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Intel Core i7- 6700k

Intel Core i7-6700k: Everything you Need to Know

Several kinds of CPUs exist within the market, but amongst all those CPUs or processors, Intel is considered one of the best ones. And lots of people are getting confused about the 6th generation of Intel processors, which is Intel core i7 processors.

So I have researched this whole topic, and here in this article, I am going to share with you all the information about Intel 6th gen core i7-6700k. So, stick to the end of this article for a detailed guide and information.

What is Intel Core i7-6700k?

Intel Core i7-6700k is a 6th Generation i7 Processor of Intel, made for high-end PCs. Intel uses this name for the fastest processors, and they are thinking to build the most potent consumer devices.

Intel Core i7-6700k

And within this Intel core i7-6700k, one thing mainly exists Hyperthreading, which makes the processors much faster. Because of this reason, the Intel core i7 provides better features in comparison with the Intel core i5.

Intel Core i7- 6700k Specifications

Release DateAug 1st, 2015
GenerationCore i7 (Skylake)
SocketIntel Socket 1151
Process Size14 nm
Die Sizeunknown
Frequency4 GHz
Turbo Clockup to 4.2 GHz
Base Clock100 MHz
Integrated GraphicsHD Graphics 530
# of Cores4
# of Threads8
Memory SupportDDR4-2133 MHz
PCI-ExpressGen 3, 16 Lanes
(CPU only)
Cache L164K (per core)
Cache L2256K (per core)
Cache L38MB (shared)

Pros & Cons of Using Intel Core i7-6700k

As you already know, the Intel core i7-6700k is a 6 Gen CPU processor, and it has numerous advanced features; here, in this section, I have explained some of the pros and cons of using this processor are.

It is an excellent processor, and in this processor, the overclocking options are more accessible to navigate than the previous processors’ systems. Besides that, the overall performance of this pc is genuinely better than any other CPU available on the market. And it is saving for the extreme edition models.

Besides these pros, there are some crucial cons of using this processor. The cons are that you will need a completely new motherboard to use this processor and only the slight performance gains over previous generation chips in single-threaded tasks.

The processor number is i7-6700k, it consists of 8 threads its has a bus speed of 8 GT/s, the maximum memory size of this processor is 64 GB, the memory types of this CPU is DDR4-1866/2133, DDR3L-1333/1600 @ 1.35V.

Furthermore, the graphics base frequency of this processor is 350 MHz, and its maximum dynamic frequency is 1.15 MHz.

Moreover, some advanced technologies have been included within these processors; those technologies are turbo boat technology, hyper-threading technology, and Intel virtualization technology.

Besides that, in terms of security and reliability, this processor is also good because the Intel new AES instructions, secure keys, software guard extensions, Intel OS guard, boot guard are attached within this processor. Therefore there is no such question about the security within this processor.

Usually, in this processor, Intel is raising the curtain on what we expect to be its highest-end enthusiast parts on the new platform that don’t make use of the visual divergent, high-end extreme edition architecture.

And for the core i7- 6700k processor that we’re looking at here is meant to occupy the same space chip in the new line.

Is Intel Core i7- 6700k a Good Choice?

YES! the Intel core i7-6700k is an excellent choice, and if you are thinking about to buy any new processor, then it is a good choice because it provides a perfect balance of high-end performance and a reasonable price.

Gamers who don’t need the eight threads for high-end content creation or other CPU-related tasks can opt for this instead for the Intel core i5- 6600k.

Well, in the case of performance, I should say that the core i5 skylake chip costs about $100 or less, still has four cores, and it should deliver almost similar performance in many everyday tasks.

However, it is also the chipset that delivers more PCI express wiggle room for super-fast storage.

Furthermore, the performance is the biggest draw of this core system, i7-6600k, Intel first 6th generation CPU. Instead, the extra PCLe comes with the supporting z170 chipset, suggesting that storage is as fast as the processor.

The only time a CPU has much of an effect on gaming is if you are running a high-end GPU on a relatively low-resolution monitor.

The 6700k can be considered as the best Intel core processor, and it is a good choice processor.

Is Intel Core i7- 6700k outdated?

Well, most of the time, people have often asked about this question, and its answer is no; the Intel Core i7-6700k is not outdated at all, and still, it is a perfect processor for usage.

Several advanced features are available within this processor; therefore, I always suggest that it is genuinely good.

Is the i7- 6700k a High-end CPU?

The most straightforward answer is YES! the Intel i7- 6700k is a high-end CPU. It is a high-end desktop quad-core processor based on the Skylake architecture, and it was initially announced in 2015.

The CPU manufactured in a 14 nm process runs at 4.0 up to 4.2 GHz and can efficiently execute up to 8 threads simultaneously because of the hyperthreading.

Being a so-called “K” model, the core i70- 6700k has a free multiplayer and can very easily be overclocked.

How Good is the Intel Core i7- 6700k for Gaming?

Well, if I shortly say, then I should say that it is reasonable and provides good performance while playing games, but it also depends on the games you are playing. Both CPU and GPU play such an important role in gaming performance.

Generally, suppose you require an excellent gaming experience. In that case, it requires lots of things such as having a good RAM quality, SSD, and some other essential items, which exist within this Intel core. Therefore we can say that it provides a good gaming experience.

So I hope now you don’t have any question about this processor. If you have more suggestions about this post you can reach out to us and we will upload your suggestion here. So to get more posts stay connected with us.

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