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How to Eat Food in Kenshi

How to Eat Food in Kenshi? [Full Guide]

Kenshi is one of the most popular role-playing video games developed and published by the Lo-Fi games for Windows. It is a single-player mode video game. As a Kenshi player, you might be wondering about eating foods in Kenshi. So let’s check now.

So, How to Eat Food in Kenshi?

  • Go to your Inventory and make sure you already have food in your Inventory.
  • And then your character will automatically eat foods.

But if you want to have one character carry the food and the other one eat that food out of that character’s backpack, then

  • Go to your squad
  • Then Go to AI
  • Next, click on Share food.

This will allow you to eat the food from other characters’ backpacks.

What are the Foods in Kenshi?

The food in Kenshi consists of all the items which fill the character’s hunger. A character’s hunger bar is served by 1 for every nutrition charge used.

They automatically consume some food when their hunger gets below 250, unless the only types of food they have are edible ingredients. In that case, they will not eat until they get below 200.

In Kenshi, characters can eat any food in their own or their squad members’ inventories, including their backpack. And after eating, the hunger bar slowly fills up over some time.

There are several kinds of food available in Kenshi, and here I have mentioned some of those:

  • Ancient Nutritions
  • Chew Sticks
  • Cooked Vegetables
  • Dried Fish
  • Dried Meat
  • Dustwich
  • FoodCube
  • Foul Raw Meat
  • Gohan
  • Grand Fish
  • Meatwrap
  • Rationpack
  • Rice Bowl
  • Thin fish

Besides these foods, some edible and non-edible ingredients are there, let’s check out those:

Edible Ingredients:

  • Raw Meat
  • Bread

Non-Edible Ingredients:

  • Cactus
  • Green fruit
  • Riceweed
  • Strawflour
  • Water
  • Wheatstraw

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Where to Buy Food in Kenshi?

If you want to buy the food in Kenshi, then you can buy it from several areas. You can buy the food from the traders in towns or traveling trade caravans.

And after some time, once your character hits a specific hunger value, they will automatically eat food.

However, if you want to buy the ingredients like raw meat, you can buy it from the relevant traders, including those hive villages, or gathered from the most Fauna.

And this raw mean is an ingredient used primarily in the crafting of food at a cooking stove.

When will your Character Eat in Kenshi?

There’s No particular time is fixed for your character to eat food in Kenshi. Usually, when your character hits a specific hunger value at that point, your character automatically starts to eat food. 

And all you need to do is have food in your inventory, and if your list remains packed, you do not need to worry about it. Your character will automatically eat food.

How Much Your Character will Eat in Kenshi?

There is no specific amount of food. When a character’s bar is filled by 1 for every nutrition charge used, they automatically consume some food when their hunger gets below 250.

In the case of edible ingredients, they will not eat food until they get below 200.

How to Eat Dried Meat Kenshi?

Dried Meat is a food that you have to purchase from the relevant traders, typically bars.

Often players can find dried Meat through looting campfires found in the world. However, you can also eat the dried meat after cooking.

How to Fix Not Eating from Food Storage in Kenshi?

I have also faced the same problem. I stored plenty of food in 2 different food storages, but they stopped eating.

So I tried to figure out why they stopped eating. I found that if they were in separate squads, they would not share any foods, and as soon as I put my Garuu into the same team as the rest of my people, they ate all of the foods.

Fix Kenshi Food Barrel not Working?

If your character won’t eat from the food barrels or someone’s backpack and only eat from their inventory, you may be in the recruit prisoners mode.

Yes, sometimes a recruited prisoner will only eat from his own inventory but fixes itself when you quit and load back again. So, if you are using this mod, then it might be your issue.

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