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How to Track a Stolen Nintendo Switch?

How to Track a Stolen Nintendo Switch? [Explained Here]

Nintendo Switch offers a great convenience, that is, its portability. You can take it with you wherever you go, just like the setter of Nekoma – Kenma Kozume from Haikyu. But of course, there’s always a chance that if you carry it around, it can lead to it being lost or worse, stolen. 

It’s a scary proposition, yes, but hey, you can be prepared for it! As they say, there’s no harm in hoping for the best as long as you’re prepared for the best! So read more to find out how you can track a stolen Nintendo Switch.

In a nutshell, you have to contact Nintendo’s customer support and give them the serial number of your stolen console. Then Nintendo will be able to see when the thief last went online, using the IP address of the location of the console.

You can give over to the police the serial number of your console, the IP address Nintendo told you, and as many other details as possible.

Keep reading if you would like to find out more details about tracking a stolen Switch, or how you would be able to deactivate a lost Switch, or how to figure out if your Switch is stolen and what will happen if you lose a Switch cartridge.

How Can You Track A Nintendo Switch?

Knowing the serial number of your Nintendo Switch is the most important thing you need for tracking your console.

This serial number is usually found next to the USB-C port at the bottom of the Switch and it can also be found at the System Settings in the Settings menu of the console itself. 

If you don’t know the serial number and your console has been stolen, then probably you are lucky enough to still have its packaging box within reach.

You will see that at the bottom of the box too, you can also find the serial number of your Nintendo Switch model.

In case you haven’t lost the box too but you bought your console from a retailer, then head over to the store from where you bought the console as at least they should have its serial number in their records.

Once you have the serial number,  you can then contact Nintendo’s customer support, give them your serial number, and they then will be able to check when was the last time the console has been connected to the internet.

They will then also be able to see the IP address as well as the city it is in and that should be the same place the thief is at as well.

Now that you have received all this information from Nintendo, you can head over straight to the police and file your report by giving them the latest information you acquired from Nintendo.

But also add all the details you know already such as what your console looks like, when and where did it get stolen, what else has been stolen with it, what games did you have on it, and so on – the more details you give, the better.

What if you also happen to have your credit card connected to your Nintendo account? Then you have to make sure to disconnect it as soon as possible in order to prevent the thief from using it for paying to purchase the games. Here’s how you can unlink your credit card from the Nintendo account:

How To Unlink a Credit Card From Nintendo Switch?

  1. You must log in to your account over at
  2. Next, you have to click on the Shop Menu.
  3. Then you have to find your credit card there and once you spot it, click on Delete.

How Can You Track A Nintendo Switch?

Unfortunately, the Nintendo Switch does not have any sort of an included tracking solution. On the brighter side, there are many solutions that you can purchase online. 

There is a mini device that can be attached to your Switch which connects with a mobile app and informs you of the whereabouts of your Switch using Bluetooth tracking.

Therefore, it is only limited to close proximity but can prove to be a life-saver if you are able to realize your console is lost when the Switch is still close by and easily recuperable.

In fact, this device also has a feature that will send you an alert in case your Switch is within the Bluetooth range of another user using the same device.

Yes, it is not entirely perfect but it will be able to prevent your Switch from possible theft if you are able to realize it has been lost while it is still within the range of the Bluetooth and it is also a better alternative to not having any sort of recovery method at all.

Feel free to check out the reviews of these devices so you can get a better understanding of what the device is and how it works.

It can work with pretty much anything you want to keep track of, for example, your phone or laptop and so on, not just your Nintendo Switch.

How Can I Deactivate A Lost Nintendo Switch?

  1. You can go to and log in to your account from a different device.
  2. Then you have to open Shop Menu
  3. Then click on “Deregister Primary Console”
  4. Here, you must enter your password and click OK
  5. Then you simply have to confirm deactivation by pressing Deregister

You must keep in mind that you can only deactivate a Nintendo Switch only once per year through the web. However, deactivating the account from the console itself can be done as many times as you want.

How Can I Know If My Nintendo Switch Has Been Stolen?

Once stolen, the thief will certainly try to profit from the stolen Switch by reselling it in the illegal market. In order to be certain that your Switch is genuine, you can check the serial number of your Switch with Nintendo’s support.

They will be able to see if it has been categorized under the Switch labelled as stolen. Then you have to see if the Switch’s serial number matches the serial number of the Switch’s original packaging. You can then contact the police and ask if anyone has reported a missing Switch in your area.

Undoubtedly, it can be quite difficult to find out whether your Nintendo Switch is stolen or not. But checking whether the serial number on the console is the same one as the serial number found on the box will prove to be a good start.

The serial number is written at the bottom of the box, as well as on the bottom-left side of the console, acting as a kind of 2-step verification for the Switch.

If it is the same one on both, then it’s most likely not stolen, but if you still have your doubts and you can’t know for sure, you may want to check with Nintendo’s customer support to see whether that is actually the case or not.

If Nintendo’s customer support has no information about the Switch being stolen, then you may want to contact the local police and confirm with them if they have any reports of any missing Nintendo Switch that matches the serial number of the one you have. 

If you did not get the basic equipment together with your Switches, such as the charger, its dock, and its controller, then there is a high probability of you having a stolen Switch in your possession – unless, of course, the seller has provided you with the genuine information regarding the absence of things that should come together with the console could not be included with the purchase.

A leftover account that is still active on your just-bought Switch is of course a sure sign that your Nintendo Switch has been stolen.

What Will Happen If I Lose A Switch Game?

If you have lost a physical version of a Switch game, your saved data will certainly continue to remain on your console.

But of course, you will have to buy another cartridge of the game whose physical version has been lost in order to continue playing that game.

You do not have to worry about your progress being restarted because of losing the physical version of the game. Your progress should be saved on the console when you were playing it, so once you have bought the game again, you should be easily able to continue from the point where you had left it off.

But what if you have lost your Nintendo Switch console too, along with the games, what will happen to the saves in this circumstance?

Well, in such a case, if you are subscribed to the Nintendo Switch Online, then your saves should be stored intact in the cloud storage, but if you are not, then sadly your saved files are stuck only on your lost console.

In conclusion, you can invest in accessories to prevent losing your Switch and keep your data saved on the cloud in case you do end up losing the Switch or if it gets damaged so that you’ll still be able to pick up your game where you had left it when you find it again.