If you are a Blogger, then your blog health can be a serious issue. Most bloggers use WordPress as their CMS (content management system).

WordPress is widely popular among bloggers and digital marketers for its features and wide range of plugins it supports. If you are starting out in blogging then you should always go with WordPress rather than Blogspot.

While WordPress powers most of the websites over the Internet. It is also the most targeted platform for hackers to target. Hackers hack the WordPress blog due to its vulnerability.

With every release, WordPress is getting stronger in defending itself but your WordPress blog maybe still not healthy.

Blog health might also get affected due to a poor hosting company. Always choose the best hosting company that offers solid protection against hackers.

Another mistake that newbie bloggers make is using cracked plugins and themes.

Many new bloggers do this due to lack of money to invest and go for cracked plugins and themes. This puts their blog health at risk as cracked plugins and themes may contain malicious code.

Instead of going for cracked and nulled themes, you should use free themes from theme developers like mythemeshop and others.

Also, keep your WordPress updated.

So now you have got how your blog health can be affected it’s now time to know how you can check your blog health without any plugin.

Recently wordpress was updated and the new version 5.1 got a new feature called site health.

The new site health feature keeps track of your WordPress blog’s performance and security issues.

So now the question is how we can check our blog health in WordPress?

Doing this takes just a few seconds and you get to know your blog health.

Just take these steps and you are done:

You can view this in your WordPress admin area.

Open WordPress Dashboard >> Tools >> Site Health >> Click on-site health and check it out.

How to Check WordPress Blog Health?

It shows the site health in percentage and also recommends improvements to be done and test which your blog has passed.

Inside the info page, you get your site health info. Which you can also copy to clipboard.

It shows the following:

  • WordPress
  • Directory and size
  • Active plugins
  • Media handling
  • Server
  • Database
  • File system
How to Check WordPress Blog Health?

Now that you have checked your site health. It’s time to make sure it is 100%.

Even though you don’t have to worry if your site health is above 80%, but it’s best that it is 100%.

To accomplish this, I have an awesome resource from a popular blog which can help you with this.

To get tips to make your site health score 100%, click here.

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