How to fix Choppy Playback on Crunchyroll?

How to fix Choppy Playback on Crunchyroll?

Crunchyroll is an American distributor, the publisher which offers a streaming service of 1000 titles and 30,000 episodes of Anime. They offer one of the largest catalogs of anime and Asian dramas trending in the entertainment world. Japanese and Asian pop fans are quite addicted to this streaming platform.

The perfect selection of new and classic titles, also simulcasts of shows currently on air, have helped the site grow vigorously. There are even 35 million users who are using this site to watch the videos at no cost. But they have found themselves in a situation where Crunchyroll keeps freezing.

Crunchyroll may have many problems. Among them, choppy playback is the most common one. However, this issue can be fixed by using various methods depending on the type of device you are using.

Reasons – why Crunchyroll Keeps Freezing?

You can stream videos through the main website of Crunchyroll. They also offer streaming on mobile devices as well as most major gaming consoles through native apps available for download on each platform’s store. Thus, they have reached more than 30 million free subscribers. You can have the experience of the most consistent video streaming features through Crunchyroll’s console apps. Crunchyroll buffering problems can plague any system on any device.

But there are many reasons why Crunchyroll froze. Reasons may also vary from user to user based on the type of device the user is using. There are two root issues found in choppy playback. These are – internet connection issues or issues with the native Flash player which Crunchyroll uses for its desktop video streaming.  Both issues affect choppy playback. This may result in long buffering times or playback stopping fully while you are watching a video.

Solving Crunchyroll Mobile and Console Buffering

You often find the issues with Crunchyroll annoying. They are having issues with mobile devices, consoles, and streaming sticks. But it’s a relief that these issues can be resolved so quickly. All you have to do is close out the Crunchyroll all completely, reset your device’s internet and then start the Crunchyroll app. This may help you to resolve the issue quickly on your non-desktop platform.

For some mobile devices, this solution may not work. In these cases, if you are subscribed to the premium version, then you can reduce the video quality via the Account Settings menu. If you see that these methods are not helping you, then in the worst cases, you can uninstall the app itself. After uninstalling, reinstall the app and log in. This process may help you in fixing the problem by forcing the  Crunchyroll app to download the newest version.

Crunchyroll Desktop Solutions

It is often found that the choppy playback is the result of Crunchyroll’s desktop video player when you use Adobe Flash as its base framework. Whereas, buffering problems in the app on desktop browsers can be linked to an issue with an internet connection.  

Flash has been a powerhouse for online services for many years. But the general adoption of HTML5 as a video player framework has led to most desktop internet browsers phasing out. There is even an entire drop in their support system for plugins like mobile browsers have done in the past. These reasons may also include why  Crunchyroll video streaming cannot be done through a mobile device’s browser. This is why Android and iOS devices no longer support Flash. Thus, many new users on newer computers are experiencing choppy playback.

As Adobe plans to retire the Flash plugin in 2020, the crunch has announced that the site is preparing an official HTML5 video player for its users in place of Adobe. However, we’re left with no other option other than the unofficial HTML5 player until the release of the official version. Official windows10 Crunchyroll app can be used by those who have windows 10 installed on their computers. You can download these features using the Firefox, Chrome, and Windows 10 app stores. This can be found by searching ‘Crunchyroll’.

The Crunchyroll site will stream through unofficial player sites after installing the browser app. These methods may resolve the choppy playback problem completely.

The article above is all about the ways of resolving the issues that are often found while running the Crunchyroll app on your device. Choppy Playback is the major issue. But you don’t have to panic. Follow the above possible ways to resolve your problems with the Crunchyroll app.