Add Characters & Emojis from the Keyboard in Windows 10

How to Add Characters & Emojis from the Keyboard in Windows 10?

Emojis and Characters are mostly used by us in our social media chats. We text messages to our loved ones not only to chat but also to express our feelings. Emojis are mostly used by us in our Facebook and WhatsApp chats and that too on our Android phones.

But what if you could do the same on a Windows 10 PC.

Let’s get started.

Why emojis and characters?

Emojis and characters are mostly used in messaging. Emojis are not only fun to use but are a way to express yourselves. Using characters and emojis is simple in a windows 10 PC.

To add characters and emojis from keyboard in windows 10, just follow these simple steps.

How to add Characters?

Follow these steps to add characters –

  • Step 1: Go to search bar
  • Step 2: Search for character map
  • Step 3: Click on it and character map dialogue box appears
  • Step 4: Click on your desired character and press select
How to Add Characters from the Keyboard in Windows 10?
  • Step 5: press copy

After you press the copy button. you can paste the selected character anywhere using ctrl + v shortcut.

This is how you add characters in windows 10 PC.

How to add Emojis?

Adding emojis from your keyboard in windows 10 PC is easy.

  • Step 1: to add emoji use the windows key + (.) combination.
  • Step 2: this combination opens the emoji panel.
How to Add Emojis from the Keyboard in Windows 10?

Inside the emoji panel, you can search for your favorite emoji and it also has kaomoji with which you can create faces with text and symbols.

This how you can use emojis in Windows 10 PC.

This simple steps that make your messages and chats more fun-filled.

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