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Intel HD Graphics 3000

Intel HD Graphics 3000 [Everything Discussed Here]

Intel is one of the giants in computer Technology. The company was founded in 1968 in California, USA, and throughout this long period, they have archived a good trust of their users.

Intel is always known for their Integrated Graphics Processors, they have different Graphics which they upgraded with the period of time.

One of them is Intel HD Graphics 3000, this video card was released on 1 February 2011 by Intel, which is based on Generation 6.0, codenamed Sandy Bridge GT2. The Graphics was mainly designed for laptops and computers.

The HD Graphics card doesn’t have any dedicated memory but can easily share Level 3 / LLC Cache with CPU cores.

Their previous Graphics 2000 was a bit slower so they have improved quite good in this upgraded version. So have a look at below to know more details & information about this HD Graphics Card.

Intel HD Graphics 3000 Specification

Release Date01 February, 2011
GenerationHD Graphics (Sandy Bridge)
ArchitectureGeneration 6.0
GPU NameSandy Bridge GT2
Transistors624 million
Process Size32 nm
Die Size149 mm²
Shading Units96
Execution Units12
Base Clock850 MHz
Boost Clock1100 MHz
BandwidthSystem Dependent
Memory ClockSystem Shared
Memory BusSystem Shared
Memory TypeSystem Shared
Memory SizeSystem Shared
DirectX11.1 (10_1)
Shader Model4.1
Pixel Rate2.200 GPixel/s
Texture Rate13.20 GTexel/s
FP32 (float) performance211.2 GFLOPS
Slot WidthIGP
OutputsNo outputs
Intel HD Graphics 3000 specs

The Intel HD 3000 (Sandy Bridge GT2) offers you the Generation 6.0 architecture, which has 624 million transistors and the process of 32 nm and Die size of 149 mm².

The card also offers 96 shading units and 12 Execution Units.

Now coming to the clock speed, the HD 3000 card gives 850 MH Base clock speed and 1100 MHz Boost clock speed. It has pixel rate of 2.200 GPixel/s and Texture rate of 13.20 GTexel/s.

It supports Flote performance of 211.2 GFLOPS. You will don’t find any output in this Graphic card.

Is Intel HD Graphics 3000 Good?

There is no doubt that the Intel HD Graphics 3000 is one of the most popular processors, but there are lots of speculations amongst the people- is Intel HD Graphics 3000 Good or not?

I have used this processor for an extended period, and I know what kind of features this processor provides.

The performance of any particular processor depends on various things, including- numbers of cores, threads and clock speed rate. And, the overall performance of the Intel HD Graphics 3000 is quite remarkable.

However, this Intel HD Graphics 3000 has no dedicated memory, but it usually shares the Level 3, LLC cache with the CPU cores and is also part of the main memory.

The good thing is that the GPU can be overclocked due to its turbo-boosts depending on the current CPU load and power consumption.

Furthermore, this Intel HD Graphics 3000 offers 12 execution units, like the old Intel GMA HD, but this processor has become faster due to its architectural changes.

Compared with the AMD’s APU model, the HD 3000 can only compete against the c and E series, but not the faster Llano and Trinity models.

However, the quality of the Intels drivers has been improved a lot over the years and now maximum numbers of the games are flawlessly playable on this processor.

So, based on these functions, it can be said that the Intel HD graphics 3000 provides excellent performance for general use. But for gaming purposes, this CPU is not a good choice because its performance is too low for smooth gameplay.

That doesn’t mean that you cannot run any game on your Intel HD graphics 3000, but some high fps based games will become unplayable on these graphics.

Best Games for Intel HD Graphics 3000

The gaming performance of this particular processor depends on several things, including the numbers of cores, threads, clock speed rate etc.

And based on all the benchmarks of this particular Intel processor, it quite efficiently runs some kinds of games, but some high fps based games do not run within this processor.

Here, I have mentioned a list of all the games which runs so smoothly on this Intel HD Graphics 3000-

  • Them Fortress 2 (2017)
  • Farming Simulator 17 (2016)
  • OverWatch (2016)
  • FIFA 16 (2015)
  • World of Worship (2015)
  • Dota 2 Reborn (2015)
  • Dirt Rally (2015)
  • Far Cry 4
  • Titan Lords (2014)
  • GRID: Autosupport (2014)
  • Watch Dogs (2014)
  • TitanFall (2014)
  • X- Plane (2013)
  • Battlefield 4 (2013)
  • FIFA 14 (2013)
  • Total War: Rome 2
  • Company of Heroes 2
  • Bioshock: Infinite
  • Tomb Raider 
  • Dead Space 3
  • Far Cry 3
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops 2
  • Dishonoured
  • Borderlands 2
  • Torchlight 2
  • Guild Wars 2
  • Sleeping Dogs
  • The Secret World 
  • Dirt Showdown
  • Mass Effect 3
  • Battlefield 3
  • Total War: Shogun 2
  • StarCraft 2
  • Dawn of War 2: Chaos Rising
  • Need for Speed Shift
  • Sims 3

These are some games that you can efficiently and smoothly run on your Intel HD Graphics 3000 processor.

Is Intel HD Graphics 3000 Compatible with Windows 10?

I have used this Intel HD graphics with my Windows 10 operating system and believe it is very compatible with the Windows 10 operating system.

According to the Windows 2020 update, for Intel’s CPUs, Windows 10 version 2004 will support up to the 10th generation Intel processor, Celeron, Pentium, and Intel Xeon E-22xx.

However, on that update, Windows released a list of processors that will be compatible with the Windows 10 operating system. And here’s is the list-

  • 10th Generation Intel processors and older.
  • Intel Core i3/i5/i7/i9-10xxx.
  • Intel Xeon E-22xx.
  • Intel Atom.
  • Celeron and Pentium Processors.

Does Intel HD Graphics 3000 support DirectX 11?

The Intel HD Graphics 3000 was a mobile integrated graphics solution by Intel, and it was launched somewhere around 2011.

But a general question arrives in people’s minds- does Intel HD Graphics 3000 support DirectX 11?

Yes! The Intel HD Graphics 3000 supports DirectX 11.1 as it is built on the 32 nm process and based on Sandy Bridge GT2 graphics processor. 

And besides DirectX 11.1, this integrated GPU also supports the DirectX 10.1 based games.

Is Intel HD Graphics 3000 Metal Compatible?

The Intel HD Graphics 3000 is not meta compatible because, according to the Apple update, Apple has removed support for Intel HD graphics 3000 officially for all the mac lineup products.

But, if you want to resolve this problem, you have to go for the Intel HD Graphics 4000, and according to Apple’s update, it is the meta capable graphics.

Can I Upgrade Intel HD Graphics 3000 to 4000?

No! You cannot update the Intel HD Graphics 3000 to 4000 because Intel HD graphics are integrated into the same chip as your Intel CPU.

So, if you want to replace the graphics, you have to replace the CPU.

But Intel’s CPUs only come with Intel HD graphics, so the best result you could get is slightly faster Intel HD graphics.

But forget this because nowadays, CPUs are soldered in place. And the socket has 2000 or so connectors, so there is no chance to replace that with Intel’s HD 4000 graphics.

Can FIFA 15 & 18 run on Intel HD Graphics 3000?

FIFA 15 and 18 are the most popular games currently, but if you have an Intel HD Graphics 3000, then it is not enough to run these games. 

The Intel HD 3000 means the internal low power chipset for graphics processing with the newest Intel-based laptops. And it is not intended to handle much.

But, it is possible to run some of the older FIFA games on this particular processor. And I have run the FIFA 14 game on this GPU, and it performs pretty well with this Intel HD Graphics 3000.

Can I Run Apex Legends on Intel HD Graphics 3000?

And the official minimum requirements of the Apex Legends game are deficient, but you cannot run this game in Intel HD Graphics 3000 without any discrete graphics. Yes, the only requirement of this game is Discrete Graphics.

Does Intel HD Graphics 3000 support OpenGL 3.3?

OpenGL (Open Graphics Library) is a cross-language, cross-platform application programming interface for rendering 2d and 3d vector graphics. The API is typically used to interact with a graphics processing unit to achieve hardware-accelerated rendering. 

Now, let’s start to the point that the Intel HD Graphics 3000 supports OpenGL 3.3, but Intel doesn’t make the driver for it. 

The drivers for Intel Hd Graphics 3000 do not expose all OpenGL capabilities of the GPU. So software relying on the OpenGL features is not present in OpenGL.

That is why the Intel HD Graphics 3000 does not support the OpenGL 3.3

Does Intel HD Graphics Support Vulkan?

Vulkan targets high performance real-time 3d graphics applications such as video games and interactive media.

So Does Intel HD Graphics support Vulkan? Yes, but there is no driver to install the Intel Graphics only supports Vulkan on Ivybridge and newer chips.

Does Intel HD Graphics Support Miracast?

No, the Intel HD Graphics 3000 doesn’t support Miracast.

I have mentioned some Intel product names that support Miracast- Intel HD Graphics 4200/ 4400 and 4600. And Intel’s HD Graphics 5000/ 5300/ 5500.

How To Increase FPS in Intel HD Graphics 3000?

FPS stands for frames per second. It suggests that, at 30 fps, 30 distinct images would appear in succession within one second.

But, if you want to increase the FPS of any particular graphics, it is not an easy process.

And to increase the FPS of your Intel HD Graphics card, you have to set an Optimal application mode to enable it. This option allows for optimisations that will improve performance in various games.

Now, set the multi-sample anti Aliasing to turn off. And by following this simple process, you can increase the fps in Intel HD Graphics 3000.

How to Increase Video Memory Intel HD Graphics 3000?

The Intel HD Graphics 3000 supports upto 1.7 GB of shared Video memory. Still, you can increase the video memory of the Intel HD Graphics 3000, but this thing is only possible if you have to find settings at the BIOS level.

To increase your video memory, you need to check with your motherboard manufacturer for any option at BIOS through video configuration to enable dynamic video memory or share memory settings.

How To Increase VRAM Intel HD Graphics 3000?

You can increase the video Ram of your Intel’s HD Graphics 3000.

To increase your laptop VRAM from BIOS upto 128 MB and then increasing virtual memory upto 5GB will give you a shared VRAM of about 900 MB.

Then download pes 17 selector and choose high graphics will provide you with high graphics and better performance.

So, from the BIOS settings, you can increase the VRAM of your Intel’s HD Graphics 3000.

Does Intel HD Graphics 3000 support DirectX 9?

Yes! The Intel HD Graphics 3000 supports DirectX9 and screen resolution except maybe higher than 1920×1080. And you will be able to play lots of games by using this setup.

Does Intel HD Graphics 3000 support DirectX 10?

No, the Intel HD Graphics 3000 does not support DirectX 10, and it is based on the Sandy Bridge GT2 graphics processor. And it can only support DirectX 11.1.

Does Intel HD Graphics 3000 support DirectX 12?

Initially, the Intel HD Graphics 3000 are not compatible with the Intels HD 3000 graphics, but there is such good news amongst the users that the Intel HD Graphics 3000 is now compatible with the DirectX 12.

But there is a condition, if you are using any operating system lower than Windows 10, then upgrade it to the Windows 10 OS because DirectX 12 works very smoothly on Windows 10.

Does Intel HD Graphics 3000 support 2 monitors?

According to Intel’s guidelines, no Intel’s graphics products can output to one of two display devices simultaneously.

However, more than two display devices can physically be connected, but only two display devices can be used at any time.

How many monitors can Intel HD Graphics 3000 support?

According to Intel, Intel’s Graphics support extended desktop mode across two displays.

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