How To Get More Gems in Cooking Fever? [5 Cool Ways]

Cooking Fever is one of the greatest games for cooking lovers. Most girls play this game all over the world, so this game has its own value. This game was developed by Nordcurrent in 2014. It’s available on almost every platform.

In this cooking game, the player has to handle so many restaurants and make food, drinks, and more. After that, they also have to serve food and drinks to their customers and earn money.

So this is how the game actually works. There are also some Games like Cooking Fever that you can actually try if you are frustrated with this.

But in this game, making coins is quite easy but on the other hand, making diamonds is quite tough. So you may feel frustrated at the beginning when you only have a few restaurants open.

After that game’s entry, many loopholes are used to gain coins and gems. But at present, the developers have fixed most of the issues that are used as hacks.

Currently, one can easily get as many gems as they want, but you have to spend money on it on Google Play Store. But if you are not like to do that, there are still some hopes or points that you can focus on to get a good number of gems. Now let’s see those cool methods.

Steps to Get More Gems in Cooking Fever

  1. For the first 7 days, you have to return to the game for your Welcome Back Reward, and then you will gonna receive 2 gems/per day for playing the game.
  2. Try to increase your XP or Experience Points as much as you can. Every time you higher an Experience point, you will be rewarded with coins and gems. You can max earn 7 gems per level. So try to increase your XP regularly.
  3. Last but not least, you should play the casino just after claiming your Daily Income from your restaurants. Every 12 hours, you can win 15 gems, so 30 gems in a day you can win through it. But you need enough coins to get these 30 gems per day.

So these are some possible tricks or points that you can use to get a good amount of Gems per day in the Cooking Fever game.

20-40 gems or more you can easily make with these processes, and to make more, you have to put more extra effort. You can also buy the gems with your real money from Google Play.

We hope you like these steps; if you are a newbie, then don’t be frustrated you just have to play it on a regular basis and follow the above steps to increase the number of gems.

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