How To Setup Blue Yeti Microphone

How To Setup Blue Yeti Microphone? [Full Guide]

I believe that all streamers and gamers have struggled a lot before they have realized that the Blue Yeti microphone is the best choice on the market for them. This amazing mic was released more than a decade ago, and it seems like it still doesn’t have a good competition because it is sold out all the time.

It’s definitely the best budget streaming mic considering the price and value that it brings. And yet, hundreds of popular streamers and gamers sweat setting it up!

If you are someone who has just bought this Blue Yeti microphone, and you are not 100% sure what is the best way to connect it to your computer and set it up, you are in the right place. The Blue Yeti Microphone requires an installation process, and although everything is pretty easy to handle, the whole setup process may be confusing for beginners. 

For that reason, we have created a thorough guide that will help you set up your microphone with any problems in a matter of just a few minutes.

What Software do I need to Install?

To install the Blue Yeti Microphone to your PC or laptop, you will have to download the official Blue Yeti driver software; otherwise, everything will be much more complicated.

This driver can be easily downloaded from the official Blue Yeti website, and you will be able to install it with a few simple clicks on “OK.”

After you have downloaded and successfully installed the driver to your device, you should be able to connect your microphone, but make sure to do it with the original USB cable that came with it.

When you connect it this way, you need to open the “Downloads” folder and find the “Blue Yeti” installation file. After the installation has finished, you can close the window and continue with the setup process.

How to Setup the Blue Yeti Microphone on Windows Devices?

After you have finished this simple installation process of your driver and your microphone, you should go to your Desktop. Here you will find a simple speaker icon in the right corner of your Windows toolbar. The window will present you with several options, but the one that you need is called “Sound.”

After you click on the “Sound” option, you will be presented with four more tasks, and you need to choose the “Playback” option. In this window, you will see all of the devices that have been or are currently connected to your PC. The one you need to choose is the “Blue Yeti Mic” that should be the first one on the list too. You should make sure this mic is set as a default playback device and that no other devices have this license

Now, when you click on the “Blue Yeti Mic” again, you will be able to open the “Properties” tab that will provide you with dozens of different options. 

Here you should choose the “Advanced” button and check what applications are allowed on this device. The “Exclusive Mode” will show you all the applications that are allowed on the device currently, and you should make sure to uncheck all of them if you want your microphone to start working properly. After unchecking all of these apps, click on the “Apply” and then on the “OK” button.

However, this guide works only for Windows devices, so you will need to go through a completely different process if you have a Mac computer or laptop.

How to Setup the Blue Yeti Microphone on Mac Devices?

The installation process on all Mac devices is a bit different, so you will need to follow this short guide if you have this device. However, the starting point is the same, and you need to download the official Blue Yeti driver from their website

Blue Yeti also needs to be connected to your Mac computer or laptop through the original USB cable, and make sure you never use some replacement for it because it can create problems both with the mic and with your device.

After you have successfully connected and installed your Blue Yeti Microphone to the device, you should open your regular Apple System Preferences in the Menu bar. Here you will see the simple “Sound” button, and by clicking on it, you will be provided with dozens of different features and options. The main menus you need to pay attention to are the Input and Output ones. 

In both of these tabs, you will have to choose the Blue Yeti microphone as your preferred one and make sure there are no other microphones with the same license at the moment. 

After you have checked these tabs, you should be able to use your Blue Yeti microphone without any problems.

How to Setup the Blue Yeti Microphone for Use?

Now that you have successfully installed and set up the Blue Yeti microphone on your PC or laptop, we will show you the easiest way to set it up for use. I would recommend following this process carefully if you want to get the best sound and be sure that you won’t face any problems during your streams or podcasts.

The first thing you need to do is “activate the cardioid pattern” because this one gives the best results no matter what you plan on doing. Make sure all the things that may cause different sounds are far away from the microphone; otherwise, it may pick up on some sounds you don’t want to include in the recording.

The other thing you need to take care of is that you are not way too close to the mic, so there won’t be anything you need to take care of is to not be way too close to the mic, so there won’t be any murmuring in the recording.

The gain knob should also be very low, especially if you are streaming with someone because you don’t want background noise to ruin your whole experience. I would also recommend using a very silent room, and overall a place where you know there is good isolation and noise from the street won’t be heard at all.

The best thing you can do for your whole gaming and podcasting experience is actually to download the Blue Sherpa software that is made specifically for this microphone. It will allow you to control the whole process, eliminate the noise and manage the input and output levels. This software really has all you may need for a successful and enjoyable experience, so I advise you to get the most use out of it.

What is the Best way to use the Blue Yeti Microphone?

Even though the Blue Yeti microphone is an amazing device and it can provide you with a high-quality sound on its own. However, you can make the experience a lot better and more enjoyable if you decide to connect your Blue Yeti mic to some of the audio software that will allow you to create the sound that you want.

Basically, every audio software on the market is compatible with this microphone, so you can choose among dozens of different ones and find the one that suits your needs the best. 

Some of the best audio software that other Blue Yeti users seem to absolutely adore are Garageband, Audacity, and Studio One Artist. They are loved both by streamers and gamers but also by podcasters because they allow you to manipulate the sound, eliminate the background noise, and cut all the recordings that don’t seem to fit in well.

The Blue Yeti Company also recommends using some of these software because they are 100% compatible with their devices, and they can really help you elevate your recordings to a whole different level.

How does the Blue Yeti Microphone work?

Even though there is some microphone that requires batteries in order to be able to work well, this is not the case with your Blue Yeti microphone. Since this is a USB condenser microphone, it doesn’t need a battery in order to work.

This type of mic drives all of its power from a bus voltage, and you can control the voltage levels by the red LED light on your mic. As long as this light is shining, your microphone will have enough power to work.

How many Polar Patterns does the Blue Yeti Microphone have?

Just like most other popular streaming microphones, the Blue Yeti Microphone also has four polar patterns, and you can choose the one that works the best for you. This microphone provides you with stereo mode, cardioid mode, omnidirectional and bi-directional mode, so it has a lot of options for streamers, gamers, and podcasters.

However, the cardioid mode will provide you with the sound of the highest quality, and it will definitely work the best no matter what you are planning to do with this mic.

How High should be the Gain on the Blue Yeti Microphone?

Since the Blue Yeti Microphone tends to pick up on all sorts of sounds, I believe you should take a lot of control when it comes to the gain settings and make sure to keep them as low as possible.

How High should be the Gain on the Blue Yeti Microphone

The higher the gain is, the more sounds the mic will pick up on, and you definitely don’t want that. For that reason, I recommend keeping the gain settings on a 0, or at least as low as it is possible.

So we believe now you have learned most of the things about this Microphone. If you have any questions or suggestions please let us know. And for more helpful posts stay connected with us.