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How to Get Hildryn in Warframe

How to Get Hildryn in Warframe? [2022]

Get Hildryn in Warframe: Hildryn is one of the best Warframes who was released in the 2019 update of the Warframe. She is the second Warframe that can be obtained by the big Fortuna world. To get Hildryn we need to farm her blueprints first which can be obtained by completing different missions.

Getting the Blueprints

Getting the blueprints of Hildryn isn’t very tough. One must complete all the missions and defeat the Exploiter orb multiple times.

To acquire the blueprints of Hildryn, one must obtain the highest rank in the Solaris United Syndicate. To buy blueprints from Little Duck, we need to farm an extra 5,000 standing points as well.

We can also get blueprints while fighting and killing the Exploiter Orb as well.

Blueprints that drop during the fight are

  • System blueprints: 22.56%
  • Chassis blueprints: 38.72%
  • Neuroplastic blueprints: 38.72%

To get all 3 kinds of blueprints one needs at least 8 runs. It can be beneficial farming  exploiter Orb over and over as it has a lot of different drops.

Crafting Requirements for Hildryn

Some resources required to craft Hildryn can only be obtained from Orb Vallis. Other resources are mostly uncommon and can be obtained from the planets.

  • 70000 credits: this can be obtained easily by doing some Dark Sector missions.
  • The Index
    • 2300 Rubedo: you can run some dark sector missions or the index if you run short on cash.
  • 1600 Circuits: This is an uncommon resource that is found on lots of planets.
  • 1500 Plastids: this is also an uncommon resource found on planets.
  • 95 Gorgaricus spore: this resource is found everywhere known as orb Vallis resource. You have to look for a purple fruit hanging from giant mushrooms.
  • 90 Thermal Sludge: this is a reward from Fortuna V boundaries.  You can check inside the buildings.
  • 85 Mytocardia Spore: this is another Orb Vallis resource.
  • 6 Lazulite Toroid: This is a guaranteed drop from the Exploiter orb.
  • 3 Orokin Cell: This resource can be found on Ceres.
  • 2 Nitain Extract: you can buy it from Nightwave shops.
  • 2 Tellurium: archwing mission can give you this.
  • 1 Argon Crystal: these crystals in the game dropped by enemies during Orokin Void.

You have to be patient and need knowledge to firm Hildryn. It may become boring and more disappointing to go through Fortuna. Hope this article will help you move ahead in the game and now you can easily get Get Hildryn in Warframe.

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