How To Change NAT Type On PC

How To Change NAT Type On PC? [2022]

NAT or Network Address Translation is basically allowing a single device, typically a router that acts as an agent between the internet and your local network. This creates a single unique IP address that represents an entire group of devices to any network or connection from outside.

NAT is used for both economical and security purposes. It provides a more secure way to access the internet so no one can steal your personal data or information while you are using the internet.

How To Change NAT Type On PC

The rules and restrictions implemented by the NAT will never be similar compared to its behavior and characteristics. This will vary in different cases of address reflecting upon the consequences of network traffic.

There are some specifications of NAT behavior that are usually not found by the manufacturers of any NAT equipment. The main purpose of NAT is to provide security and to manage the IP address.

Classification of NAT

There are 3 possible settings for the NAT. These settings are focused on determining how good or bad your online experience will be. The types are as follows:

  • Open NAT 
  • Moderate NAT 
  • Strict NAT

Types of NAT

1. Open NAT

You get a pretty good idea from the name, what type of Nat it is. All the devices connected to this network can send and receive data. Data sharing is unrestricted because there is no firewall for this type of NAT. This may provide you with a great internet experience, but on the downside, it is not safe because any hacker could invade your local area network as your ports are open.

2. Moderate NAT

This type of NAT is more secure than the open NAT. This type of NAT doesn’t open all the ports like the previous one, instead this opens only one or two ports for transmission of data. This is a firewall that will restrict your connections from interfering in your network. However, there may be a little bit of lag when you will be using moderate-type NAT.

3. Strict NAT

This is the safest Nat out of these three. It doesn’t let any data transmission through the local network. This will protect you against any kind of threat and you may also face some difficulty to join other networks because the maximum amount of data is restricted in this network. You may also notice plenty of lag while gaming or watching movies in high quality.

Why do we need to Change NAT?

Popular gaming consoles like PS4 or Xbox 360 often face a common NAT issue that is ultimately resulted in a poor gaming experience. This problem can be solved very easily by simply the settings of your router. Due to the built-in firewall in routers, you may need to open some ports. 

There are two ways you can do this: one is port forwarding and another one is port triggering. Once the ports are opened successfully, the NAT type will automatically change from open to moderate. This will make your PS4 or Xbox work like a charm. This is the reason that sometimes you may need to change the NAT type on your router.

How to Change NAT Type on PC?

Sometimes you may need to change the NAT type on your PC. Today in this article we will look at some of the methods that will help us to change the NAT address successfully. So without any further delay let’s look at those methods:

STEP 1: Turn on UPnP via network infrastructure

The most important steps which one can follow are:

  1. Firstly, open the computer and click on the ‘My Computer’ icon, a window will pop up at the bottom left corner of your screen, now click on the network button.
  2. Secondly, Right-click on the Network Infrastructure button and click on the ‘Properties’ icon. If Network Infrastructure is not visible on your computer, then kindly move on to the next step.
  3. Then, simply click on the settings menu and click on the “Add” button.
  4. Following the previous steps, a new window will appear.
  5. You need to click add at the bottom of the window.
  6. A new window will be generated, In the first tab where the service name is provided, we have to type the name according to the user’s choice. Then comes the second tab with the user’s IP address. Then click OK.
  7. Once again click add. On the 1st tab, type whatever a user chooses to type, in the 2nd tab type your IP address, in the third tab type 3074, and lastly, put the UDP and in the last tab and again type 3074.
  8. After completing the above steps, click on the OK button.
  9. Now simply close all the windows you have open and run any application on your computer, the user must follow that he should have an OPEN NAT type.
  10. While running any application or launching any game, the user must run the OPEN NAT type.
  11. Anyone who is new to the above steps must follow that all the above steps are to be followed if the computer gets off or if any application gets crashed.

STEP 2: Using Configuration files

The steps where the user can permanently fix the problem are:

  1. You have to open any of the browsers available on your PC and log into the router’s page.
  2. If you follow my first instruction, I hope you will be at your router’s configuration page.
  3. There is a restoration configuration button available which will go to your page and load. Now you need to back up all the restoration.
  4. A window will soon pop up and you will need to save the file quickly by clicking on the OK button.
  5. Make sure to keep a copy of the original file in order to recover one file back if something gets lost from the memory.
  6. Now, just simply click on the (Ctrl+F) button on the keyboard and type(connection.ini).
  7. After opening the above file, there is a last bind which you must fetch and by typing or pasting ‘bind application’.
  8. Following the above step, the user must type or past the bind application without any changes to the ports according to the application type.
  9. The user opens the file in notepad and later saves the file.
  10. Close all windows and open the router’s configuration page.
  11. Then the user needs to browse to the new configuration from the configuration page.
  12. Please wait for some time while the restoration is configured on your computer.
  13. After the above step is performed you need to restart your router again.
  14. Now the user can easily open any application and the NAT will also be opened on the other hand while the application is opened.


Hope this article has answered all your questions. We have discussed various ways in which you can change your NAT address. We have also discussed the three different types of NAT and where is sometimes you may need to change your NAT type in your PC. I hope that I am able to answer all your queries. If you enjoy this article, then stay tuned with us and we will bring many interesting articles like this one.