How To get Someone's IP from Discord?

How To get Someone’s IP from Discord?

Are you wondering how it’s possible to get someone’s IP from Discord? Is it possible at all? Even if these questions come to mind, you should not get the IP if the account user doesn’t allow you. It’s illegal. However, you can find the IP from someone’s account to some extent to track him/her. Let’s see how.

Possibilities of getting someone’s IP from Discord

How’s it possible to get someone’s IP from Discord? No, it’s not possible to get the IP directly from Discord. It’s advisable – ‘DO NOT HACK SOMEONE’S IP FROM DISCORD ‘ it’s illegal after all.

But some people use tricks by sending various links in chats and try to find out the IP address. These links are often turned out to be legal. The person thus can check the visitor’s IP address and keep track of that person.

These incidents are common on other social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, WhatsApp, and others. Beware of these links. It would be better if you avoid these links without clicking them. The hackers will try to hack your account by doing these things.

Discord IP resolver – What is it? Can you truly find the IP of someone’s account using it?

It’s a wrong concept that you can find someone’s IP by using this tool. However, this tool pretends to find someone’s IP from Discord but all efforts will be in vain in the end. Wireshark is one of those IP resolvers which gain fake beliefs from the people assuring them to resolve the IP address of someone else’s account.

Ignore these rumors. No IP resolver can find the IP from someone’s account.

Ban IP from Discord

If you find anyone who is not cooperating with you, ignoring all the terms and conditions of your platform, you can simply remove them or block them. They will not be able to get access to your server further.

A few steps are given, you can go through them to find out what to do in these situations. 

  • FIRST, open the app Discord
  • SECONDLY, sign in to the app using the credentials required.
  • THIRDLY, look for the user whom you want to ban.
  • FOURTHLY, if hosted on text or VoIP channels – you’ll be able to see it by yourself.
  • FIFTHLY, right-click on the account name. You will see a drop-down menu on the screen.
  • SIXTHLY, there will be an option ‘ban’. Click on it. There will be a pop-up menu showing a notification to delete the comments of the banned user. You can also enter the reasons why you banned the user.
  • SEVENTHLY, lastly, click on the ban button. They’ll not be able to access your server.

Thus, you can simply get over it. Follow the above steps.

Ways to Find Someone’s IP Address

You may have your reasons to find out the IP address of someone. The reasons may be personal or official. To create a secure connection, it’s often necessary to find someone’s IP Address. If it is essential or necessary to find out someone’s IP address, then you can follow the given steps.

  • Directly ask them – Ask the user to give you his IP address. Searching on google about the IP address, someone can have it. Copy and paste the address. That’s it.
  • Use command prompts on Windows devices – You can use command prompts to find the IP address of any website. On the DOS screen, type ‘ping’.

By following these methods, you can have the IP address of the account.

Discord – is it safe from hackers?

Discord is a safe app. Even the security level is stronger than it was before. Just don’t click on unknown links sent by someone. Hackers create many links to find someone’s IP Address. Also never share personal information with strangers or even friends. Always be careful while adding a bot. Let’s discuss the security level of Discord.

  • IP Security Level

Your Discord IP address is well secured. Discord has more authentication methods. Some of them are given below.

  • Two-factor Authentication

This method adds extra security to the account. If you have completed the Two-Factor Authentication mode, then you have to give an authentication code every time you enter the app.

  • Email Verification

If anyone is trying to log in from a different IP address, then an email verification is required. They will not be able to get into your account as long as your email address is not with them.

  • Streamer Mode

The Streamer mode is a special feature of Discord. This mode helps the user to hide sensitive information like passwords, email addresses, and invite links. You can open OBS / Xsplits without any obstacles.

One should never try to hack someone’s IP address. It’s illegal. If you get caught, you will face trouble. Also, it is advisable not to click on the doubtful links sent by someone. This may expose your IP address. Hackers are always ready to hack you. They are just eagerly waiting for the opportunity. Don’t give them the chance!