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How to Uninstall Star Citizen

How to Uninstall Star Citizen? (2022)

We all love to play games, and we love to play games that are thrilling and pack a punch with them. Star Citizen is one of these kinds of adventurous games. It has its own imaginative and fascinating world in which you can play with others in multiplayer mode and you can also play the game in single-player mode.

Sometimes the user faces some problem or errors which force them to uninstall this particular game, so today we will learn how to quickly uninstall the star citizen game and re-install it. Before discussing the solutions first we will discuss the problems that made us uninstall star citizen.

Uninstall Star Citizen

Causes because of which you need to uninstall Star Citizen

  1. Storage issue: This is a commonly faced issue by most users that they don’t have enough free space on their hard drive. It is highly recommended for each and every user of this particular video game that you should have at least 80-100 GB of memory space free in your hard drive. If you have space less than this the install will start throwing errors during the time of installation.
  1. PC Quality: Star Citizen is a highly demanding title, so in order to play this title, you will require a computer with a high configuration. Your PC should have this minimum specification listed below to run the game: Windows 10 operating system (64 bit), Intel I7 processor (3rd gen at least), 12-16 GB of RAM (DDR4  minimum), 2 GB graphics card.
  1. Graphics Quality: We all know that to play highly demanding titles we require a good GPU to process that kind of graphics, if you don’t have a suitable graphics card on your computer the game experience would be laggy or the game won’t even run at all. So until unless your PC has a good graphics card you will have to find some other games to play.

How to uninstall Star Citizen?

  1. Delete the star citizen game launcher. The steps of deleting the star citizen game launcher are as following-

IN CASE OF WINDOWS 10 – go to the Windows menu, there you will see the setting option (a gear icon on the bottom left of your screen above the Shutdown button) open the Settings menu.

Once you are in the settings menu you will see a search bar at the center of the settings menu go there and type ‘uninstall’ and chose the first option which says ‘add or remove program’ once you select that from that menu look for the star citizen game launcher and click on that particular icon. 

Once you click it you will see an option called ‘uninstall’  click that option and then uninstall operation will start and the rest of the job will be done by your computer just sit back and relax until the whole process is complete, after this, you can again install the game.

IN CASE OF WINDOWS 7 – Go to the windows menu and search for the control panel.

once you are in the control panel, look for the option called ‘Program’.

After opening the program menu, look for the star citizen game launcher once you find it, click on it, and you will see an option called modify/uninstall, choose the uninstall option and the rest will be done by your computer.

  1. Delete cloud imperium game – Go to your program files(x86)>> look for the file called cloud imperium game and delete that particular folder. Once you delete that folder don’t forget to empty your recycle bin.
  1. Delete the user folder – Go to the program files on your Windows computer and then click on the folder ‘user folder’ and delete that particular folder, and after doing this you can re-install the game.
  1. Delete the RSI launcher – some users find it very difficult to uninstall the star citizen, but it will be a really easy process if you delete the RSI launcher, if you delete the RSI launcher it will also delete the star citizen game.

If you want to save key bindings, custom settings, etc. You will have to follow these steps

Go to C drive >> Program files >> Robert space industries >> Starcitizen >> Live >> User >> Control >> mapping.

Then copy any key buildings or custom settings and copy that to any other pre-existing folder or make a new one and store all the data on that folder.

To delete all the files, you need  to follow these steps:

Press the Windows key+r this will open the run, and there you will have to type %appdata% and hit enter.

A folder named Local will open and from there open the user folder and select current profiles, app data, and roaming and then delete the RSI game launcher folder.

Again, press the Windows key+r and type %localappdata% then a folder will open select current profiles, app data and local and here delete the Star Citizen folder. 

After doing this, go to the program files and delete all your RSI folders.

After these steps, empty your recycle bin and you will be good to go.

Hope you find this article very effective if you have any queries please share them with us.

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