How to Black Text on 4Chan?

How to Black Text on 4Chan?

It is always considered polite if we avoid giving away the key plot points while discussing films, video games, and books on the Internet.

These key plot points which we avoid giving are called spoilers. They are named like this as they spoil the surprise for users who have not yet experienced the film, game, or book.

To keep these plot points hidden on the platform 4Chan, ‘spoiler’ tags can be used by anyone. These tags create a black background behind those spoiled words and phrases regarding key plot points. These backgrounds are supported by black texts which don’t allow the users to read the ‘spoiler’ messages. You have to highlight each word to read them unless they are unreadable.

How to Black Text on 4Chan

  • The first step is to navigate to the 4Chan website. Launch the web browser and enter the 4Chan website.
  • Next, click on the board from the ‘Boards‘ listing area.
  • You will find a reply link next to the first comment that will appear in any post on the website. Click “Reply
  • Fourthly, fill all required information in the ‘Name’, ‘Email’ and ‘Subject‘ fields.
  • To open the spoiler tag, write ‘spoiler‘ in the comment section.
  • Next, type the word that needs to appear as black text on a black background.
  • [/spoiler] is used to close the spoiler tag.
  • Finally, click on ‘submit‘ to submit the post once you have completed all the steps.

We have provided a complete guide with all the steps in this article. Now you can avoid spoiler messages easily. Hope this article will help you in your work.