How to get Plasteel in Rimworld?

How To Get Plasteel in Rimworld? [Step by Step Guide]

In Rimworld, plasteel is a versatile material and also the most durable and strongest one. It is used for various purposes, not just construction as many objects need plasteel to be created in different quantities.

But there’s a catch. Plasteel is quite rare in Rimworld and finding it or its source can be a headache for the new players. Here are some of the uses of Plasteel and where to find it in Rimworld.

It is sort of a late-gem item. Still, it is quite an important and useful item even at the early stages of the game. Here is how you can find it in the Vanilla game of Rimworld. You can also use mods from the Steam workshop which will allow you to change the game and create newer methods of finding this material.

There are mainly five ways to gain Plasteel in Rimworld as following:

  • Mining Compact Plasteel
  • Trading with other factions
  • Disassembling fallen mechanoids
  • Underground mining with a deep drill
  • Plasteel meteorite drop

1. Mining Compact Plasteel from Mountain Deposits

This is the easiest method of gaining plasteel. It is simple but you’ll have to be in some luck too. Compacted plasteel might not be available on the generated map area so you have to choose a bigger map, the largest one available when you generate a game world. Then colonise a mountainous area.

Strip mine the mountains to extract materials. If the area you have colonised does not bring any plasteel, then you can colonise other regions  on the map and keep mining till you find plasteel. Then you can return to your main base, having secured an almost limitless supply of this valuable material.

2. Trading With Other Factions For Silver Or Other Items

So there are different options available to you if you choose this method.

a. Trading Caravans

You can easily trade your items with other factions to get plasteel. There will be trading caravans coming through your colony. You can send your colonist with the highest social skill to negotiate with the trading group and get you a good deal.

The only one in the group you can talk with to trade will have a question mark over their head so they’re easy to locate. It is possible that they might not have plasteel to offer. Such is often the case with tribal traders. So make sure you have information on the group you’re about to trade with.

b. Send your colonist to trade with other factions

You can directly send your colonist as an ambassador with a message seeking to trade with the other factions you’re friendly with via world menu. For this, you first have to open this world menu and pick your settlement.

Then establish a caravan as the main base and plan the routes of colonists and animals for this journey to present a trade offer to other factions.

You must include the necessities of a journey such as food for the colonists to take along with them. You must also give them silver or other valuable items as plasteel is quite desirable material and thus can be expensive.

c. Trade with passing ships through Comms console

If you have researched enough technology, then in the later part of the game you will have an option to acquire a comms console. Once powered, it will allow you to find out about the passing trading ships overhead and you can strike a trade deal with them to get plasteel.

Then you can send your colonist as a negotiator who will contact the trading ship through the comms console. You will require an orbital trading beacon set up in the stockpile if you wish to employ this method of getting plasteel and trade items from your colony.

3. Disassembling Fallen Mechanoids on the Machining Table

Even the defeated mechanoids can come in use. Defeat some mechanoids around the region where your colonist can reach. Then you can disassemble their parts on the machining table.

All mechanoids have some amount of Plasteel in them. The lesser the missing parts of the mechanoid, the more Plasteel you will gain while its disassembly. You might occasionally come across an “ancient danger” warning buried in mountains or walls. This region will have most mechanoids like sythers or insects.

You can repeatedly settle in new locations, find ancient dangers, defeat some mechanoids, disassemble them and extract plasteel from them. It’s a lot like a mining method. You might get attacked by mechanoids too. If you can defend yourself, you will actually end up earning some Plasteel from their raid.

4. Underground Mining with a Deep Drill

Through your Rimworld Research tree, you can stumble across a deep drill. It will allow you to mine large amounts of Plasteel underground. You can create a Ground Penetrating Scanner to locate a store of plasteel underground and use your deep drill on this location. You can assign your colonists a mining job.

They will then work with the deep drill when they don’t have any other task at hand. If you’re lucky, you might find a whole network of ore veins in the map area. You might accidentally break an insect nest with the deep drill but if you have come so far in the game to get a deep drill, a small infestation is not that big of a deal.

5. Plasteel Meteorite Drop

This happens randomly and you might get many different kinds of materials from these fallen meteorites. It is, however, a double edged sword as it might also destroy your base but if you’re lucky enough to survive it, you will get a huge amount of valuable materials from these meteorites.

Apart from plasteel, you might even find silver, gold or uranium. But this is quite rare so don’t consider it an emergency backup plan.

So these are the possible ways which you can try to get more Plasteel in Rimworld game. Hope you guys enjoyed it, if yes then please don’t forget to share this with your friends, and for more stay connected with us.