how to record screen on windows 10 Pc without software.

how to record screen on windows 10 Pc without software.

many of us these days like to record our screen on windows pc for various activities and for that we install many third party tools and software which take up system space and can also slow down our system speed over time with increasing CPU resources. but what if we can do that just using a built- in-tool and not installing any third party software on our pc.

to do this we have a built-in-tool in our pc , which many of our may be knowing but never used it’s the game bar.

the game bar is a built-in-tool that can record,broadcast game but it can be also used to record screen also.

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how to do it

to get to the game bar , search for game bar in the search menu and click on you will be in the game bar settings window.

how to record screen on windows 10 Pc without software. 1

as of now, you are in the game bar settings window, just enable the record game clips, screenshots and broadcast using Game bar slider and also enable the “open Game bar using this button on a controller” to open games from your controller.

you can also open Game bar with a simple shortcut, which is the windows key + G.

but before starting to record screen make sure your audio options have been tuned according to your preferences.

when you click the start recording option, you will be getting a message of that”Gaming features aren’t available for window desktop or file explorer. to start desktop launch game and then select desktop during your stream setup”.

but don’t worry .you just need to enable the gaming feature for this app to record gameplay to make this feature work. to start/stop recording you can use the default win+alt+R shortcut or can set up your custom shortcut.

some of the game bar shortcuts are as below: logo key + G opens Game bar logo key+Alt + print screen : takes screenshot of your game logo key +Alt +R: start or stop screen.

4. windows logo key +alt + M: start or stop microphone recording

5. windows logo key + Alt + B: start or pause broadcast

this how you can record screen in windows 10 using Game bar.

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