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Games like My Time at Portia

Top 10 Best Games like My Time at Portia

In this era, all games revolve around action, which is the only thing the young generation wants. These types of games nowadays taking more popularity, and these give a unique experience to gamers.

There is nothing much to say about “My Time at Portia” because when you read this article, it is expected that you already know about this game and you liked it, so you are searching for the similar one. Since this is a little different game, so everyone finds this unique and loves to play.

In this game, the player has to struggle to survive, and this will start after civilization. As much as you play, you will start realizing that your little town has filled with few survivors, and it is becoming more prominent day by day in Portia.

Now it is your responsibility to expand your city. This game has full of fun, and there is also some action. The main work is this game to build things and those who love the game. Here you will get the top ten games to list, similar to My Time at Portia. Those are given below:

Top 10 Games like My Time at Portia

1. Summer in Mara

(Image Corsetry: GamereScape)

If you are looking for a peaceful game and need to build the area, this is the best one. Summer in Mara provides players big and fantastic world which they need to explore while doing some fun things. Players need to take care of the island by growing crops, crafting, farming, and many other things. You will also have the freedom to explore everything.

The Player has to ride the boat and explore the ocean. You need to done trending to the island for a while; there are many different ways to do the fun. This game is similar to the My Time at Portia; the only difference is, the Player has a bit more freedom.

2. Graveyard Keeper

Graveyard Keeper
(Image Corsetry: YouTube)

This is another simulation game where a player has to get hit by a car and die. After this, he has to be inside a medieval fantasy-themed world and is asked to stay in the graveyard.

Now, this is the work that you need to make sure that the player must remain in the cemetery and do all sorts of things to ensure that he stays in top condition. These all aspects match with My Time at Portia.

This graveyard has many problems, and the player has to solve all issues and provide an effective solution for them. You need to finish all your duties and interact with NPCs.

Your goal is to search the way back home. It would help if you also interacted with other characters, and there are many other contents to enjoy the game.

3. Starbound


It is an action-adventure game that happens on a random planet inside space. In this game, you need to wreck the player character and survive in the spaceship. The Player has to land on a random planet, and his job is to find a suitable home for him and his team member.

You not only need to build a building for yourself, but you also need to do some troublesome adventure. He has to find some tools and supplies for this. Slowly, when your settlement becomes large, you will have more options to get the new feature.

4. Rune Factory

This may be a little older game, but one of the best games. This is RPG game series that was there many years ago. This had released in 2006, and it has many exploration and building-related mechanics like My Time at Portia.

This gameplay has NPCs with which the player has to interact. These may give ask you to do few things and some quests to complete. Someplace it would be best if you did heavier focus. The game is worth playing, and you can even play single.

5. Kynseed


This game is new in this list, but it had early access some time ago, and now finally official release has taken place. There is nothing much to tell about this game because this is also a similar type of game. Here is one good thing you need to do old and new farming and use ideally.

This game has a lot of fun with the same mechanics as My Time at Portia. This game is also world-building, and the player has to settle down and get married to someone.

Here your character is an old character who is watching the world. This game includes farming, harvesting, building, etc.

6. Story of Seasons

Story of Seasons
(Image Corsetry: Steam)

This game is an excellent game where the player has to continue staying in the oldest building. It is one type of Harvest Moon game where you can get lots of entries and slowly get the list after entering the game.

The main story of this game is Harvest Moon which is quite popular even today. There is a new entry of franchise release, and this turned out to be successful.

This is a super game when it comes related to the farming aspects and world-building aspects.

7. Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley
(Image Corsetry: Twitter)

The game is one of the famous names, and this wholly comes with a building concept. The Player has to enter the countryside town and need to decide about further improvement. This will take a long time, and as a player, you need to make your farm slowly.

Farming is not only one thing you need to do; you also need to do building, crafting, and many other things. By doing all these, you will be occupied most of the time.

Finally, when you have some time, you can do farming and head into the town to meet with other characters.

8. Survivalist

This game is an entirely self-centered game where the fund manager has to search the food. He is a specially constructed bunker; after collapse happens, only everything will start.

This is an open-world RPG where you will have all types of freedom to play however you want. You have to select your own choices and consequences. You aim to find other survivors like you so that you can build the community.

9. Savage Lands

Savage Lands

This game is a concept with new land and new life. Here the ground is very much gritty. The first person of this open-world fantasy has a survival experience, the Player’s only goal. He has to stay alive.

The Player has to explore the world by spending days and nights with a vicious creature. He needs to gather scarce resources and powerful weapons to survive, which can be helpful.

There is no chance of mistake because one mistake can give you an unfortunate encounter.

10. Children of Morta

Children of Morta

It is a narrative-driven hack story where the player is a member of the Bergson family, and his guardians must be from Mount Morta.

He has to fight very much against corruption. The player is part of the family, so he has to bear the mountain weight for everyone.

The above games are similar to My Time at Portia; it may not be 100% but almost 95% the same game. Whoever loved the My Time at Portia game will like to play the above game list.

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