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How to Feed your Dog in Kenshi

How to Feed your Dog in Kenshi? [Beginner Guide]

Survival! That’s what Kenshi is all about. Kenshi is a non-linear, squad-based RPG single-player role-playing video game that is set in post-apocalyptic fantasy where the players play the game without any skill set and desperately tries surviving in the further stages of the game. It focuses on the open-ended sandbox gameplay features and not on the linear storyline.

The post-apocalyptic fantasy world included bloodthirsty cannibals, brutal slavers, wild beasts, and starving bandits, and the player’s only chance at survival is a struggle. In the game, no one is the chosen one, great or powerful. The players have to work to gain a unique position.

The player doesn’t have any special powers or weapons, they are supposed to work for everything and make sure they survive in the world of Kenshi. Most initial levels of the game are hard, as players go into the apocalyptic world of Kenshi without any skill set but share the same goal of survival.

One of the most prominent and unique aspects of the game “Kenshi” is that you can die. In fact, at some point, you’ll die. Why are we considering it as a particular aspect? Here’s the thing, in most games, the players that play usually are  ‘The Chosen one,’ and the entire weight of the world is on their shoulders. Yes, even it is a fantasy one.

But when it comes to Kenshi’s post-apocalyptic fantasy world, the player is not exceptional. They are supposed to look after their primary need, one such as hunger. Not only their hunger but also the hunger needs of their fierce and loyal companion.

If you have a dog companion and are wondering how to feed your dog in Kenshi. Then you’re at the right place. Keep reading to find out. Firstly, make sure that it is approximately at 220 hunger. Bonedogs eat Raw Meat, Severed Limbs, and Foul Raw Meat with a higher rate of 200%.

They eat the food from the ground of recent combat. In fact, you don’t have to make sure they’re hungry, if they are they will automatically look for the food. You just have to make sure that the food is available when they need it.

What do Bonedogs eat in Kenshi?

Kenshi allows the humans in its fantasy world to eat any type of food but includes an additional feature that a bonedog can avail. The bonedog can eat the corpses of dead enemies.

Kenshi bonedog

The reason we consider it as a feature is that there are corpses everywhere in Kenshi, so you won’t even have to pay for the food. Along with the cost reduction, your bonedog companion can help clean up the grounds as there is always killing Kenshi and loads of unwanted bodies lying down.

Basically, what all humans can not eat includes dead corpses, rotten or spoiled meat, the bonedog can consume all of what humans can and can not.

How does eating food in Kenshi work for the Dog?

All sorts of eating in Kenshi is automatic, including the dog. The dog will automatically consume the food when their hunger drops to certain levels. The dog will automatically locate the food if it’s kept in a character’s bag within the same squad, food or lying on the ground, or a member standing near a dead corpse.

Where can you buy the Food from?

As you know by now, dogs eat raw and foul meat, and you can purchase it from  Nomad Animal Traders.

How to Feed your Dog in Kenshi?

The dogs or any other animal in Kenshi is not the normal one. All of Kenshi have one goal to survive hunger, and they do whatever it takes them to stay alive. Here’s what you need to know, the feeding process is automatic in Kenshi, you just have to make sure the food is present when your dog is hungry.

There are mainly three ways to feed your dog in Kenshi, they are as follows:

1. Drop Food on the Ground

In cases when you don’t have a backpack, you can drop the food or drag the food onto the ground, and if your bonedog is hungry, it will automatically eat directly from the ground.

2. Keep the Food in Backpacks

You need to ensure that your dog will eat the food from the backup of the characters within the same squad. So, what you can do is keep the food item in the backpack of any character within your team. And move the dog near the character whose bag contains the food item. Once your bonedog is hungry, it will automatically eat the food.

3. Food from the Corpse

One of the easiest ways you can feed your bonedogs is by standing near the corpse. Sometimes dogs can eat from the corpse of the dead enemies and will automatically walk over when you’re standing near it and start eating from it to feed themselves fully.

There is no shortage of dead enemies or corpses in Kenshi, you just have to find one and stand beside it. Moreover, your dog gets fed without spending a dime.

4. A Bonus Way

Dogs will eat severed limbs. Often the bonedog squad member plays the game called “Play limbs” and runs around the corpses nearby with food with a severed limb.

The methods mentioned can be used for any animals in Kenshi. Just make sure the ones who eat dead corpses, if not the 2 ways, are the same for other animals of Kenshi.

And that’s how you can feed your dog in Kenshi. As we know, it requires only simple steps, and the dog eating part is all automatic. The player has to ensure that either they are beside the food that is dead corpses or the food item brought is in the bag of the character within the same squad, and that’s it.

The dog will eat their food as and when needed. Moreover, the companion, bonedog, can consume any item the human can consume, so it’s an accurate option to give them food that won’t offer the player much health.

Why should you feed your Dog?

It’s pretty simple, really! Survival is the most essential part of staying alive in Kenshi. Yes. But what comes after survival is hunger. Or, in our case, the hunger of the animal. When the animal is hungry, its stat level gradually decreases and eventually comes to a negative multiplier.

As it goes down, the multiplier gets worse. So, what you have to do is keep that start as high as possible, and to do so, you have to feed your dog as they get hungrier faster than any other animal.

Bonus Tip: Player-owned Bone Dogs do not eat the corpses but the limbs. Rather than having a bonedog, go for the “Battle bull” as they help you in combat and help you move your base. And you can also use the bulls as a backpack.

We hope this article will help you and the dog in Kenshi to stay alive a little while longer. As we all know, death is everywhere in Kenshi, and so are the dead lying corpses of enemies killed as a portion of food for your dog. Make sure your loyal companion is well fed and strong to survive in the apocalyptic survival world of Kenshi.

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