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How to Get more Settlers in Fallout 4

How to Get more Settlers in Fallout 4?

Getting more settlers in Fallout 4 will take time but, you can deftly speed that up with some good tricks. And if you can learn the rudiments and tricks, then you can increase your population readily.

Once you are able to scrap the junk and build a settlement, your settlement will thrive. And if you have enough settlers, then you can do all the other essential works. Therefore, it is recommendable to rally people to come to your settlement as it is the foremost part of the game.

You will have ten settlers and an extra settler for every point you have in Charisma by default. But the recruitment beacon won’t attract many settlers. You have to recruit more colonists for this purpose.

Some steps that will help you to get more settlers in fallout 4 are as follows:

1. Be sure about the Perfect Settlement

You must ensure that your settlement is a happy one, and then only you will be able to get more. To make your settlement happy, you must make sure that all the basic necessities are readily available to them. Also, be sure that your settlement has enough water pumps, beds and everyone gets food. This option is the best way to get more settlers in Fallout 4.

2. Try to Plant more and more Food

Food is a chief requirement in every settlement. Make sure that you have the minimum required amount of food, depending on the number of settlers. Set a goal to plant more food in your settlement so that settlers get attracted by your setup. You can also create a workshop bench in the encampment, and then you can enter the workshop mode and select resources and food.

Then, you can choose the option – plants to grow in your settlement. The plants will produce a certain amount of food. Therefore, assign a few settlers to harvest the food planted by you once it gets ready for harvesting.

3. Get Enough Water

Water is a primary requirement of any settler. Nobody would like to stay thirsty, and hence you have to make proper arrangements to have enough water. You can make these arrangements by entering the workshop mode.

There you will find water under the resources option. Click on the water pump and other water producing machines. Make sure that you place the water pumps on the given locations of your settlement so that the settlers get sufficient water.

4. Arrange Enough Beds to make Accommodation for more Settlers

Another chief requirement is the availability of beds. Though some settlements already have beds, and you might not need extra beds, the other accommodation has fewer beds than required. Therefore, it is better to make arrangements for some more beds.

In order to do this, you can go to the workshop mode and have a watch on the number of available beds. Then you can decide on the number of extra beds that you need to make. Always make sure that you have enough beds, as one settler requires one bed and the more beds you get, the more settlers you can attract.

5. Transfer your Settlers between the Settlements you have

This one is a way that is only applicable to the players who own more than one settlement in the commonwealth. You can enter the workshop mode. There you can find a settler whom you want to transfer and then click on the move option. You can select the preferred settlement, and then you will be able to move your settlers.

6. Get a Recruitment Radio Beacon

This step can help you to broadcast the recruitment calls of radio beacon over the commonwealth and rally new troops into your settlement. In order to do this, you can go to the build menu, click on the power section and then on the miscellaneous section and there, you can see the recruitment beacon.

After doing all these, you can find a better location in your settlement to place the beacon. You can then head to the power section from the build menu and get a generator to power up the beacon. You can press Space to connect the generator to the recruitment radio beacon by a wire.

After getting sure about the connection of the recruitment radio beacon to the power, it will start broadcasting recruitment calls. You have to use other ways to attract more settlers as the recruitment beacon will not attract as many settlers.

7. Get proper Defence for your Settlement

It is crucial to have a defence strategy to survive in the wastelands. In order to attract more settlers, your sanctuary needs to have a better defence system. Also, you will be vulnerable to attacks by radioactive creatures. If you have a weak defence system, hostile raiders are ready to claim a spoil of war.

Therefore, always ensure that your settlement has a proper defence strategy. It is essential to build guard posts or towers in your settlement, and then you can select a few settlers and assign them to the guard posts. You can also give the settlers new weapons and ammo to help out whenever the raider attacks.

Some Other Facts & Tips

Once you build your settlements, they can be personalised accordingly. You can place more buildings and structures inside. Furniture, decorations and lights are for aesthetic purposes. But, outside these structures the players will not be able to plant crops, create water and power supplies and then tend to the defensive needs of the new settlements.

The players can scrap the most interactive inventory items to accumulate more resources for their settlements. These settlements require constant maintenance and more functions like crop harvesting. Without proper maintenance, crops may fail and equipment will require repair over time. The sole survivor can build and manage their settlements in Fallout 4 at various places around the commonwealth.

The players are also able to construct their own home as they desire by placing and connecting prefabricated structures in the workshop interface. It is also possible to establish supply lines between settlements to share resources and inventories.

Therefore, this is all about the settlements in Fallout 4 and the ways to attract more settlers. I hope that this article will provide you with all the necessary facts about the same.

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