attraction). The game has a good user rating of 8 stars.

7. My Free Farm

My Free Farm is one of Upjers famous tycoon and simulation games that adapts the main principles from their other products for a farm-based theme.

Consequently, My Free Farm is simple to play and offers tons of farm-themed content as you level up, expand your farm, and attract clients to build a prosperous crop-growing empire.

My Free Farm appeals to both newbies and long-time fans of the genre due to its simple design and robust tutorial, combined with lots of flexibility as the game gradually unlocks a plethora of material to players.

My Free Farm does this by gradually unlocking new game features with each new level, preventing you from being overwhelmed with options right from the start yet providing an adequate amount of openings across buildings, animals, and crops. It is a popular game with a 7-star user rating.

8. Farm Up

Farm Up is a free-to-play farming experience that provides a calm playing atmosphere as you complete objectives, customize your farm, and increase your productivity to become a master farmer.

While the parallels to other games are straightforward, players will be shocked to notice a lack of social focus in the PC version, which allows you to proceed without begging your friends and even allows users to play in an offline mode.

Farm Up may also be played straight in your browser if you have the Big Fish Games Game Manager installed, or you can play it on your iOS or Android mobile device via one of the game applications.

The game has a good user rating of 7.5 stars.

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9. Farmerama

Farmerama is a farm simulation game developed by Bigpoint. Millions of accounts and players worldwide enjoy this socially driven farming application that shares many characteristics with others in the genre.

Players in Farmerama may expect to face the hardships of maintaining their farm by collecting crops, rearing animals, and doing numerous agricultural duties.

Because of the browser-based experience, you’ll be able to level up, socialize with the community, and build your ideal farm without getting your real hands dirty.

It is a popular game with a 7.5-star users rating.

10. Uptasia

Uptasia combines puzzle games and financial simulation into a free-to-play adventure in the nineteenth century.

The result is an intriguing mix that you’ve probably never seen before, and it’s well worth a shot if you’re looking for a game in any of these genres and need something different.

Uptasia, which was previously only available in your browser (but has since been abandoned), is now compatible with Windows and Android.

Uptasia is one of the most popular games with 7.5 stars users rating.

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