How to use storage sense in windows 10 PC.

How to use storage sense in windows 10 PC.

storage has always been an issue for windows 10 users. mos of the space on windows 10 PC are taken by software , bloatware and other useless stuff.

windows 10 users need more space on their system even if they 1 TB of HDD or SDD on their system . recycle bin is another space eater on windows 10.

to save space , you can use this feature called windows storage sense. windows storage sense is a feature that many of the users don’t use.

recycle bin is the biggest space eater of all.every deleted item from your system resides in recycle bin.

from some megabytes, it can grow to some Gigabytes.

so regularly emptying your recycle bin can save a lot of space,

so here’s how you can enable storage sense on your windows 10 PC.

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it’s easy to do so.

you just need to go to start>>system>>storage.

How to use storage sense in windows 10 PC. 1

inside storage, you get the enable storage sense option, just enable it and your done.

once you have enabled the storage sense you can configure it.

to configure storage sense, click on configure storage sense or run it now.

what you get is the temporary files option and free up space option.

How to use storage sense in windows 10 PC. 2

temporary files option lets you delete files from recycle bin if they have been there for over 30 days. you can change these days.

the free up space feature lets you clean space if you are low on space.

as of storage sense has been enabled, there are more setting to be tweaked.

under the more storaget settings you get-

  • view storage use on other drives
  • change where new content is saved
  • manage storage spaces
  • optimize drives

view storage use on other drives options shows storage of your current drives or local disk of your system.

change where new content is saved lets you change location of apps,music,pictures and maps etc.

this is where you can select in which drive apps,document,movies & TV shows, music will be saved.

manage storage spaces lets you use storage spaces to save files on one or more drive if a drive fails.

the optimize drive feature optimizes your computer drives for maximum efficiency.

so , this is the complete guide on how you can use storage sense to save space on your windows 10 PC. if i have missed somethimg you can comment below.

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