How to Export Chrome Data to Internet Explorer

How to Export Chrome Data to Internet Explorer?

Google Chrome, the most popular internet browser from the Search Engine giant is capable of the best browsing experience of the web. Chrome, which was launched a decade ago has gone through several iterations over the years.

While there are many other internet browsers available in the market, the availability of extensions and features makes chrome the most popular internet browser.

And while we are surfing the internet using chrome browser, we came across several sites that are useful to us and we sometimes bookmark them.

Plus the autosuggestion feature helps better browsing. But what if one day you uninstall chrome by mistake or for some other reasons.

Wait you don’t need to panic?

First of all, you can reinstall chrome into your system. But what if some other browser on your Windows 10 PC can import your chrome data in just one click.

Yes, Microsoft’s own browser, Microsoft edge can do it in just one click.

Why even install chrome then.

 Well, the problem with chrome is that it eats a large amount of your system memory.

So how can you import your chrome settings, saved passwords, and other data to Microsoft edge?

You can import your chrome settings, passwords, cookies, and browsing history with just one click.

Export Chrome Data to Internet Explorer

Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Keep your Microsoft edge app updated.
  2. To import your chrome browser data, it must be saved within chrome.
  3. Now open the Microsoft Edge app, and click on import favorites, on the search bar in the Edge Browser.
  4. After you click on import favorites, a new dialogue box opens with the title import or export.
  5. Now you can select the browser from where you can import data. By default, there are only 2 options, Microsoft edge, and chrome.
  6. To import data from chrome select chrome and hit the import button.
  7. Well, you are done here.
How to Export Chrome Data to Internet Explorer?

Also, you can export your reading list and favorites to the HTML file and can also import your favorites from an HTML file.

How to Export Chrome Data to Microsoft Edge?

That how easy it is to import your chrome data to the Microsoft Edge browser and also keep your browser updated to have the best possible browsing experience. Please comment below and share the article.