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How to Record Screen on Windows 10 PC without Software

How to Record Screen on Windows 10 PC without Software?

Many of us these days like to record our Screen on windows pc for various activities.

For that, we install many third-party tools and software which take up system space and can also slow down our system speed.

But what if we can do that just using a built- in-tool and not installing any third-party software on our PC.

To do this, we have a built-in tool in our PC, which many of us maybe know but never used it though it’s the game bar.

A game bar is a built-in tool that can record and broadcast games, but it can also Record Screen.

So here’s how you can Record your Screen on Windows 10 without any Software.

  1. Click on the windows key and the G key.
  2. A pop-up box asking, “Would you like to open the Game bar?” will appear on the screen.
  3. Click on the “yes, this is a game.” option.
  4. Now choose the record option from the Xbox game bar. You can also try the shortcut key combination by default Windows Key + Alt + R to start the screen recording.
  5. You can stop the recording using the same button on the game bar or the same shortcut key combination.

While the screen is being recorded, a small timer will appear on the screen that will keep you informed about the length of the screen recording.

You can also turn on or off the microphone from the microphone icon beside the timer.

After the recording has finished, it will appear in the captures folder in the default Videos folder of your device

How To Record Screen on Windows 10 PC without Software?

If you wish to record the windows 10 PC screen, you can take the help of the Xbox game bar. You do not need to install any third-party software on your device to record the screen.

Before I tell you the steps for recording, ensure that the game DVR is enabled. It is usually enabled on new devices, but if it is not or you have disabled it, go to settings and go to the gaming section.

Then click on the game bar option. Here, turn on the Xbox game bar feature that will enable you to record game clips and other options. 

To get to the game bar, search for the game bar in the search menu and click on it. Now you will be in the game bar settings window.

Record Screen on Windows 10 PC without Software

As of now, you are in the game bar settings window, just enable the record game clips, screenshots and broadcast using the Game bar slider and also enable the “Open Game bar using this button on a Controller” to open games from your controller.

You can also open the Game bar with a simple shortcut, which is the windows key + G.

But before starting to record screen make sure your audio options have been tuned according to your preferences.

When you click the start recording option, you will be getting a message that “Gaming features aren’t available for window desktop or file explorer to start desktop launch game and then select desktop during your stream setup”.

But don’t worry, you just need to enable the gaming feature for this app to record gameplay to make this feature work. To start/stop recording you can use the default win+alt+R shortcut or can set up your custom shortcut.

How To Record Screen On Windows 10 without Xbox Game Bar?

If you are unable to record the screen of your Windows PC through the game bar feature then there is another way you can record the screen without installing any third-party software on your device.

Windows usually come with a Microsoft Suite and you can use Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 to record the screen. 

You can simply go to the Microsoft PowerPoint presentation and choose a template of your choice. Then follow the steps listed below to record the screen of your Windows 10 PC:

  1. Click on the Insert tab. Go to the media column at the extreme right which has the “video”, “audio” and “screen recording” options.
  2. Click on the Screen Recording option. 
  3. You will then be able to select the area of the screen you wish to record
  4. There will be a small dialog box at the top center of the screen from where you can choose whether you wish the audio and mouse pointer to be included in the screen recording or not. 
  5. Once you start the audio, you will get a three-second countdown before the recording begins. The dialog box will disappear after a few seconds from the beginning of the recording.
  6. You can then hover the cursor over the top center where the dialog box had appeared and click on the square button to stop the recording. You can also use the shortcut key to start, pause or stop the screen recording.
  7. Once you stop the recording, it will be added to the slide in the PowerPoint Presentation.
  8. When the recording is added to the slide, a new tab will appear in the menu ribbon called “format”. You can choose to edit the appearance and tint among other things of the screen recording. 
  9. There will be another tab called “playback” when the recording is selected which will allow you to make other edits on the recording such as trimming, fade in/out, and so on.
  10. If you wish to save the recording on the device then right-click on the recording and choose the “save media as” option from the context menu. It will then be saved in the MP4 format in the desired folder.

How To Pause Screen Recording in Windows 10?

If you are recording the screen using the Xbox game bar menu, then you can not pause the screen recording. You can only start or stop the screen recording through the toolbar options or use the shortcut keys.

You can capture screenshots of the screen if you wish to capture any specific moment.

You can stop the recording when you do not wish to record the screen and make a new recording to start again.

You can trim the recording later too. But the game Bar recording will not allow you to make any advanced edits. You can only make simple screen recordings with this feature.

If you are recording the screen through Microsoft PowerPoint then you can pause the screen recording. When you start the recording, the start button will become the pause button.

If you wish to pause the recording, you can simply click on the pause button or use the shortcut keys and click on the same button to resume the recording.

The recording will stop if you click on the button on the right side of the pause option- the solid square option. After you stop the recording, it will appear on the slide and you can save it from there.

Some of the Game Bar Shortcuts:

  1. Windows logo key + G open Game bar
  2. Windows logo key + Alt + print screen: takes a screenshot of your game
  3. Windows logo key + Alt +R: start or stop screen.
  4. Windows logo key + Alt + M: start or stop microphone recording
  5. Windows logo key + Alt + B: start or pause the broadcast

This is how you can record the screen in windows 10 using the Game bar.

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Last Verdict

So, to record your screen on Windows 10 without any apps or software you can follow these steps.

If You have any questions please comment below we will definitely help you there. To get more posts like this stay connected with us.

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