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Engineering Research in Kenshi

How to Get Engineering Research in Kenshi?

Kenshi is a free-roaming squad-based RPG that gives players the freedom to do whatever they want in the game world instead of forcing them to follow a linear storyline. So in order to have a self-sustaining base, you need to set up a research bench and start an item called engineering research for advanced research.

In-short you can get Engineerung Research in Kenshi from:

  • The Scraphouse
  • Travel and Repair shops
  • Workshops with Feeble Defense

What is Engineering Research?

Engineering Research is an item in Kenshi. It has the tags Unique and Research Artifact. These Unique items can not be spawned from the random spawn system. There is a limit to the number of items that can be spawned and they are usually related to construction material. Engineering Research has a red in-game icon and requires 4 small squares in the inventory space. Its price is fixed at 8000 Cats.

Engineering Research in Kenshi

Cats can be acquired from selling loots to merchants, they can also be found in the inventory of other characters during loots or raids. They can be used to buy items, hire assassins, and so on. The player you choose at the beginning of the game will begin with a certain number of Cats and it depends on the type of player you have chosen.

Where to find Engineering Research in the Kenshi Game?

Engineering Research is an important aspect, and can be found in different locations using Artifacts systems like Ancient Labs. Ancient labs were once a part of advanced and functional civilization but they are now dilapidated ruins. But you might still come across mechanical army troops roaming the rubble of these labs.

They can be found in Narkos’ Trap, Burning Forest Lab, the Crater Labs, Crumbling Labs, and many more. It is almost certain that you might find engineering research at an old workshop ruin. The post-ancient workshops, deadlands workshop, and workshop complex-all these workshops have a chance of offering you Engineering Research.

You simply need to locate these workshops on the map and then loot the Storage units of these workshops. But you have to remember that these areas have a strong defense. You might also come across security spider bots at such places. You will come across guard robots in the deadlands too.

So if you are not keen on running straight into security bots and guards, you can look for the Engineering research at the following places:

1. Purchase one from the Scraphouse

You can locate the Black Desert City on the map. Next to this city, there is a store. It sells valuable, rare, and exotic items of the game. If you have acid rain protection and 8000 Cats ready at hand, you can almost certainly find Engineering Research lying in their stock to be bought. Just go to Scraphouse, to the second story of the building and just buy it from the shopkeeper.

2. Purchase one from the Travel and Repair shops

This is one of the tech hunters’ shops that sells maps, travel items, and robot limbs. It is possible to find these shops in Squin, Flats Lagoon or World’s End.  It offers many items like common items of ration packs, standard first aid kits, etc. It also trades in rare and uncommon items.

It can also spawn Artifacts but they are not listed. These Artifacts are not respawned when the shops are restocked. Flats Lagoon and World’s End spawn Artifacts so you have the highest chance of finding the Engineering Research item here.

3. Workshops with Feeble Defense

There are still some ancient workshops that do not have much security. You can loot these workshops for the Engineering Research item. In the area labeled as The Grid, where you can find two such workshops with feeble defense. This is the swamp area of the South-west.

There is another such workshop that is completely unguarded in the northwest. You can go to the Purple Sands area and look for this ancient workshop there to loot and get your Engineering Research item. You will have to search the area in these ruins to find engineering research.

You might need to be skilled in lockpicking as well since the Engineering research is found mostly in locked containers and safes in the storage. If you wish to open your spoils of the raid, then you are going to need to be able to open these crates to get the Engineering research.

Once you have the engineering research, you will be able to set up a self-sustaining base that will prevent you from wasting your time running errands and focus on your goal.

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