How to Enable UPnP on My Belkin

How to Enable UPnP on My Belkin [2022]

Belkin is a very popular name in the technology industry. Belkin uses all kinds of devices like wireless charging stations and wireless charging pads for your car, power banks, USB hubs, and audio and charging 2 in 1 converter for iPhones. They were first established in 1983 and since then, they have been providing some extraordinary products at a very affordable price for more than three decades.

Belkin also provides routers for their users and the most wonderful thing about their product is that they are very easy to configure. Their router is pretty easy to configure for someone who even has the minimum knowledge about how this thing works.

So, if you own a Belkin router and curious about how to turn on the Universal Plug and Play feature, then you are in the right place. Because in this article, I am going to discuss how you can turn this feature on with some very easy and simple steps. So without any more delay let’s dive into this topic.

Classic Web-based setup page

The dashboard on the Belkin router is a classic web-based setup page that you might have seen in the case of any other router. You will simply have to put an IP address and then just log in to that page and there you will find the settings that you are looking for. So let’s look at the method of how you are going to do this.

How do I enable the UPnP feature on a Belkin Router?

First, you will have to open the browser and then you will type “” this IP address into the URL section and then press enter.

In case the IP address mentioned above doesn’t seem to be working with you, then you should search for their latest IP address on the internet. Just search using the model number of your router and you will get all the information related to your product.

You can also use another website called “” to log into Belkin’s dashboard.

After successfully logging into the Belkin dashboard, there you will have to find the menu option.

Once you have found it, you will get an option called “Advanced Settings”. Click on this option.

After clicking on this option, you will have to scroll all the way down towards the bottom until you find the UPnP option.

After successfully finding this option all you have to do is turn the radio button on and this will turn on the universal plug and play option.

Then, just click on the option at the bottom of this page called “Save” and then click on “Apply”.

Last but not the list don’t forget to log out of their website after completing these steps.

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