know if someone unfriend on snapchat

How To Tell If Someone Unadded You on Snapchat?

Snapchat is a highly used social media application that helps you connect with your friends, family, and people all around the globe. You can easily change the looks of any picture, swap with your friends, create your emoji, and get some amazing effects as per your choice. This application requires a simple one-tap to create your customized effect.

When it comes to finding out who deleted you from Snapchat, the application does not reveal it directly to the user. There are several strategies by which you can understand why someone has deleted or unfriended you. But none of the strategies are easy to perform, there are no options for you that will provide you the list of people, so the procedure is not straightforward and takes a lot of time.

In order to detect who removed you on Snapchat is not easy, hence this article will guide you and help you to resolve this issue.

Top 3 steps to follow when someone deletes you from Snapchat

1. Search Your Friend

First, type the name of your friend in the search tab, if you cannot find that particular person then it indicates that he or she has deleted or unfriended you from the friend’s list.

2. Snapchat score

If you have friends on Snapchat, you will find the Snapchat score of any friend and also the total number of snaps that are sent and received. If the number is not displayed in the case of any friend, it shows that that particular friend might have deleted you from their friend list. A user can also hide their Snapchat score based on the privacy settings that are enabled on their account.

3. Snap status

Every friend on your friend list will have a snap status, if you can see the snap status of any of your friends then it indicates that that particular friend has not blocked you on Snapchat. However, if it shows pending or if the arrow allocated next to anyone’s username appears gray, you will understand that the friend has deleted you from their friend list.

The above points will surely help you to understand whether you have been deleted or unfriended by anyone. A person has the right to unfriend or delete any of a friend depending upon their reason. If you have any other doubts regarding this process, you can send an inquiry to Snapchat customer support and check the application settings.

So guys, in these way you can tell if someone delete you or unfriend you on Snapchat. Follow these instruction and you will fix the problems definitely. To get more posts like this keep following us.

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